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Ontario Ice Storm 2013 [View All]
Ontario (and particularly Toronto) got hit by an ice storm. Lots and lots of freezing rain, and all that ice has done a lot of damage - trees a
21 messages
12-28-13 11:06 AM
RTVW Crowdfunding (Or: Give Me Money). [View All]
I've spent most of the year trying to buy a Kindle Fire. (With the recent model upgrade, a Fire HDX.) I have failed miserably. And it's n
61 messages
12-25-13 03:28 PM
16,000 wasted on Tony Romo
He was not worth it. ds/User_files/42ec3dab5f980e42.jpg http://community.realityt
2 messages
12-25-13 02:49 PM
Christmas Miracles [View All]
[ ristmas-miracle-ad/|This video] is cute.
21 messages
12-24-13 11:42 AM
The End of the World Is Officially Here [View All]
The Rapture has finally arrived, and only one person managed to be taken from the Earth - seems he forgot to inform everyone else of the impending R
26 messages
12-24-13 11:15 AM
Cell phone question
As some of you may know, I'm set for a short trip to London & Paris over New Years. My current dumb-phone provider does not cover Europe, but
3 messages
12-23-13 09:40 AM
Slàinte maith l Good health to you this Solstice Day.
5 messages
12-22-13 03:44 PM
The 13th Annual Great Canadian Party Thread
What, you thought we weren't gonna keep this going? It's time to gather, once again, to keep the board spirits going while thos
14 messages
12-21-13 10:38 PM
Flash: Updated Christams news from the North Pole;
There’s always more to the story than what they tell you. This is the real story. [i][b]“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,%
14 messages
12-20-13 12:21 PM
Let's make a deal!
I will do 50% of the work while inflicting 450% of your daily mental torture allotment per hour. In exchange, you will give me 60% of the mon
13 messages
12-16-13 04:38 PM
Okay, Help: Calling All Puzzle Masters [View All]
So, my son and I are participating this Saturday in a race around our city in search of the Golden Grinch. We received the first clue o
22 messages
12-15-13 01:38 PM
Moral Dilemma #SortOf4G [View All]
(Yes, this is Kindle-related.) I had a friend over last night and, as I'm still kind of in the depression stage of the frustratio
40 messages
12-15-13 12:18 PM
Once up a time in a parking lot.
So, I leave the grocery store pushing my cart to my car. The parking lot is one of those with the cars parked in long lines of Vee shaped chevrons.
2 messages
12-13-13 11:08 PM
Techie Help again -- iPod playlist issues
I believe it's gen 2 -- I've got numerous iTunes songs that have been duplicated (triplicated and quadlicated as well...) and would like to de
2 messages
12-13-13 09:11 PM
I think it's close enough for us the start the [b]F[/b]irst [b]A[/b]nnual [b]M[/b]olaholic [b]C[/b
16 messages
12-11-13 10:45 AM
Is there anyway to ship Ms Tila Tequila back to Myspace?
Went and looked at her blog after reading a couple of things about it, whoo boy, and there isn't anyway to describe it without losin
3 messages
12-11-13 10:05 AM
One down. upset-at-girlfriends-shopping-jumps-to-death-at-mall/ Three
11 messages
12-11-13 00:21 AM
How to drive Kanye West (more) insane.
So. First Kanye gives an interview to BBC radio in which he basically declares himself to be the pinnacle of all musical evolution and everyone else
18 messages
12-10-13 05:08 PM
Perfect Purse for Estee?
I mean since she isn't going to spend that money on the Kindle anymore... Saw an ad for these http://community.realitytv
4 messages
12-10-13 02:32 PM
R.I.P. Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013
Rest in peace, Madiba. What a life. a/nelson-mandela/index.html?hpt=hp_t
10 messages
12-08-13 03:03 AM
Prepare to be gobsmacked [View All]
Perhaps twice -- Item One -- Yesterday, one of my students asked me if it was true that a 13-year-old could get a debit card. I'd never
29 messages
12-05-13 06:16 PM
Secret Santa: Likes/Dislikes! [View All]
[|h- tp://] %
44 messages
12-05-13 03:59 PM
People's Sexiest Man Alive
This year People voted Adam Levine The Sexiest Man Alive. True, he's not bad looking . However,if you look down the list of past winners with th
9 messages
12-04-13 05:44 PM
Walker dies Riding
One of the men in "My 5" has been involved in a horrible and fatal accident. R.I.P. Paul Walker.
3 messages
12-03-13 05:45 PM
Happy Thanksgiving !!
My lists are made (will I can just find time to get everything done?). The menu is complete (will everything fit into the oven?%2
8 messages
12-03-13 05:58 AM
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