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The Nanny City legislates your bladder. [View All]
As of March 2013, any sugar-containing drink sold outside a supermarket in New York City may contain no more than sixteen ounces of fluid. This inc
31 messages
06-30-14 08:46 AM
Things that just seem wrong
For those of you sensible enough to not watch Hells Kitchen last night Gordon (although he may have changed his name to Chef Gordon I'm not sure%2
10 messages
06-28-14 07:12 PM
It is time to play GUESS THAT STATE!
While checking over the medical news sites I monitor regularly I found a quote. "Turns out that that the young man was attempting to disl
16 messages
06-27-14 10:44 PM
Either/or [View All]
Or from previous experience in many cases neither or both either or... Burger or Fish & Chips? Beer or Cocktail?%0
31 messages
06-27-14 08:36 AM
@#$% it, Snidget!
I asked you to do [i]one thing[/i]! "Keep your relatives on the tour buses. We all know what happened the last time they got out on th
10 messages
06-20-14 03:42 PM
RIP Gerry Goffin
A really great lyricist, I think -- he was Carole King's first husband who collaborated with her to write so many great songs. Carole tends to
3 messages
06-20-14 12:28 PM
Summer movie season 2014
No matter how bad your day is, regardless of how crazy the world around you has been, even with everything going wrong everywhere, I have found
5 messages
06-18-14 09:45 PM
Caption This
Seems to be a day for nostalgia, so I'm bringing back a caption this thread. ds%2
6 messages
06-18-14 08:45 PM
Happy Father's Day.
So what have all you great Dads been doing today. Hope you have all had a wonderful day.
3 messages
06-16-14 10:54 AM
2013 Fall TV Season. [View All]
I admit this freely and of my own will: I'll be watching [b]Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.[/b], at least for the premiere. I want to see wha
194 messages
06-12-14 05:27 PM
Unfortunate Images Week. ent/uploads/2014/05/naughty-skyscraper-21.jpg
15 messages
06-11-14 11:03 AM
Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) is going to write his own Bible edition..
...yeah, I kind of wish I was joking too. a-duck-dynasty-version-of-the-bible-coming-ou
6 messages
06-11-14 09:08 AM
Kate Upton is a Republican
[great to be king] ds/User_files/46fc3d0e1d16579c.jpg Crabman [tribe%5
11 messages
06-11-14 07:32 AM
We have joked about Canadia for years around here, but now we have been [ /canadia-trends-on-twitter-a
5 messages
06-09-14 03:04 PM
Let's have some fun [View All]
Nice to be back in the playground, and I've got some time on my hands today. Post your siggies here and tell me a story. Can't rememb
23 messages
06-09-14 01:40 PM
Candy Crush Saga [View All]
It is inhumane. It is proof of the existence of organized, corruptive evil on Earth. It is insidious, cruel, and the true
61 messages
06-05-14 09:56 PM
There is no such thing as The Conservative Media Agenda.
And if you can't trust Bill O'Reilly on that, who can you trust? rge-ramos-calls-
3 messages
06-04-14 08:05 PM
Exchange program: terrorists for deserters
If it was me... ...I'm actually going to clear some spoiler space here because it's an odd idea and I want to get it past the public vi
9 messages
06-03-14 06:22 PM
R.I.P., Ann B. Davis (88)
Oh, Alice! ds/User_files/538bc650a4c9647a.gif
4 messages
06-02-14 12:05 PM
Maya Angelou (86)
Rest in peace. The uncaged bird will always sing.
10 messages
06-01-14 11:46 AM
Just driving by... [View All]
Hey all :) Good to see many familiar faces still here Had to register back in but fortunately still have access to my profil
21 messages
05-30-14 10:35 PM
Thank You
Thank You to all the brave men and women who left the safety and security of their homes, the warmth of friends and family, and the welcoming sigh
8 messages
05-28-14 07:53 PM
Dryer birds.
Unlike many people in my apartment complex, I have my own washer & dryer in-residence. It's a sensible move: water is one of the few things
12 messages
05-22-14 08:21 AM
Edible Diamonds?
Krispy Kreme makes the world's most expensive donut. ds/User_files/537cff11f9c587a5.
2 messages
05-21-14 03:40 PM
It's the freedom of Christianity, darn it! [View All]
*patiently waits for someone to tell Romney* Seriously. Under this interpretation, wouldn't it mean that the LDS is just as exclud
23 messages
05-20-14 04:40 PM
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