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All Hail the Brain!
[i]Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.[/i] Well, I
6 messages
02-02-14 07:23 PM
Pete Seeger plucked from the earthly plane.
Pete Seeger dies at 94. A song writer, an entertainer, irascible yet humble, passionate, and original. The man is a leg
3 messages
01-29-14 05:37 PM
Are you a network marketer who thrives on massive spillovers?
What happens when you combine a BREAKTHROUGH product that everybody NEEDS...with the HOTTEST compensation plan in the industry... powered by the most
8 messages
01-26-14 04:34 AM
How Healthy is YOUR Brain?
It is estimated that as many as 80% of people around the world have some form of neurological challenge; whether it's something small like the i
3 messages
01-25-14 05:10 PM
Thank goodness for fracking
I have gas heating, and my bill for a very cold month is less than half of what it has been in the past. It isn't as cold down here as
8 messages
01-23-14 01:50 PM
OK, who dropped the doughnut in front of the Mars Rover
And is it Krispy Kreme, Dunkin's or Horton's? rock-appears-in-front-of-mars-rover
2 messages
01-19-14 01:12 AM
When Gummy Bears Attack [View All]
Sure they look innocent, all colorful and fruit flavored. [ -gummy-bears-on-amazon-com/|G
21 messages
01-18-14 05:35 AM
First Kindle Fire HDX-composed post [View All]
This is going to take some work, as the keyboard didn't arrive in the same package -- .and there is no manual. I'm trial-and-error screen-typin
23 messages
01-17-14 08:56 PM
Golden Globes [View All]
Anyone watching? I am loosely. And I have an announcement to make... ...I love Jodi Foster. What a strong, smart, fantas
24 messages
01-17-14 10:50 AM
Downtown Abbey
Hi! Is anyone else watching the current season? As always it's fabulous and rich in texture : ) However it was really upsetting
1 messages
01-17-14 10:11 AM
Secret Santa Guess and Reveal! [View All]
Yes! Do it now! You wondered who tortured you? }> [ mbedded&v=0iHGTkP6
158 messages
01-17-14 00:50 AM
"It's like Santa, for your vagina!"
Safe for work, but I will follow Estee's lead and not use a tiny URL so you can see the topic:
4 messages
01-12-14 11:15 PM
...only eight?
Warning: this news story pushes the absolute limits of PG13. It is safe for work. At most workplaces, it is not safe for anyone to be walking b
11 messages
01-12-14 01:35 PM
Trope Of The Day VII: the government shutdown of the house (and senate) of trope. [View All]
...but on the other hand, it's not as if I'm being paid for this...
242 messages
01-10-14 10:02 AM
It's been going through my head all morning. [View All]
Neal: What do you think the temperature is? Del: One.
38 messages
01-09-14 11:29 PM
The Worm Returns
With the recent example of North Korean personnel handling policy in mind, Rodman returns to North Korea...[i]with a film crew![/i]%0
14 messages
01-08-14 10:29 PM
IRAs & stuff questions
Who has the inside scoop - actually I just need facts :D - about employer contributions to the employee accounts? At the beginning of 2
4 messages
01-06-14 04:01 PM
Here I am. Rainy & windy but still a nice trip so far. Trying to find a comfy mole-hole for tonight. Off to Windsor Castle first thing in the m
11 messages
01-05-14 11:02 AM
Bob Grant: -- 12/31/13
So long, slimeball. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif [font size=1]
1 messages
01-03-14 01:15 PM
Looking Back...Looking Forward [View All]
So, how was your 2013? and what are you looking forward to in 2014? HAPPY NEW YEAR! http://communit
27 messages
01-03-14 12:37 PM
Guess who went to...
[ oot-rubber-duck-sails-hong-kong-harbor-190949396.html|Hong Kong]?
17 messages
01-02-14 09:39 PM
The Uganda anti-homosexuality law passes [View All]
Being gay: prison, life sentence. Failure to report someone who's gay: also prison. Happy celebrations around the worl
23 messages
01-01-14 02:42 PM
**stands up at the Blonds Anonymous Meeting** [View All]
My name is JuneBug and I am blond. We've always suspected it; my mother called it dishwater blond. It's now proven. On Sund
26 messages
12-31-13 06:09 PM
Ontario Ice Storm 2013 [View All]
Ontario (and particularly Toronto) got hit by an ice storm. Lots and lots of freezing rain, and all that ice has done a lot of damage - trees a
21 messages
12-28-13 11:06 AM
RTVW Crowdfunding (Or: Give Me Money). [View All]
I've spent most of the year trying to buy a Kindle Fire. (With the recent model upgrade, a Fire HDX.) I have failed miserably. And it's n
61 messages
12-25-13 03:28 PM
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