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The 4400 [View All]
Anyone watching this miniseries? They played the premiere episode again on USA tonight. I like the premise with all those people suddenly being retu
45 messages
08-18-05 08:04 AM
Anybody Watching Beautiful People ~ Mondays @ 9?
Anybody Watching Beautiful People ~ Mondays @ 9? It's now one of my guilty pleasures. http://community.realitytvwo
Majic Mitch
3 messages
08-17-05 02:52 PM
Into The West
Anyone watching it? ds/User_files/3dd57f4005619cac.jpg [font color="black%
4 messages
08-17-05 00:21 AM
Queer as Folk [View All]
I have watched this show from the first season, and I have to say that it just keeps getting better. Was up late last night, and watche
34 messages
08-08-05 04:05 PM
Mind of Mencia
The worst show on television? I think so. Never have I seen a comic with an ego this big, but with so few(if any) laughs. He also wins my awar
3 messages
08-08-05 11:55 AM
Dr. Phil is producing his own show now and Harpo no longer owns him
I got an email from yesterday saying that they updated their web site. I went to the site to take a look and the copyright no longer lists
2 messages
08-06-05 02:40 PM
Arrested Development Season II [View All]
So, were you all crying your eyes out with Ty Pennington, or did you catch the premiere? Best line is obvious: "I just blue myse
40 messages
07-29-05 04:13 PM
Does anybody watch "The Comeback"
I watched the first episode and hated it. Then, I watched that first episode again and loved it. I have been watching all the episodes and laughin
1 messages
07-29-05 12:40 PM
A Couple of Deadwood Spoilers for Next Season cles/story.php?s=1003902 ds/User_
2 messages
07-26-05 12:34 PM
Who is your favorite person on Six Feet Under?
I would say mine has to be either Brenda or Claire. I love them both. I love the acting in that show. I love the characters and what they go throug
1 messages
07-26-05 12:22 PM
Judge Judy
Why is Judge Judy so frustrated all the time? Maybe it's the editing, but she always seems so hostile, even when it's unwarranted. Does sh
4 messages
07-23-05 01:24 PM
Favorite 6 Feet Under Moment or Scene
I have so many. The ones that really stick out have to be the one where Brenda slaps her mother in her moms car when they are spying on her Dad. Als
0 messages
07-23-05 11:21 AM
6 Feet Under [View All]
The 5th and final season starts Monday, anyone else waiting oh so patiently? I get the newsletter, which had the trailer but my stupid media pl
25 messages
07-23-05 11:17 AM
Clink Boom
Soap fans! What is your favorite soap moment? Maybe Jack and Jennifer's first wedding? Luke and Laura's wedding? The Nurses' Ball on G
3 messages
07-13-05 08:41 AM
OK, after watching the various promos that CBS/ABC/NBC have began running for these three series during the past couple of weeks, is it me or
2 messages
07-12-05 02:37 PM
Karina Lombard pictorial
I didn't have a chance to scan in these pics (plus I think I'd get in trouble), but did any1 else catch her photo shoot in playboy this mont
3 messages
07-05-05 12:58 PM
Alias Season Five
Please, hand over the lime helmet if I missed this thresd; but what is going to happen? I read in US this week that they plan on writing in a p
3 messages
07-03-05 01:31 PM
Is anyone gonna watch this show? It's premiering on Comedy Central(I believe on June 28th). I'm definitely pumped for it because ex-State me
7 messages
07-02-05 01:13 PM
Anyone watching Veronica Mars on reruns?
The first episode was on Tuesday. I hadn't seen it the first time around, but can now see why my dh was hooked on the show.
4 messages
06-27-05 08:08 PM
The Dead Zone
New season starts Sunday. Just as I was bumming on the Gilmore Girls ending for this season, all my others are coming back. Have been hooked on TD
5 messages
06-23-05 10:43 AM
Reno 911 is back baby!!!!!
I LOVE this show who watches? it's a new season and so far fan-fricken-tabulous-ly funny
0 messages
06-22-05 01:06 PM
NCIS Season Finale
Does anyone watch this show? I catch it every so often, and I like it. Mark Harmon is good, always cracking on that other guy. Anyway, did any
9 messages
06-11-05 03:58 PM
Anybody watch HOUSE M.D. ?
I love this show! This Doc is such a riot. I missed the first couple of episodes but have been a die hard fan since the first time a saw it. Hugh
8 messages
06-09-05 06:34 PM
Cheap Seats: MST3K meets ESPN
While on vacation, I managed to catch Cheap Seats, a rather silly show on ESPN Classic hosted by comedians Randy and Jason Sklar. I'll let you
Cygnus X1
1 messages
06-09-05 04:38 PM
CSI - Las Vegas Thursday Episode [View All]
I'm looking forward to this Thursday's episode when Quentin Tarantino directs. Looks like it's going to be a rough one to watch. Ar
31 messages
06-01-05 02:38 AM
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