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Apparently mustaches are not just for porn stars anymore. November brings Movember, a great excuse to looks ridiculous. Seems silly to l
5 messages
11-21-13 12:55 PM
My Little Pony IV: Games Ponies Can't Play. ds/User_files/528e0321c71b64a0.gif ...yeah, that could take a while to resolve...%
0 messages
11-21-13 09:02 AM
The Saga of Tattoo Lisa
So this woman, dubbed Tattoo Lisa has been dominating the radio station morning commute all week. So I figured I'd share and see what y'all thi
7 messages
11-15-13 04:05 PM
Call out to Spotthedifference.... [View All]
Earthquake in the Philippines. Haven't checked yet to see exactly where it was in relation to our Spott. Prayers for all there.
31 messages
11-15-13 11:51 AM
Here's........Dimples! probst-naked-bits-bacon-two-half-men-cameo-2D11577329 Didn't really know where this sho
5 messages
11-15-13 02:01 AM
A Better Secret Santa Sign Up Thread [View All]
Please Ignore the last one. I'll go blind. use this one instead! ds/User_files/41
50 messages
11-14-13 10:13 PM
My Coke Rewards meets My Little Pony
And thus one of the longest days of my life was created. It's like this. As of today, MCR is revamping the program through the launch
8 messages
11-14-13 10:21 AM
Veterans Day [View All]
Thank you all for your service. ~[font size=1][b][font color=000099]T[font color=006699]h[font color=009999]e
29 messages
11-14-13 09:30 AM
7 messages
11-13-13 05:33 PM
This is a good result in a state that is sometimes just Wacky Party Conservative. Good old GOP fiscal conservativatism is OK, but Alabama
4 messages
11-12-13 09:36 AM
Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. [View All]
Other people are talking about the racial implications of her performance. The social ones. The potentially deliberate offense dealt out to her old
42 messages
11-11-13 02:17 PM
Election Day. [View All]
What I find amusing about our local public referendum: the money spent by some of those trying to stop the minimum wage hike vote from coming out Y
41 messages
11-08-13 08:09 PM
Happy Free Slushie Day (but not U.S.)
For those that write their dates backwards (7/11 instead of 11/7). We got ours back in July (7/11 instead of 11/7). Since I
1 messages
11-07-13 04:20 PM
Marvel Comics: a fully terrorist-owned, America-destroying company.
So: of Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz, which will be the one to demand an investigation of the entire business, the revival of the Comics Code A
3 messages
11-06-13 08:36 PM
Mall Shooting, Paramus NJ
Early reports, guy in black, maybe body armor, near the Nordstroms. People still hiding in the mall, but talking to CNN. One guy in the back
11 messages
11-06-13 09:41 AM
RIP Mrs. Krabapple
Even after two score and two years with Bart Simpson as a fourth grader [link:// a-wallace-actress-from
4 messages
11-05-13 12:25 PM
Deliver a cookie three times your size to an address which requires you to scale a wall 2X your height. You may not hold the cookie with yo
4 messages
11-05-13 01:00 AM
LAX Shooting
Oh geez, not again?!?!? "multi patient incident" ?!?! Oh geez, again??? http://
16 messages
11-03-13 12:16 PM
I was looking for an exuse to break out the Halloween Siggie... [View All]
And here it is from Michelle Bachman. [ chele-bachmann-wants-to-ban-halloween-stating-suc
26 messages
10-31-13 01:26 AM
There's a heck of a band up there
[ 24697765|Lou Reed dies of liver problems] Definitely one of the most influential music
7 messages
10-30-13 08:14 PM
Shut it DOWN! [View All]
Less than 9 hours to go! ;-) ds/User_files/42ec3dab5f980e42.jpg http://comm
115 messages
10-25-13 08:30 PM
Least surprising story ever. /10/20/fox-news-reportedly-used-fake-commenter-account/196509 So from the netwo
6 messages
10-24-13 10:31 AM
Lard filled fats: The addiction
We really aren't surprised, are we? [b]Oreos may be as addictive as cocaine, morphine[/b]
20 messages
10-22-13 08:34 PM
But his comment was lawful in the eyes of the United States [View All]
Marriage equality began in New Jersey at 12:01 a.m. today. One couple took immediate advantage. At the usual point, the presiding official asked
28 messages
10-22-13 01:01 PM
Got Milk?
Milk mustaches are so passe. Check out these [ pinup-photos-models-wearing-high-speed-milk|mi
6 messages
10-22-13 09:36 AM
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