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Larry Hagman (81)
Rest in peace, [ tor-larry-hagman-famous-for-dallas-and-jeannie-dies?gt1=51501|JR Anthony Nelson
11 messages
01-22-13 07:03 PM
Alternative Fuel Source
Read this article online and boy oh boy, thank you Norway, I will now be getting to work on my next sure-fire idea to become a gzillionaire. Shhh
6 messages
01-22-13 06:03 PM
Is Hulu te best Juju?
Recently, I've come out of the land of Vacuum Tubes. Even gave our 32" Sanyo TV to Goodwill. I've been watching Netflix on my computer, bu
3 messages
01-22-13 05:12 PM
It was Twenty Years ago today...
No, not a Sargent Pepper reference, but a personal vocational milestone. January 19, 1993 -- George H. W. Bush is in his final 24 hou
18 messages
01-21-13 05:03 PM
Hey! Dude! Yes, You! Agdude! [View All]
You made 11,000! Did you notice? Let's party! [marquee]
34 messages
01-21-13 04:11 PM
Political word game
Here is a [ h-engine-ngrams-one-word-congress-193342781.html|chart tool] that looks up the occurrence
17 messages
01-21-13 01:39 PM
Introducing Coach Lazarus
I've heard of this happening in the news, but now it is someone I actually know. I'm involved in a youth football organization, and
3 messages
01-21-13 12:30 PM
Vikings Reclaim Canada
The sneaky way. 8/us-maple-idUSBRE90H16S20130118?feedType=RSS&feedName=oddl
2 messages
01-20-13 11:04 PM
Congrats Max
Dude,er dood, Congratulations on 10,000. Let the parade begin A$$ backwards [marquee direction%
13 messages
01-20-13 10:03 PM
And now.... [View All]
For your two for Tuesday entertainment, What are your two favorite movie quotes of all time? Mine are...."I'm surrounded by as$%2
57 messages
01-20-13 02:45 PM
Survey of renewable energy in the context of landscape
Hello, My name is Jan hirsch and i am a student at the university of Kassel, Germany. We are doing a case study about cultural di
1 messages
01-20-13 09:31 AM
Cooking With Foonermints..
So, I'm making chicken legs. Too Bad! I'm the cheap version of OTCC, without the problems of ingredients and some way to cook it. Only hi
11 messages
01-19-13 01:32 AM
All that is Reality TV [View All]
Reality TV is why this site was started, right? Seems like there are reality shows about just about everything now. I can't keep up
43 messages
01-18-13 03:10 PM
Okay, I just have to ask............. [View All]
Anybody doing anything fun or interesting today? Nobody seems to be around so I'm assuming they must be busy doing something else. I
43 messages
01-18-13 01:04 PM
RIP Abigail Van Buren
Pauline Friedman Phillips, who wrote under the name of Abigail Van Buren in the original "Dear Abby" advice column, dies at 94. htt
14 messages
01-18-13 12:57 PM
Windows 8 [View All]
At the risk of Lime helmeting it, I was wondering if anyone has a new computer with Windows 8 on it? We just got one and none of my programs work
24 messages
01-17-13 09:07 PM
Plane crashed near my house
Just a small one, and I didn't hear the thump. Seems like the pilot was avoiding residential areas and crashed it into a softball field.
12 messages
01-17-13 00:14 AM
RTVW Secret Santa: Receipt, Guess & Reveal. [View All]
That's your cue. Possibly it's your cue to wait until the 25th before reporting on any of the above. I won't judge. http%
152 messages
01-16-13 11:05 PM
What is the name of this show??????? [View All]
I am trying to find/figure out the name of a reality show that I watched a few weeks ago. The show appears to be reality based and follows/covers
28 messages
01-16-13 08:13 PM
Teacher with "fear of young kids" sues for discrimination
The world gets weirder and weirder. e/1315164--teacher-with-fear-of-young-kids-sues-s
4 messages
01-16-13 11:23 AM
10 years ago today...
Something of note happened, like this [ ys/cgiwrap/rtvw2/community/dcboard.cgi?az=show_threa
Pipsqueak Le Pew
11 messages
01-15-13 12:33 PM
OT has a few embarrassing pictures hidden away. [View All]
To honor Rex Ryan's daring experiment in long-term tattoo regret, name something you did to your appearance -- and really wish you hadn't.
39 messages
01-14-13 04:51 PM
This administration does not destroy planets
No death star for Obama. Plus, he doesn't think he can push thru the necessary $850 quadrillion expenditure. http://www.foxnew
6 messages
01-14-13 04:22 PM
Christmas Loot - Games edition [View All]
So what did you get? Any fun games?? Great finds at our house: - Gobblet Gobblers. Fun take on tic-tac-toe that actually mak
34 messages
01-13-13 04:12 PM
A Hantz Dilemma
So, the new cast of Survivor has been released (check out the roster of fresh meat over on the Spoilers forum), and I've done my bit to add
7 messages
01-13-13 01:55 PM
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