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Brothers & Sisters [View All]
[font color=brown]Did anyone watch it? Well, if you didn't don't worry, you didn't miss anything. In my opinion, a complete dud. D
58 messages
06-04-07 08:46 PM
Did you watch?
3 messages
05-31-07 09:40 PM
Studio 60 [View All]
...made it's debut Monday night. Fans of "The West Wing" will recognize the name of its creator, Aaron Sorkin. Did anyone catch it? My pe
Rebel Crown
35 messages
05-27-07 09:31 AM
What about Sher Genius
Please tell me someone out there watches Sher Genius?
1 messages
05-25-07 01:58 PM
The Riches
Lvoed it. Lvoe Izzard, Lvoe Driver, lvoe FX dramedies. New episode tonight. Check it out. http://community.realitytv
4 messages
05-24-07 11:50 AM
Ugly Betty [View All]
I wasn't sure how I felt about the title of this show but after seeing it - all I can say is "The Ugly Duckling." I loved the show. T
41 messages
05-20-07 02:04 PM
Gilmore Girls
Does anyone in here watch this program if so let me know about the season finale, I was out of town and missed the last episode:(
1 messages
05-16-07 12:46 PM
Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?
Executive producer: Mark Burnett. Host: Jeff Foxworthy. Goal: to prove just how dumb Americans are -- or at least, the Americans who are
12 messages
05-12-07 09:31 PM
One-Time Only Shows
Which shows (current or cancelled) have you seen only once? And, why didn't you watch these again? A few of mi
2 messages
05-12-07 08:38 PM
Gilmore Girls???
Are there any Gilmore addicts out here?? I love the show, more than I thought I would. And I looked forward to the new season, but
11 messages
05-08-07 02:01 PM
Whose Line? Both versions on DVD
A pleasant discovery the other day was finding that first volumes of not only the U.S. "Drew's Line" version, but also the original UK edition
Cygnus X1
0 messages
05-05-07 11:46 PM
Wanna take a Drive with me?
A $32 million cross country road race where the contestants aren't exactly willing participants? Sign me up! It's like The Amazing Race wi
19 messages
05-03-07 12:48 PM
Without a Trace help!!!
Any Without a Trace fans out there? Anyone catch the episode "At Rest" where we finally learn the big secret in Sam's past? I've been wait
2 messages
04-10-07 08:36 PM
Finally, two reasons to have SHO
The SHOwtime network, that is. Just when I was about to end my subscription, because of horrible shows like "The L Word", they come out wit
2 messages
04-09-07 05:09 PM
Prison Break - Season 2b [View All]
Starts January 22nd. Previews look good!
30 messages
04-07-07 09:15 PM
Did anybody else watch this quirky little show? Dang, now I have to set aside [i]another[/i] hour for a good show. I liked it
11 messages
04-05-07 03:20 PM
South Park (the parody of 24 ep)
Anyone see it? I laughed when: The "24" clock showed it was almost time to detonate the bomb, the power went out, came back on
0 messages
03-29-07 11:36 PM
Totally Looking Forward to The Tudors /apontv.thetudors.ap/index.html For one thing, we think of poor Henry a
0 messages
03-29-07 03:24 PM
S3 of Battlestar Galactica [View All]
I finally got into BSG over the summer. Watched S1 & S2 on DVD, and talked my husband into watching the premier of S3 Friday night. :) %0
49 messages
03-29-07 11:46 AM
Men in Trees
I stayed up and watched. I laughed, I snorted, I hehed. Did anyone else catch it? Anne was ok, but I loved all the supporting char
16 messages
03-27-07 09:15 PM
South Park - Lice Capades
Anyone see this episode? =filler= =filler= =filler= =filler= =filler= I just about lau
3 messages
03-26-07 11:03 AM
Sitcoms Stink
I no longer look forward to new television seasons when it comes to comedies. If you throw out NBC's thursday night lineup, and "South Park"%2
5 messages
03-24-07 01:16 PM
Naked Trucker & Tbones
I was kinda bummed when I first saw the show on Comedy Central, definitely doesn’t live up to their live stand-up, hopefully the CD will be much
0 messages
03-21-07 02:51 PM
Drive on Fox
What is the new drive show about? I just saw some of the promos...the show looks kinda cool. Does anyone know more about it?
3 messages
03-19-07 07:49 PM
Who is watching? I think it is very well written and has been a very good show so far. At first I was a little lost with the names of the characters
19 messages
03-16-07 04:17 PM
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