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Saturday Night Live
This week's show was strong. Not spectacular, but kept me interested. After 30+ years, it's difficult to be fresh all of the time - especi
6 messages
01-12-06 05:59 PM
Cold Case -- Sarah Brown's Character
I missed one of the November '05 episodes, and I see that Sarah Brown's character is now gone. Last I saw her, she and Scotty were feeling a
5 messages
01-12-06 11:27 AM
Kitchen Confidential
Just saw the episode with Michael Vaughn (er...I mean, Vartan) playing the rival French chef. My Tivo cut off the last minute of the show where
6 messages
12-13-05 05:12 PM
American Dreams
Any other fans out there besides me??? I was beyond upset when I found out that NBC had cancelled this show. It was one of the only shows you
7 messages
12-10-05 04:56 PM
CSI Miami in New York [View All]
OK, does anyone else tune in to "CSI: Miami" just to see David "So Bad He's Good" Caruso and his mannerisms? The choreography of the
39 messages
12-08-05 08:24 PM
Father of the Pride
[font color=blue]PLEASE!!! Let me start the Offical Bash of this POC! [h6]After all the hype during the Olympics, and t
9 messages
12-02-05 12:40 PM
Most annoying person on TV
It's not even close. Bam Margera is currently the most annoying TV personality. If you don't know who this is he used to be one of the stars of MT
11 messages
12-02-05 12:29 PM
Las Vegas
Does anyone else watch? Even for Josh? It looks as though Nessa is really gone. She's been removed from the opening credits. I mus
17 messages
11-29-05 06:43 PM
Threshold [View All]
Who else saw this premiere last night on CBS? Looks like a tv version of [i]War of the Worlds[/i]. I liked the chara
35 messages
11-29-05 11:36 AM
South Park: Butters/Marjorine
This episode of S/P has to rank up as one of the funniest episodes, where the boys think the paper puzzle device, you know the one..... Red/Bl
7 messages
11-29-05 03:48 AM
The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel has been around a long time now. What does everyone think of it, and the folks on it? When we had cable, Ladycub and I wer
Cygnus X1
0 messages
11-28-05 00:39 AM
Boo-yah! Jim Cramer
Anyone [ V/TV_Info/P108231.asp|watched this guy] on CNBC, or heard his radio show? %
Cygnus X1
0 messages
11-27-05 11:44 PM
Cancelled TV Shows
I am getting tired of good shows getting cancelled, espcecially ones that only got one chance. Here are some cancellations that really upset me%0
19 messages
11-26-05 09:12 PM
Which Shows to Keep?
Ok, you've had your chance to watch the new fall shows for a few weeks now. Which are keepers? I'm going to keep watching My Name
17 messages
11-26-05 00:54 AM
Does anyone care about pro wrasslin' anymore?
Once upon a time, pro wrasslin' was the buzz all around the country. It even made it onto MTV. I was into it when I was in college (mid 80s)
Cygnus X1
17 messages
11-21-05 08:14 AM
Nightstalker reeks
Weak and sad attempt to bring back a classic. Fugitive-like plot where each week we hunt for the one-armed monster. Ridiculous cave scenes. The only
6 messages
11-18-05 07:25 PM
I noticed on Weltek's thread that a couple of people put it on their "keeper" list. I must like it because it is more like a soap opera with ali
5 messages
11-17-05 11:50 AM
I'm going to give this show a try, though it's opposite NCIS, one of my favorites. Kathy Reichs' books are fun to read, but who
1 messages
11-16-05 05:30 PM
Night Stalker - coming back this fall
Night Stalker from the 70's is up there on my all-time favorite list of shows. Darrin McGavin was great as Carl Kolchak, the less than ace report
9 messages
11-15-05 01:29 PM
Arrested Development, Season 3 [View All]
The third season of Arrested Development starts Monday, September 19 at 8/7c, and it looks to be a promising one! For anyone who's never see
23 messages
11-14-05 08:50 PM
Anyone see CSI Thursday night?
I love that show. I only watch Survivor and CSI (the original). I wondered some time ago how long it would be before they had a show where
3 messages
11-13-05 08:25 PM
The Tournament Returns!
For all you fans of the mocumentary - CBC is airing another 4 episodes of The Tournament (starting this Tuesday), a very funny series that parod
0 messages
11-13-05 10:23 AM
How I met your mother--are you watching?
Did anyone see last nights episode with the "Cockamouse"? This show is awesome. This is one of my new favorite shows. What does everyone else t
4 messages
11-11-05 02:06 PM
West Wing Live Debate Episode
Yawn. ds/User_files/414483ec6c88ab63.gif
4 messages
11-09-05 01:44 PM
Any MASH fans here?
I'm in the process of collecting all the episodes. Season eight coming out soon. What are your favorite episodes? Mine ha
10 messages
11-04-05 07:06 PM
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