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Hot Ham Water Gone Cold: Arrested Development is done i?file=/c/a/2006/03/28/GOODMAN.TMP Well, this isn't technically cance
3 messages
03-30-06 02:27 PM
The L Word, Revisited [View All]
I was not thrilled with last season's L Word but this season the show seems to have hit its stride. Wondering if anyone else still watching. %
29 messages
03-27-06 03:42 PM
Has all of the interest died down since JULY 2004 when this show last aired new episodes? I must say, I enjoyed the season opener last
18 messages
03-24-06 11:29 AM
NCIS rant
OK, so what's the problem with the writers? And this isn't the first time, either. Give us a fairly decent story-line; starts off wit
2 messages
03-18-06 10:54 PM
Ham on the Street
Recently saw the "Leftovers" episode on the Food Network. Amazing what you can do with leftover steamed rice from a Chinese restaurant. Here I t
0 messages
03-17-06 03:51 PM
In Justice
Anyone else watching? It started up a few weeks ago on Friday nights. Last night was the first time they weren't able to redeem the wro
10 messages
03-15-06 08:09 PM
Criminal Minds
I really like this show and last night's episode was riveting. I don't generally like Mandy Patankin but for whatever reason he is good
0 messages
03-10-06 03:07 AM
Reunion [View All]
I watched this show last night and I was so impressed. It moved fast and tied all the core characters together. I love Sam and Will. Right now they
52 messages
03-09-06 09:14 PM
I Love Earl! [View All]
Where are the Earl fans? I'm not much into sitcoms anymore, even the good ones are predictible and stale, but Earl is different. Ea
23 messages
03-03-06 11:30 AM
Love Monkey on CBS
Did anyone watch "Love Monkey" on CBS? It is a new show starring Tom Cavanaugh and Jason Priestley. I loved it!!
10 messages
02-28-06 01:58 PM
Arrested Development: Final Four Episodes (of the season?) tonight!
We still don't know if Showtime will pick it up, but if not, the last four episodes of the critically acclaimed Arrested Development is tonight%
9 messages
02-27-06 02:29 PM
Surface [View All]
OK, I'm probably the only one watching this but it is getting good. Kind of a cross between Jaws and ET? OK, its a bit hokey at parts (lik
24 messages
02-07-06 05:48 PM
History Buffs?
Anyone in here like to watch the History Channel? I'm looking foward to this documentary that will air soon about some new evidence about how the
0 messages
02-07-06 02:41 PM
Showtime's (Possible) Chaunukah Prezzie to Ginger-Arrested Development? m/arrested_dc ds/User_files/439
12 messages
01-26-06 08:30 PM
The Boondocks p?id=20051031164309990004 It'll be interesting how the comic strip itself will pres
15 messages
01-26-06 07:02 PM
The Book of Daniel
Did anyone else watch? What did you think? I watched but just want to know what everyone else thought. http://community.realitytv
19 messages
01-26-06 05:17 PM
I'm With Her (R.I.P.)
Yawn. This is for when you're really, really bored and want some very minor brain candy. If you're interested. Which, probably you're not.
0 messages
01-25-06 07:05 PM
OK now, clubs and snark pens down! I really like this show! However, there is a huge problem. Even though they have really talen
12 messages
01-25-06 06:45 PM
West Wing
Anyone watching The West Wing this season? I didn't watch it as much last year since the writers changed. Did Leo really die? Cause
20 messages
01-24-06 07:11 PM
Campus Ladies
A hilarious new show on the Oxygen network is "Campus Ladies." I see why it's on cable. "Lesbian Lovers," "All-Nighter," and %
2 messages
01-24-06 11:21 AM
Did anyone else watch? I laughed my as[]s off at Jane Curtin...she is wonderful. This was a nice comic relief to watch. I am just upset ABC put
11 messages
01-21-06 10:53 PM
Why is there so much homosexuality in today's TV programming?
It's in sitcoms, miniseries, movies, everywhere. Gone are the days of the Everybody Loves Raymonds and the Home Improvements, and here are t
33 messages
01-21-06 10:24 PM
I caught the new season of this game show on Tuesday nights, on the Comedy Channel. It's a cross between Fear Factor and Jeopardy. It has hilari
4 messages
01-21-06 04:52 PM
Flight 29 Down
Just as Discovery Kids has "Endurance Tehachapi" as a "Survivor" for the adolescents, now they've added [
Cygnus X1
0 messages
01-21-06 12:46 PM
Live with Regis and kelly.( help)
Can anyone help me.I missed Thursday show with the fantasy game clue.Does anyone have it. thank you
0 messages
01-20-06 07:26 AM
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