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Ottis Dewey "Slim" Whitman (90)
Rest in peace. news=814072&ocid=ansent11 [i]The biggest selling re
2 messages
06-20-13 08:04 AM
Summer 2013 TV [View All]
What are you watching? And how will you adjust to not having Bachelor Pad? :) Me: The Bachelorette Food Network
24 messages
06-19-13 02:03 PM
Ban Eggs from Judged Reality TV shows or not well-egged/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 Discuss.
8 messages
06-17-13 08:42 AM
Oh noes. My evil plan has been uncovered! [View All]
Meet me by the pond at midnight. We need a new plan to take over the world. put-ducks-in-ch
56 messages
06-16-13 03:54 PM
Summer Movie [View All]
Seems like the summer movie season has begun. With the temperature reaching 90 degrees already, an air conditioned movie theatre sounds nice. What t
22 messages
06-16-13 03:26 PM
In Texas, even our crazy is big.
I donít live in Texas any more, but my heritage is partially of Texas, and Iím very proud and defensive of that. "Remember the A
9 messages
06-14-13 10:36 PM
PSA from the resident toxicologist...the dose makes the poison.
Things that are fine with a splash or two on your food may not be OK to drink BY THE QUART!
11 messages
06-13-13 09:16 AM
Permits, we don't need no stinking permits
I mean only good guys with handguns will sell to good guys, right? liminates-pistol-pur
12 messages
06-13-13 08:10 AM
You have new messages in your inbox [View All]
Yes, I borrowed this from another thread because I forgot how to make my own red wavy flag. Admittedly I have not been here in a very lon
35 messages
06-10-13 02:40 PM
June 8
Well after 22 years of living under my roof, our one and only daughter get's married in 4 hours. I will miss her and that makes be sad. I'm sa
6 messages
06-10-13 09:42 AM
Ricin in DC?
Just in case the news media doesn't have enough chaos to report about incorrectly... ds%2
12 messages
06-07-13 11:19 PM
So whenever you as when are _______ going to stop talking about their discrimination?
It is 2013, Two.Thousand.Thirteen! Really, it is, I checked the cell phone, calendar, everything. Cheerios in hot w
20 messages
06-07-13 09:09 PM
Right Now I am: [View All]
Eating and/or drinking: Watching: Reading: Listening to: Talking to: Thinking abo
33 messages
06-07-13 03:02 PM
Childhood memory triggers
We've all had something trigger a long-lost childhood memory. It could be a smell, a visual, or even a song. For me, one the strongest is the
18 messages
06-06-13 00:00 AM
More things Reality TV has taught me.
Last night, I learned that one constitutes a voting majority within four. This is from the same genre which, last fall, taught me tha
10 messages
06-05-13 01:19 PM
Headline Of The Day. el-douglas-rep-denies-oral-sex-caused-actor-cancer-1035225.php ...great. Like we needed
12 messages
06-05-13 10:57 AM
Show of hands, [View All]
Who would rather see Anthony's Weiner that Bloomburg's? 3/05/22/18413244-i-ho
22 messages
06-05-13 10:39 AM
Achie, Achie, I'm coming to see ya, Achie!
Edith Bunker, aka Jean Stapleton, dead at 90. stapleton-all-family-star-dies-90-6C101
4 messages
06-05-13 10:28 AM
OKC twister [View All]
It's on every news site, the death and injury toll still coming in and it's scary. There in OKC, I have an uncle, my mom's brot
44 messages
06-04-13 08:48 PM
This is what that King of The Nerds show should've been
Being a gamer myself I was excited but then it turned out to be pretty boring. The first few episodes were pretty good but that's about it. Anyway%2
2 messages
06-04-13 04:58 PM
The Sky is Falling!
Hokie Smokes! I was just outside a bit ago, taking out the trash for morning pick-up, and saw the most humongous ever falling star in the NNW.
7 messages
05-31-13 07:30 PM
Feet Helmets Needed
I've been teaching for two decades. I've seen my fair share of memorable events, such as when we were hosting a career day event and the police
7 messages
05-31-13 12:13 PM
Memorial Day
It is the soldier that has allowed us the freedoms that we have today. Heck, it's a mess! That's a good thing, right? http:
8 messages
05-30-13 09:20 AM
I got hit in the head with a golf ball. At least it bounced once. Being the diplomatic fellow I am, I had an argument with the golfer. Might
13 messages
05-28-13 10:12 AM
Things bad banner ads don't tell you.
According to a fear-mongering one which has been popping up on one of my browsing sites: [b]Danger! Two Criminals Live N
2 messages
05-27-13 07:33 PM
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