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16 messages
03-24-17 11:35 AM
Steam Cleaning
I love my pets and used to take them in the car while traveling. But afterward, I see that the car seat is totally messed up. Recently, I came acr
0 messages
03-24-17 07:26 AM
A very Merry Pelagic Christmas.
Big day coming. For me it is a day when I swim all abound the world visiting the fry in all coral reefs, and fertilize about a million trillion and
18 messages
03-23-17 03:33 PM
And Now For Your Saturday Morning
Musica! No not your general mariachi nonsense. Not that undecipherable cr@p booming out of cars in the ghetto either, I'm talking good old H
6 messages
03-23-17 03:32 PM
Need your help
I am the only child of my parents. My dad passed away when I was 2 and it was my mother who brought me up. She was a school principal and a very stron
1 messages
03-23-17 10:40 AM
Got Snow? [View All]
If the answer is no, you are obviously in Jamaica! ds/User_files/5853716db30ecd8c.j
30 messages
03-21-17 01:34 PM
Fire attack prevention
Each year, thousands of people are either killed or injured in house fires. Preparing for the worst always gives you the best chance for survival. H
1 messages
03-17-17 09:08 AM
Need advice.
Hey! Last year, my wife divorced me and I thought I will be fine without her. But I was not ready to accept the changes in my life all of a sudden
2 messages
03-16-17 10:52 PM
Shed me some ideas...
Hi all, I am getting married this year and I am really happy. My fiance and I are planning to build a new house. He is a fitness freak and very good
3 messages
03-10-17 03:15 PM
diy home theater
Hi all, Iím here to get some suggestion to design and create a home theater. Iím planning to build a theater in a shipping container
4 messages
03-08-17 11:07 PM
You made my son Ryan a backpack several years ago, because of his love for the military. Thank you! He is now part of the DEP for the Ma
17 messages
03-06-17 03:37 PM
Clowning around
We've got a lot of clowns around here. :+ However, they've canceled the [ er-march-
8 messages
03-06-17 02:59 PM
High Sierras [View All]
Since it was a 101 į here in Los Angeles, I thought I'd give OT a few pics of my hike in the Sierras last week. http://commun
23 messages
03-06-17 02:49 PM
Looking for a good camera
Hi, everybody, I am in quite a fix right now and I do need some help. Somebody broke into my house last night and smashed the front room windows.
7 messages
03-06-17 10:56 AM
Hangout places at Toronto
Hi I and my wife are planning a trip. I am looking for an ideal place to hang around with my wife. I discussed with my friends and searched
3 messages
03-01-17 10:39 PM
Did We Ever Stop The War in the Ukraine? [View All]
Curious minds need to know. ds/User_files/41373986205a61dc.gif [font size =1%
26 messages
02-28-17 04:57 PM
*kicks johnteddy off page one* ds/User_files/41373986205a61dc.gif [font siz
19 messages
02-23-17 06:10 PM
attention all lurkers.... [View All]
I know it's Monday, but if you happen to "lurk" by take a few seconds and check in. If you're a classic, or a newbie, I want to here fr
227 messages
02-18-17 06:39 PM
What? [View All]
No one has anything to say? Fooner is freezing in terrorist haven (no border walls) Canada, I'm dodging tornadoes. And everyone is wondering
25 messages
02-15-17 02:10 PM
mig welder for christmas? [View All]
My brother is doing an mig welding course in a nearby welding school ( ). Though he gets enough practice
23 messages
12-14-16 10:50 PM
Is it okay to share the Netflix account?
Hi guys, My gf has been asking me to share my Netflix account with her. Finally, I gave it to her a couple of hours ago. But, I don%2
13 messages
12-08-16 06:30 PM
I Wonder Who will be the First Person to Land on Mars?
May be Kingfish. ds/User_files/57c222b98de18e28.jpg Although my grandson has
14 messages
09-26-16 06:41 PM
2 messages
09-26-16 05:21 PM
New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, Prom, Survivor Premiere
I know that our beloved RTVW has taken some attendance hits due to Facebook, twitter, slutter, klunker and putterer. And as a community we
8 messages
09-23-16 00:10 AM
California Primary [View All]
I can't vote for Osama bin Clinton, so I guess it's Trump. ds/User_files/4b
91 messages
09-20-16 04:46 PM
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