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Windows 10
I just installed it. Seems a heck of a lot better than that horrible Windows 8. ds/User_
7 messages
09-17-15 07:45 PM
RIP Yvonne Craig,(78) onne_Craig_Batgirl.jpg /5/53/Yvonne
3 messages
08-31-15 01:47 PM
It's been a couple of months.
Someone should go down to the courthouse and put up Estee's bail. And see when Snidget is due for parole while you're at it.
5 messages
08-30-15 04:25 AM
Don't You Miss [View All]
The Good Old Days? Dear beloved friend, I know that this letter may be a very big surprise to you, I came acro
22 messages
08-27-15 11:24 AM
Who Says
That the Canadians dont make useful, handy tools? ds/User_files/
8 messages
08-27-15 09:01 AM
What's wrong here? ds/User_files/55db70ee1f9a2d2c.jpg Apparently we are not allowed to move the Windex,
1 messages
08-24-15 04:49 PM
Oh Jared, say it ain't so!
Mr. Average Joe, our shining example of how anybody can lose weight eating 6" subs, pleads guilty to Child Pornography charges. Appar
2 messages
08-19-15 10:14 PM
Happy Birthday Kingfish!
Have a beer, have some cake, enjoy the day ds/User_files/4f6d0fbf6cade10a.jpg [fo
13 messages
08-19-15 09:21 AM
R.I.P. Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier
Star of "The Artist". Probably my favorite movie dog ever. ie-dog-dead-the-a
2 messages
08-17-15 07:02 PM
And now, for something completely inane...
Iím being transferred, the new position means more money, more rewarding work, more perqs including a reserved parking space, and the use of
8 messages
08-10-15 08:45 AM
Who saw Slicey on Jeopardy last night? ds/User_files/426ae77e5a4658cb.jpg http:/%
13 messages
08-06-15 10:26 AM
who were/are these peeps? [View All]
Time for a trip down memory lane. I've taken a few samples of past peeps sigs and provided them for you. Can anyone identify who they are%
163 messages
07-22-15 06:20 PM
One crisis averted, one to go.
I don't really mind when a socialist Government demonstrates the inevitable consequence of being too socialist, i.e. financial failure (Bernie%2
6 messages
07-15-15 04:19 PM
Pluto. One very cold puppy.
It's so far away that the sun appears to be just another star, brighter than most, but still basically a pinpoint. And it's cold. I
1 messages
07-14-15 07:38 PM
Fvck the Alligators! lligator-attack/index.html Famous last words for sure, but also a bit of gene p
3 messages
07-07-15 08:40 AM
Icons of Canada
I bit the bullet. I went to Canada. I went to Tim Hortons. I tried Poutine. I didn't think that the Tim Hortons donuts were anything spe
15 messages
07-01-15 09:33 PM
Friend with lying, cheating husband
So lately my life has been completely insane due to the Bar exam in July - extremely aggravating PLUS my employer is practically making me beg for the
Colonel Zoiderg
2 messages
06-30-15 01:06 PM
Well Estee, time has come.
The SCOTUS has the balls in their court, and if that is a pun (be honest, you've been wondering about Kennedy, right?), it is an inten
20 messages
06-29-15 03:57 PM
Canada? They were escaping to Canada?
So why would any escapee from a US Prison think that Canada would provide safe haven? Admittedly, there are lots of mountains and wood
2 messages
06-29-15 03:16 PM
A Short Time Ago
[center]... at someplace deep in the bowels of a network ... .. a TV show that became a movie series .. .. begot a movie par
4 messages
06-09-15 11:42 PM
R.I.P. Cory Monteith from Glee dead at 31
Oh, My, Heck. I guess they are going to have to have a very special episode of Glee this fall. He has had some substance abu
10 messages
06-08-15 06:23 PM
[font color=red][font size=3][b]Honoring those who died serving our country [
11 messages
06-05-15 08:35 AM
Anybody know where Starshine is?
19 messages
05-20-15 02:36 PM
Is Anyone "up" to going to Prince Edward Island?
Stand at attention, folks! We have here a guy who is apparently [i]excited[/i] about being in P.E.I., just all a-[i]tingly[/i
5 messages
05-14-15 02:42 PM
Jesus! [View All]
Not to take the Lord's Name in Vain, but I am in a quandry. ds/User_files
21 messages
05-12-15 12:25 PM
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