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What's with NBC and numbers?
Studio 60...30 Rock...Twenty Good Years... What's their obsession with numbers this season about? Any clues? http:/%
1 messages
10-05-06 02:26 PM
Pick ONE show per day
If you were limited to just one prime time show to watch per day, what would you watch? If you need to explain, please do. Sunday:
11 messages
10-01-06 10:39 AM
The Office & My Name is Earl
I'm so happy My Name is Earl is coming back for another season! You never know theze days when it comes to NBC. They have a show for half a season
7 messages
09-28-06 08:04 PM
Gold Rush internet game
I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but is anyone going to be signing up for the Gold Rush game that starts on September 13th? It is pro
1 messages
09-24-06 11:10 PM
Rosie, Meredith & Katie
So next week is the big week? What will you watch, if any? I will probably record Tuesday's episode of The View just to see. %
5 messages
09-21-06 01:03 PM
That 70's Show
I love that show. Makes me laugh so hard. I adore Hyde, I love he and Jackie together. Eric and Donna rock! http://community.r
19 messages
09-21-06 11:29 AM
Anybody watching? It comes on Fox on Tuesdays after House and stars Ron Livingston and some girl I've never seen before as hostage negotiators fo
1 messages
09-18-06 05:43 PM
Windfall [View All]
Anyone watch? Anyone? It aired on Thursday, and they showed it again last night. I don't really have an opinion yet, I guess I'll need
42 messages
09-11-06 07:06 PM
The new Network--MyNetwork Telenovelas.
So the stations left out in the CW merge start the MyNetwork Telanovela style shows this week. The show runs like 6 nights a week for sever
2 messages
09-11-06 04:29 PM
Fantastic Four premieres tonight (9/2) on Cartoon Network.
I'm still an animation wonk, and they promised it wouldn't be stupid. I'm not sure I believe them. Another BTAS is [i]always[/i] t
1 messages
09-02-06 08:45 PM
Rescue Me
Is nobody watching this gem? By far: So far in 2 episodes of Season 3 we have a smackdown that would put Jack
13 messages
08-31-06 01:37 AM
the hog heaven!
i hope i am not the only one here who LOVES this show! i have to stop the tv (dvr) midstream as i can't stop from laughing out loud
6 messages
08-15-06 01:17 PM
Prison Break - It looks like a "breakout " effort! [View All]
Fox's new show has been getting great reviews. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A- and TV Guide calls it "instantly enjoyable." Both reviews ag
128 messages
08-01-06 09:11 AM
I Love the 70's vol. 300
Is anyone watching this crap? Here's my impression of these shows: *Get handed an item/show a movie clip/show footage of a roc
1 messages
07-31-06 01:13 PM
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I don't know what anyone else feels, but I think this show sucks! Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to be too stupid and over the top
2 messages
07-25-06 07:47 PM
Toni leaves Girlfriends
Woah! Jill Marie Jones is out!!! I mean I didn't like her character but wow. It was nice to have a foursome. I rumormill is that they all b
0 messages
07-20-06 12:19 PM
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Another Stephen King book comes to life on TNT starting tonight at 9:00 EST and running for 4 weeks. Anyone going to take a break from reality TV t
5 messages
07-13-06 11:48 AM
Do you love old school T.V.???
I found has old tv intros and old commercials. "Two close for Comfort" and "Small Wonder" are my favs "I'll tell
1 messages
06-25-06 09:34 PM
I love this show. Hugh is great. It is hard to believe that he is from England...All of my friends watch and tape this for those who have to work..we
13 messages
06-22-06 04:41 PM
Has anyone seen Beyond the Break??
I think it might be my new guilty pleasure of the summer. Since the OC is just repeats maybe it can fill the gap :)
0 messages
06-12-06 02:52 PM
has anyone seen this show? it aired earlyer this week and i didnt get a chance to see it.. if someone did see it... please fill me in.
3 messages
06-12-06 10:10 AM
my life is over: All my shows are gone
Help! I need to get into some shows. All of my faithful ones are kaput and I only have one reality show left that I watch (ANTM)and one regular
7 messages
06-10-06 03:28 PM
Battlestar Galactica update
calling all battlestar fans out there!!! :D..its been a long time sinse we talked about BSG here..let start it all over w
5 messages
06-08-06 03:37 PM
The OC
Season Finale. Wow! I had no clue, did you?
4 messages
05-31-06 03:18 PM
CSI (Vegas) [View All]
Another great episode last night and another GREAT performance from Nick. I can't believe that he got passed over for an Emmy nomination after the
27 messages
05-26-06 10:46 AM
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