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Dexter [View All]
If you have Showtime and a willingness to take a long look into moral grey areas to the point of finding yourself looking back, check it out. I alm
25 messages
10-03-07 10:45 AM
Fall Season 2007
So, it's the start of the new fall season for 2007 next couple of weeks. What shows are you looking forward to, and what shows could you do wit
6 messages
10-01-07 04:21 PM
I only watched a small portion of this show and it confirmed for me that this is just a remake of Blind Justice that failed on ABC a couple of years a
0 messages
09-28-07 02:44 PM
Avatar: Season #3
Welcome to the Fire Nation. You're not going to enjoy your stay. ds/User_files/467c1
0 messages
09-21-07 02:11 PM
Back To You
Has anyone Anchorized themselves ( It's a lot like the Simpsonizer - but easier to use and way funnier%
1 messages
09-16-07 01:14 AM
Mad Men anyone?
Recorded this show because I had read several good reviews of it. It is on AMC on Thursdays and is about the New York advertising men of the early 60
5 messages
09-08-07 03:27 PM
Blood Ties
Anyone watching? I watched the 2 hour premiere last week and can't decide if it is worth investing in any further especially as FOX is running re
2 messages
09-07-07 09:23 AM
Friday Night Lights [View All]
I didn't watch this show on TV. It looked interesting to me but it also looked like another version of One Tree Hill which I never really got into.%
189 messages
09-06-07 10:40 AM
Has anybody else watched this show on FX? Tuesday nights staring Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Ted Danson. I watched it just to see Glenn Close and
4 messages
09-04-07 04:40 AM
Chelsea Lately Rocks!
Why does E! show the same shows over and over -- the same episodes, that is. Chelsea Handler is amazingly funny. I loved her from the
0 messages
09-01-07 01:18 AM
Discovery Channel stuff
Survivorman, Dirty Jobs, the fishing stuff, etc. Thought I'd start a thread for these shows. I like Survivorman and Dirty Jobs i
2 messages
08-29-07 04:04 PM
Big Love
So, is anyone else watching this? I must say it is one of those shows that make you ponder. I saw that season 2 was premiering last Monday so I
16 messages
08-27-07 03:35 PM
season finales
what shows have you been watching over the summer that you're most bummed about ending? I'm really upset about Army Wives, I've been followi
4 messages
08-24-07 04:46 PM
Will The Price Be Right After Bob? [View All]
I guess pretty much everyone knows by now that Bob Barker is leaving The Price Is Right [ entertainmen
Cygnus X1
33 messages
08-15-07 07:23 PM
Has anybody seen the previews about this show? The commercials say this show comes on "this fall, on CBS" ... and it looks like it's about b
177 messages
08-13-07 12:15 PM
Enjoying this new season. You might say I've got OCD about it. The opener w/ Susan Silverberg was hilarious. http://community
1 messages
08-06-07 01:22 AM
starter wife
i posted about this a while back but i guess it was deleted since it was a long time ago (boo) ANYHOO, the premiere of this is tomorrow (thurs
uglier than sarah w
8 messages
08-01-07 03:44 PM
I'm enjoying the new season. So I thought I'd give it a post. Ari rescuing Lloyd's love life was classic. http%3
0 messages
07-31-07 05:26 PM
The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet
Sorry, bacon, I think I've found a worse Fox News show. Where I work, we have TVs on in front of us tuned to all the local network
Cygnus X1
2 messages
07-25-07 10:39 AM
Jason Priestley is back....
So I watched a new show on Lifetime called "Side Order of Life" and guess who's in it? Jason Priestley.. Haha, anyone
0 messages
07-16-07 02:57 PM
RTVW Emmy Noms
I didn't know where else to put this but this is as good a place as any... Just prime time shows...not specials, etc., unless you want to add s
4 messages
07-14-07 01:39 AM
The Singing Bee
Because I love cheap laughs and have a cheesy fangirl crush on Joey Fatone I am going to give this show a chance. You'll all be watching Big Bother
8 messages
07-12-07 10:47 PM
The Sopranos [View All]
So how does it end? There is much speculation on Tony dying. I think that's too obvious - unless his death comes at the hands of someo
30 messages
06-27-07 03:58 PM
Creature Comforts
I didn't see this anywhere, but it's coming up soon. On June 4th on CBS is a new Wallace & Gromit styled half hour show where they interview
6 messages
06-16-07 00:02 AM
Creature Comfort ROCKS!
If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out! I see that CBS is going to run the first two episodes again this Wednesday night, back t
0 messages
06-12-07 12:59 PM
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