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Downton Abbey
Hi! Is anyone else watching Downton Abbey? I was so sad after last night's finale!!!! http://community
2 messages
02-21-13 01:16 PM
Am I built wrong?
Sony are launching the PS4 in the "holidays" this year, which holidays and which countries are not yet revealed, in fact what the console will
4 messages
02-21-13 01:12 PM
I probably need to be more careful
As apparently any bit of snark, dead pan or otherwise, farce, or satire is now taken to be absolute truth and the proof is everyone hangs up on
8 messages
02-20-13 11:14 PM
Comics' ultimate villain...
...turned out to have tortured the facts until he got the confession he wanted. Rearrange The Words Of The Innocent. http:%2
3 messages
02-20-13 02:20 PM
Wanted: Donald Trump's Sense of Humour
I'm willing to pay $5 million* if anyone associated with Donald Trump can prove in an affidavit that he does, indeed, possess a sense of hum
20 messages
02-20-13 01:10 PM
What is the record for bond before trial?
I dunno if I've heard of one as high as the Eight Million Dollars Dude just got in Durham, NC. He shot a state trooper, and the troop
8 messages
02-20-13 11:09 AM
Use ebrochures for Search Engine Optimisation.
The vast majority of people begin their search for a holiday or flight in the internet.For that reason,It is vital for travel companies to be highly
17 messages
02-19-13 03:14 PM
It starts again tomorrow.
Canada's national full on contact sport starts the blood-letting once again for the 27th year tomorrow - and, no, I'm not referring to hockey
11 messages
02-19-13 09:08 AM
I'm guessing he doesn't read any long books. [View All] uits-over-666-on-tax-form-1033251.php Okay: serious question here. Depending on how a
21 messages
02-17-13 05:29 PM
THe Chubby Checker
OK, maybe we don't agree on whether Trump is capable of a humorous comeback, but I think we can all agree that a "Chubby Checker" app which
11 messages
02-16-13 10:55 PM
Proof you are a horrible person. [View All]
Post anything which will give the world definitive evidence that you're not going to be nominated for sainthood anytime soon. Or ever. %0
39 messages
02-16-13 11:34 AM
You can no longer be the iron.
Now you'll have to be the cat. Honestly, I never understood why anyone wanted to be the iron in the first place. http:/%
16 messages
02-16-13 10:44 AM
Ted Nugent at the State of the Union
Um, they aren't going to let him carry his gun in there are they? I thought he didn't go anywhere without it. http://nation.
7 messages
02-15-13 01:12 AM
Happy Valentines Day
Who has candy? Who has flowers? Who has jewelry? Who has dinner plans? <3 to you all http://www.
6 messages
02-14-13 11:13 PM
The Dorner murders and manhunt. [View All]
Your typical police department will use a mental health screening process for new recruits. I'm assuming the LAPD is no different in that regard.
40 messages
02-13-13 03:35 PM
Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle
Why are we not hearing as much about this hero as we are about the young girl who sang at Obama's Inauguration and who was killed by a gang in Chica
10 messages
02-12-13 11:41 PM
Burqas at the Grammys! [View All]
Looks like the Grammys have sent out some [ tv-movies/grammys-stars-exposed-breasts-butts-genitals-art
33 messages
02-11-13 05:25 PM
More Projects
I'm working on Cordura Teddy Bears today. It's not all about rifle armor and carrying your stealth shotgun. http://commun
11 messages
02-11-13 01:20 PM
Did you feel that?
The world spinning to a sudden halt? I hope nobody got hurt in the meantime... This is just wrong. WRONG. Lucy Maud Montgomery has to b
14 messages
02-10-13 01:08 PM
Do you miss doomsday? [View All]
Screw the Mayan Apocalypse/Acropolis :D Google solar flare. I was joking about this today, blaming a lot of strange happenings on the latest
29 messages
02-09-13 01:27 PM
50% - 100% chance of a free Papa John's pizza: Super Bowl #47 [View All]
I seldom mention things from SlickDeals here, but this one was too good to pass up. All you have to do is go to their website and predict whether t
28 messages
02-08-13 09:53 PM
Dead He Is ds/User_files/5114463e3c67b057.jpg In peace you go, [
4 messages
02-08-13 02:04 PM
Gun Quiz
Well, a 2nd Amendment quiz. In post #223 on the "mass shooting" thread cahaya linked yahoo article which itself linked to a CSM 15 question q
20 messages
02-06-13 06:28 PM
So, are you a Tudorian, or a Ricordian?
In England, it's the equivalent of Dems vs. Repubs. Me, I'm just happy to learn a little English history. And I don't mind that I'm 600+
7 messages
02-06-13 11:28 AM
The Dharun Ravi verdict. [View All]
Locally, this is just about the only news story we have. And from what I understand, it's gone national on the typical major level -- the one w
50 messages
02-06-13 00:11 AM
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