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Friday Funny
A message popped up on my new phone last night that it was updating. I don't know what this update did yet, but these folks have had some astoundi
2 messages
04-27-13 10:12 AM
Hostess declares bankruptcy and final company shutdown. [View All]
So as it turns out, the [i]company[/i] had an expiration date. The stories I've seen made this out to be a combination of rec
50 messages
04-25-13 03:39 PM
Mark Burnett's Bible.
So if the secondhand sources I've been getting this from have it right: Everyone of positive importance is Caucasian. His wi
13 messages
04-24-13 03:45 PM
Adoption Announcement
Meet Jazz, Jazz this is everyone. I found this little gift out (way out) on a rural road while I was coming back from the Indiana Dun
14 messages
04-23-13 09:34 PM
Reality TV Documentary
So some reality TV employees are doing a documentary about reality TV and how it's all fake. I think most people know that a fair amount is staged b
12 messages
04-23-13 07:22 PM
Ynow what?
I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off. I have a BBQ tonight, and no chores to do on the weekend. Have fun OTers and I'll see all of
20 messages
04-23-13 02:23 PM
23 messages
04-23-13 08:43 AM
Richie Havens: Rest in peace and freedom, man
[ E|Freedom].
13 messages
04-23-13 08:19 AM
West, Texas
This video says it all... At 30 seconds in, the explosion will catch you off guard even you think you are prepared for it. It looks like
6 messages
04-19-13 04:25 PM
Oldest person you have known [View All]
There is a commercial on the tv lately wherein they asked a lot of people how old the oldest person they have ever known was. Then they plot this data
21 messages
04-12-13 11:39 PM
Another mass shooting ... this time in CT [View All]
This one is a school shooting in Connecticut with the latest reports saying 27 are dead, including children and the shooter. http:/%2
277 messages
04-12-13 11:29 AM
RIP Annette Funicello
Uh-oh That makes two, will there be a third? a-et-st-mickey-mouse-club-star-annett
15 messages
04-12-13 00:50 AM
OK. It's incomprehensible that someone would do this to even one arm, although admittedly it is technically possible . But how did he manage to sa
7 messages
04-11-13 04:42 PM
OT - Give me a break [View All]
After watching that gory incident in the NCAA basketball game yesterday (where a kid's leg snapped) I got thinking about the breaks I have had o
28 messages
04-11-13 03:17 PM
I Swear I'm Taking Birth Control...
Uh oh!!! Whoops, looks like there's about to be a population explosion in Canada. The best part is the end of the first sentence%
8 messages
04-11-13 12:12 PM
North Korea [View All]
Show and bluster from Kim Jong Un or serious intent? I am hoping it's posturing due to the annual military exercises being carried ou
31 messages
04-10-13 04:21 PM
Stereotyping 316 Slightly amusing article about national foibles [small]Erotic Canadian
8 messages
04-10-13 12:45 PM
Banana and Lobster steal Critter
Clyde Jones is pretty famous around here for the critter statues he makes. One of them has been tooked. By a banana and a lobster. http://
4 messages
04-10-13 12:26 PM
RIP Margret Thatcher
87, a good long life. pe/uk-margaret-thatcher-dead/index.html?hpt=hp_t1
4 messages
04-08-13 01:14 PM
Yet Another Sign of the Apocalypse
Coming hot on the heels of an impending Kardashian birth and one of our favorite OTers missing an opportunity for real Reality fame (tragically miss
6 messages
04-08-13 02:35 AM
R.I.P. Roger Ebert (70)
Just a day or two after announcing that his cancer was back, Roger Ebert has passed away. What a fun career he's had! Very influenti
7 messages
04-08-13 00:43 AM
Remember me? [View All]
I wanted to stop by and say hello! I was looking for some information on Hell's Kitchen and lord behold this site shows up on Google.
25 messages
04-04-13 10:45 PM
NC house bill 494 [View All]
26 messages
04-04-13 09:47 PM
Oh Starshine, your Queen is getting uppity
Well Royalty usually is, isn't it. Just saw this "press releas"e from her office [i]A MESSAGE FROM THE QUEEN %0
16 messages
04-03-13 09:42 AM
They finally killed one [View All]
Contestant on Survivor France dies during the first challenge of the season they were filming.
22 messages
04-02-13 10:45 PM
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