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2013 Academy Awards [View All]
Seth McFarlane. For four hours. Without mercy. Oh [i]hell[/i] no. *click* http%
52 messages
03-16-13 05:41 AM
Happy π Day everybody!
Just think -- in two years we get to celebrate Super π Day!
3 messages
03-14-13 07:05 PM
Going Bovine
Has anyone read Going Bovine by Libba Bray? and can you sumarize it for me in 3 or 4 sentences, oh yeah and give me your impressions and some them
6 messages
03-14-13 06:09 PM
Hugo Chavez, Rot In Peace
What happens next in Venezuela? Don't know. Meanwhile in the news today: [link: 031|US Embass
15 messages
03-12-13 07:47 PM
Today is a busy Special Day!
Workplace Napping Day - to make up for that hour of sleep we missed out on last night. Middle Name Pride Day. Let's toss our middle na
13 messages
03-12-13 05:03 PM
Caption Needed
Because I have no clue what to make of this: ds/User_files/513e0a62681d22d9.jpg
14 messages
03-12-13 04:27 PM
Space rocks [View All]
... fly around the solar system and some of them come within [ 2013/02/11/asteroid_2012_da14_spa
24 messages
03-12-13 08:41 AM
In a lot of places, this would be seen as a reasonable result. ury_jews_4MDwYpHWIDfZenMuauPQzI 10. Additionally, in order to improve his odds,
8 messages
03-12-13 08:33 AM
Just move on in. 3 million dollar home? no problem; you too can live in a place like this.
7 messages
03-11-13 10:56 AM
My Modem Died
Using one borrowed from the office right now. Internet is actually working much better than it has in months, I thought it was just a lousy server.
10 messages
03-08-13 10:16 AM
Alvin Lee Dead
Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. One of the most mind-blowing guitarists there ever was. I managed to see him in concert a few times, and each time was
1 messages
03-07-13 08:01 PM
Trademarking Jesus? [View All]
Apparently, an Italian company named Jesus Jeans holds the trademark on the name Jesus and will take any other company to court to stop them from us
21 messages
03-07-13 09:32 AM
Bad dog, Arfie, Bad dog!.
[i]Donít believe the published account:[/i] [i]Hereís the real story:%
7 messages
03-05-13 11:13 AM
National Grammar Day
Thinking today of Rolly and Coco and Seana and other defenders of grammar. ife/ct-tribu
13 messages
03-04-13 07:13 PM
Anyone in the mood for fresh spaghetti? -QQ ree_hoax http://
3 messages
03-04-13 02:55 PM
Drop your shorts
Maybe it was Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Oobies", but probably not. During the Oscars I find myself googling the short film that won the O
4 messages
03-03-13 05:09 PM
Whinney, clop clop. How far can this go?
At first it was just horse meat in England, Italy and France. Then IKEA meatballs. Now it's all over, and now that they are looking
19 messages
03-02-13 12:45 PM
Make some noise! [View All]
You people have been [i]way[/i] too quiet! Post anything, everything, whatever thing! http://community.r
56 messages
03-01-13 05:23 PM
Seventy-five soon to be unemployed Republicans.
Please consult the following article and familiarize yourselves with the full list of traitors whom you are no longer permitted to vote for. %0
19 messages
03-01-13 04:17 PM
Where's Max?
Has another poster been captured by the Great Hoosier Yeti? (fooner, we're looking at you). Cahaya, he's your neighbor, go
10 messages
02-26-13 09:49 AM
More "food" to worry about
Not quite as dramatic as NYC policing citizens' caloric intake once again (as dear Estee's post informs us), but still something to consider
4 messages
02-24-13 05:33 PM
Food Insanity
How much exercise does it take to burn this off? ds/User_files/512106ab6b876e72.jpg%0
4 messages
02-24-13 02:46 PM
Man Vs. Tree. (Spoiler alert: the tree wins.) [View All]
There is nothing to see when you're stuck in traffic. At night, you have the lights of the car in front of you, the glare from the on
24 messages
02-24-13 02:44 AM
TV Fall Season New Shows- 2012 - Lose, Win, Cancelled [View All]
New shows coming this fall - (there may be others...) [b]ABC - [/b] [b]666 Park Avenue[/b]
186 messages
02-22-13 06:34 PM
Power of OT wanted
My not-quite 3-year-old grandniece was having difficultly walking (limping & pain). They've discovered a mass in the muscle just above her lef
18 messages
02-21-13 05:01 PM
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