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Celebrities Losing It: 2014 edition. [View All]
I know there's various death pools for the famous around the Internet, but has anyone ever considered starting one centered around Sanity Go Bye-B
25 messages
04-16-14 09:18 PM
Too Intrusive?
Get to work today and find an email and would really like to hear others opinion of it. I know we don't get the traffic we used to around here but t
15 messages
04-16-14 08:14 PM
Mike Huckanee achieves bipartisanship.
He finally managed to say something so stupid that people on both sides of the aisles realized he's an idiot. http://www.mediaite.c
17 messages
04-16-14 07:06 PM
Trope Of The Day VIII: in which everyone here is personally insulted by at least one entry. [View All]
Also known as 'a standard day on the Internet'.
240 messages
04-16-14 10:51 AM
moon shadow moon shadow
Night of the blood moon, eclipse to commence in 1 hour. s-sky-watchers-ready-for-total-lunar-
6 messages
04-15-14 11:59 PM
2013 Fall TV Season. [View All]
I admit this freely and of my own will: I'll be watching [b]Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.[/b], at least for the premiere. I want to see wha
156 messages
04-15-14 11:27 AM
What is Foonermints Cooking? [View All] ds/User_files/5341a45c2c8cb25a.jpg No, it's not bacon. http://com
25 messages
04-14-14 06:32 PM
Professional Attire
To all human resource personnel, I need your advice regarding professional attire. Right now, I'm seeing a vocational counselor and have taken w
8 messages
04-14-14 04:15 PM
What are You listeningTo? [View All]
IRONHORSE by Robert T. Parker A fable. :7
37 messages
04-14-14 04:14 PM
ColbertNation It's Time toVote! of-the-best-fking-news-team-ever-should-replace-colbert/#0 I voted and my top three p
1 messages
04-14-14 07:50 AM
Amy's Baking Company II: True Evil DAWness Never Dies: East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
...yeah, why not. If you can stand to keep up and need a place to scream, here it is. It's not as if those migraine cures were supposed to go
24 messages
04-13-14 10:23 AM
Candy Crush Saga [View All]
It is inhumane. It is proof of the existence of organized, corruptive evil on Earth. It is insidious, cruel, and the true
48 messages
04-12-14 04:07 PM
April is Parkinson's Awareness Month
Whatever it takes to beat Parksinson's. Some of you know that my DH has Parkinson's Disease. Parkinsonís disease is a mo
5 messages
04-11-14 12:40 PM
"Affordable Health Care" [View All]
Well, I called. Not happy! I haven't seen a doctor since I got back from Annapurna in the 80's. Paid cash money for that. Stupid t
54 messages
04-11-14 12:24 PM
The Mother of All Mothers [View All] t/uploads/headlines/2013/05/how-i-met-your-mother-mother1.jpg Revealed at last. Maybe.
27 messages
04-11-14 08:55 AM
Mickey Rooney RIP
Rest in peace, Joseph. Eight wives, nine kids. Now they can't figure out who gets to bury him.
3 messages
04-10-14 09:46 AM
The Amy's Baking Company fiasco [View All]
If you haven't heard about this yet, a quick search engine run will uncover -- a lot. In fact, the amount being turned up is increasing by the
70 messages
04-09-14 10:10 PM
Trolls Tongue?
That's the name of this place in Norway. Is it weird that this picture makes me feel very peaceful for the beauty of the place but anxious for the g
2 messages
04-05-14 00:58 AM
They Thought It Was the Litterbox
Tenants lived in the house for a year but somehow didn't realize there was a [ ska-missing-man%2
5 messages
04-04-14 08:55 AM
Representative Aiken from North Carolina
North. Carolina. ...well, he's doomed. Good news: Donald may irrationally a
10 messages
04-03-14 07:57 PM
Pittsburgh teenager finds way to save U.S. $400,000,000 by using one simple trick
So naturally, the government did what it does best: completely ignored him. Kind of makes you wonder who's getting the kickbacks f
5 messages
04-02-14 03:08 PM
Oh you know, just saving mother nature
A Maine man in search of a valuable mineral cut open a dead porcupine on the side of the road and unexpectedly saved its baby... :o http:/%
17 messages
04-01-14 04:34 PM
Meat Beat [View All]
Where's the meat? What's your meat? How's the meat? Up the meat! To meat or to more meat, that is the question.
70 messages
03-31-14 10:49 AM
So, like, what would you do?
Male oriented question, females will just have to use their imagination. High minded moralists need not apply. http://www.cafemom.
13 messages
03-28-14 00:31 AM
An awesome deal- Toshiba Satellite $300 off coupon code
Coupon code found on for $300 off the Toshiba Satellite. Sale ends March 31.
17 messages
03-27-14 08:20 PM
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