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The Dharun Ravi verdict. [View All]
Locally, this is just about the only news story we have. And from what I understand, it's gone national on the typical major level -- the one w
50 messages
02-06-13 00:11 AM
Tuesday Gripe Time
Or maybe it should be in the "imponderable" category. I'll let the [i]OT vox populii[/i] make that call. I was just on the
10 messages
02-05-13 05:28 PM
Clothing advice.. [View All]
I am going to my nephews wedding in August back in Minnesota and I'm looking for help as to what to wear. Any ideas? It is a casual wedding and it
21 messages
02-05-13 00:31 AM
The 2013 Subpar Bowl Commercials.
After sleeping on it, I stand by my final conclusion from last night: most of them were outclassed by the blackout. http://commu
15 messages
02-04-13 04:26 PM
Fire Applebee's [View All]
Applebee's fired the waitress who posted the "no tip" ote from the rude, psychotic pastor. Apparently Applebee's likes customers who are ru
22 messages
02-02-13 07:07 PM
Sweden, Poland, Lithuania Invade Norway!
Those crazy Norwegians are at it again. Alarmed at Norway's infiltration of the Canadian Treasury Dep-- .. no, that's not it. Alarmed at the b
1 messages
01-31-13 01:46 PM
Hey! It's a Democratic Senator sex scandal!
I just never know what to get our local GOP for their birthdays and the universe? Always delivers! And in this case, it comes with an extra-sp
2 messages
01-31-13 12:29 PM
The mandatory 'dear gawds it's cold' thread. [View All]
Today's wind-chill RealFeelTm low: -5F. Tomorrow: about the same, except windier. Number of layers I had to wear outsi
63 messages
01-30-13 04:07 PM
These newfangled 3-D TVs get more realistic by the day...
[iframe width="560" height="315" src="// jt1MU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/i
3 messages
01-29-13 04:34 PM
Question to movie/Oscar buffs
I watched [i]A Patch of Blue[/i] on TCM this afternoon and it was mentioned that Shelley Winters won the Best Supporting Actress award for h
15 messages
01-29-13 11:44 AM
The perfect murder
Have identified the perfect murder plot. Take victim for walk along beach, climb on a rock with dog, and watch your victim being swept out to sea.
4 messages
01-28-13 08:47 PM
Appeals court ruling on appointments
Yesterday, the DC Circuit issued a ruling saying that Obama's three "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstit
16 messages
01-28-13 03:32 PM
No Love For Aquaman
Aquaman cut from the cast of the upcoming [i]Justice League[/i] movie. ybody-h
11 messages
01-28-13 01:43 PM
Hobbes, get your gun!
It seems Detriot tops a list of most dangerous cities. Considering the present national debate, it would be interesting to cross referen
17 messages
01-28-13 12:13 PM
Well the good news is...
A Republican in office believes a woman who has been raped can get pregnant... 1/24
17 messages
01-27-13 02:10 AM
Only in Ireland.... Bill passes to allow certain drivers drive drunk
Are they daft? Oh, I get it... it's social Darwinism at its finest. e%
13 messages
01-25-13 12:56 PM
Advice to the elderly? "Hurry up and die"
Perhaps the honourable minister might be willing to volunteer to demonstrate how effectively this idea might work? http://www.thegl
9 messages
01-24-13 08:57 AM
Good grief!
It's the Big House, Charlie Brown! arlie-brown-actor-arrested/?hpt=hp_b
9 messages
01-23-13 08:31 PM
Those odd news priorities.
Today's front page for every newspaper that wasn't [b]The New York Post[/b]: inauguration coverage, exerts of the central speech,
6 messages
01-23-13 09:14 AM
Politics (second houses)
Be gently with me! As a part of the deal with the LibDems it looks as though people will be looking at giving us a second elected house o
9 messages
01-22-13 10:45 PM
Larry Hagman (81)
Rest in peace, [ tor-larry-hagman-famous-for-dallas-and-jeannie-dies?gt1=51501|JR Anthony Nelson
11 messages
01-22-13 07:03 PM
Alternative Fuel Source
Read this article online and boy oh boy, thank you Norway, I will now be getting to work on my next sure-fire idea to become a gzillionaire. Shhh
6 messages
01-22-13 06:03 PM
Is Hulu te best Juju?
Recently, I've come out of the land of Vacuum Tubes. Even gave our 32" Sanyo TV to Goodwill. I've been watching Netflix on my computer, bu
3 messages
01-22-13 05:12 PM
It was Twenty Years ago today...
No, not a Sargent Pepper reference, but a personal vocational milestone. January 19, 1993 -- George H. W. Bush is in his final 24 hou
18 messages
01-21-13 05:03 PM
Hey! Dude! Yes, You! Agdude! [View All]
You made 11,000! Did you notice? Let's party! [marquee]
34 messages
01-21-13 04:11 PM
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