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Calgary Flooding [View All]
Now I don't mean to imply that Canada is behind the times, however when I went to Calgary Qwertypie took me to see the dinosaurs at the zoo.
39 messages
07-10-13 03:22 PM
DOMA dead: California Prop 8 overturned (5-4 on both), banning states maintain. [View All]
Little victories. Ladies and gentlemen who live in or moved to the right places, start your joint tax returns.
33 messages
07-10-13 02:41 PM
Dream Makers - New talent contest Reality TV show
Dream Makers - Building the Best Team of Filmmakers in America Dream Makers is a talent contest, reality TV show for movie makers includi
17 messages
07-10-13 01:46 AM
Happy Egypt Day! -morsi-as-egyptian-president Once again the Egyptian military sends a clear message to po
11 messages
07-09-13 04:01 AM
Oh, say can you see... [View All]
To my kin Americans, happy Independence Day! I am so surprised that no one else started this thread, for all that we Americans have b
22 messages
07-08-13 03:06 PM
Doug Engelbart (88)
Rest in peace. If you can't invent a better mousetrap, invent a better [ -computer-mouse-doug-engel
2 messages
07-04-13 08:41 PM
Happy Canada Day [View All]
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/4682bd526ffc227a.gif ds%
30 messages
07-02-13 01:12 PM
Supermoon! [View All]
Which is kind of cool. Yes. [ 6/21/19065917-happy-supermoon-celebrate-lunar-largeness
25 messages
06-30-13 11:39 AM
*facepalm* just *facepalm*
OK first we can't use that science thing to actually measure if there are any climate change things going on in this state, now this. h
12 messages
06-28-13 04:02 PM
Hey Pepe - How to Rap with your Hands
On the NPR station here, not sure how wide spread The Story is as it is produced here in NC. Very interesting Radio program, http:/
0 messages
06-28-13 01:29 PM
Duct Tape Surfing
I thought Duct Tape was just for Canadians... ...but apparently this Australian has found a [
1 messages
06-26-13 08:38 AM
Grand Canyon Wire Walking
Got home turned on the DVR and they have Jim Cantore monitoring the weather. That is not a good sign.
12 messages
06-24-13 01:34 PM
Trope Of The Day V: tropes spring eternal [View All]
On the other hand, the Random button is about as reliable and trustworthy as Ryan Seacrest reading a vote ranking order. http://com
302 messages
06-24-13 10:35 AM
Top Ten Reactions to the Kardashian/West pregnancy. [View All]
10. The Olsen twins were just found curled up in an L.A. subway station, rocking back and forth while muttering 'It should have been ours, it a
58 messages
06-23-13 02:03 PM
Yes, it's probably a scam
But I'd like to know if anyone out there has had real-live experience with something being promoted as "free silver coins from the bank" (radi
5 messages
06-22-13 10:43 AM
Battle Of The CBS Reality Quasi-Geek Non-Stars. [View All]
Risk? Seriously? How do they expect the webcast producers to put stupid game-destroying twists into [i]Risk[/i]? Okay, someone co
45 messages
06-21-13 06:52 PM
R.I.P. James Gandolfini, 1961-2013
Tony Soprano has finally been silenced... It appears to have been a heart attack that claimed Gandolfini's life while he was on vacation
6 messages
06-20-13 12:34 PM
Ottis Dewey "Slim" Whitman (90)
Rest in peace. news=814072&ocid=ansent11 [i]The biggest selling re
2 messages
06-20-13 08:04 AM
Summer 2013 TV [View All]
What are you watching? And how will you adjust to not having Bachelor Pad? :) Me: The Bachelorette Food Network
24 messages
06-19-13 02:03 PM
Ban Eggs from Judged Reality TV shows or not well-egged/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 Discuss.
8 messages
06-17-13 08:42 AM
Oh noes. My evil plan has been uncovered! [View All]
Meet me by the pond at midnight. We need a new plan to take over the world. put-ducks-in-ch
56 messages
06-16-13 03:54 PM
Summer Movie [View All]
Seems like the summer movie season has begun. With the temperature reaching 90 degrees already, an air conditioned movie theatre sounds nice. What t
22 messages
06-16-13 03:26 PM
In Texas, even our crazy is big.
I donít live in Texas any more, but my heritage is partially of Texas, and Iím very proud and defensive of that. "Remember the A
9 messages
06-14-13 10:36 PM
PSA from the resident toxicologist...the dose makes the poison.
Things that are fine with a splash or two on your food may not be OK to drink BY THE QUART!
11 messages
06-13-13 09:16 AM
Permits, we don't need no stinking permits
I mean only good guys with handguns will sell to good guys, right? liminates-pistol-pur
12 messages
06-13-13 08:10 AM
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