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The Wire
Gah!! Why didn't anyone tell me how great this show is...dbf started watching it but I never joined him...I watched some tidbits about the upcom
3 messages
01-21-08 04:41 PM
Comanche Moon
Anyone watching this prequel mini-series to Lonesome Dove? While not as compelling or romantic as the original, I think it does have its moments.
3 messages
01-17-08 08:12 AM
Brothers and Sisters (Season 2)
My sister recommended this show to me, and I thought to myself...what's another show added to my Tivo schedule with 33 shows on it? Don't be
16 messages
01-14-08 02:26 PM
1 vs. 100: Season #2.
Oscar the Grouch will soon become a permanent member of the Mob. You think I'm joking, don't you? Oh, and someone wins
3 messages
01-12-08 01:38 PM
...and a giant smirk on the face of the host.
Didja ever think Howie Mandel could give away twelve gifts to every member of the studio audience and somehow become obnoxious in the process? %0
4 messages
01-10-08 10:26 PM
The Riches: Gypsy Con Artists? YES PLEASE!
Anyone else here a Riches fan? If you’re into watching your favorite shows online, check out it is a new online series
2 messages
01-09-08 01:19 PM
Deathwatch Game: Pick the Shows Not Long for the Schedule [View All]
So, which three shows do you think will be the first ones cancelled? Post your picks here, and we'll see who's tuned in with the tastes of
32 messages
12-19-07 10:27 AM
House - Season Four [View All]
I didn't realize how much I missed House and Wilson. Those two play off each other so well I really didn't miss Foreman, Cameron and Chase. %2
40 messages
12-10-07 05:12 PM
The Tin Man
Did anybody else catch this on the SciFi channel? I came across it the other night while channel surfing. My DH joined me and we couldn%2
4 messages
12-10-07 11:13 AM
Reaper [View All]
It doesn't exactly take long to figure out who the director is... It'll take some fast scriptwriting to keep this from turning into the
25 messages
12-09-07 01:35 PM
Crushes this season
Who's your new and old crushes from this year's crop of yummies? Mine: New crushes - Chuck from Chuck (and why are the
8 messages
12-05-07 04:07 PM
Shrek The Halls.
I laughed more in twenty-two minutes of airtime than I did in the eighty-five minutes of the third movie. Did anyone else watch -- and do you think w
3 messages
12-04-07 08:09 PM
Monday nights on CBS
[font color="maroon"]I LVOE Monday nights on CBS!! Four of the funniest shows...HIMYM, Big Bang, Three and a Half Men, and Rules
6 messages
11-21-07 12:59 PM
Women's Murder Club
I finally caught up on this this weekend, watching all five episodes. I'm still undecided. I liked it. I especially liked seeing Angie Harmon k
9 messages
11-19-07 10:50 PM
30 Rock--Fey, Baldwin, Morgan
IMHO, this is the second best debut of the season (behind Heroes). It is full of quirky, outlandish, quick humor. I haven't laughed this m
8 messages
11-18-07 02:14 PM
For the Greek Fans?
Did anyone else watch that show Greek? I totally fell in love with it, and they made this online reality show called [
uglier than sarah w
0 messages
11-16-07 03:50 PM
Private Practice
*yawns* Worse than the pilot. Totally made me lose respect for Addison's character. d
9 messages
11-15-07 01:09 PM
New shows only.....what new shows.....
will you not miss and which ones have you given up? I won't miss Chuck, Journeyman or Moonlight. I've not given any up p
12 messages
11-07-07 07:51 AM
I haven't watched yet, but given the cast and all of the summer buzz I assumed that it would be good. Since nobody has posted, maybe I was wron
2 messages
11-06-07 11:18 AM
Las Vegas
A friend recommended Las Vegas last week. I was lucky to have my Verizon OnDemand have it available (just NBC, no ABC or CBS shows, whereas Com
1 messages
10-28-07 09:44 PM
Dirty Sexy Money
anybody else seen it? it seems pretty entertaining. ive only caught a couple episodes so far
1 messages
10-25-07 11:58 AM
Ellen Degeneres is an idiot
I'm not buying the whole wah wah whoa is me TV break down stunt. I found the whole thing to be quite fake: [html]http://www.dailymotion.
3 messages
10-23-07 08:00 PM
The Unit
Seems like every year I get on to a show that has been around a couple seasons. I discovered House midway through season 2. I first saw 24 after sea
3 messages
10-16-07 08:24 PM
Law and Order: CI
I understand that this was cancelled by NBC but picked up by I right? Can I get it in Canada? I love this show and miss it!
4 messages
10-13-07 03:23 PM
Boston Legal
I love this show. I really like the new girl, the blonde one not Lorraine, and Jerry has always been one of my favorites. I felt sorry
6 messages
10-12-07 05:46 PM
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