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"Weiner declines to pull out." [View All]
Surely we have a few things to say about this that didn't come out in previous threads? "Weiner's campaign is in it for the long do
35 messages
08-24-13 12:38 PM
Blu-ue Moon! hat-does-that-mean-anyway?gt1=24000 [i]Tuesday night will see a relatively rare phe
6 messages
08-22-13 01:25 AM
Elmore Leonard. RIP.
We all have our own personal pantheon of heroes. Elmore Leonard was in mine. [i]"If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it
3 messages
08-20-13 08:05 PM
If you won't hear, you've got to feel. l-media/zuckerberg-facebook-hack ...not really gonna do the whole 'sympathy'
2 messages
08-20-13 08:52 AM
International Apostrophe Day
Please use all apostrophe's appropriately--your life depend's on it. 15/apostroph
8 messages
08-20-13 08:48 AM
Sometimes you feel like a nut ...
If you're squeamish when it comes to unprotected male-parts, you may want to ignore this one.
13 messages
08-18-13 07:11 PM
Sneaky new mammal hiding in plain sight
"One olinguito whose history Helgen's group studied was exhibited in the United States during its lifetime as if it were an olingo. The creature c
10 messages
08-18-13 04:41 PM
Inflatable Unicorn horn, for cats?
Did no one remember that cat have all sorts of sharp pointy bits? [ DG/ref=as_l
6 messages
08-16-13 09:05 PM
$25,000 a Month Gig
OK, I can do this standing on my head. If you do the math, everything is good! Well, might have to kick out most of my last month's pay..%
6 messages
08-15-13 08:39 AM
The Love Boat, Not Going Quietly off to die
The Love Boat, killing those dismantling it for parts. lled-love-boat-ship-pacific-pr
16 messages
08-14-13 09:24 PM
Don't Forget Your Meteors Tonight ds/User_files/52080ff86901c370.gif
8 messages
08-14-13 08:32 AM
For the first time since I started playing, McDonald's Monopoly began in July this year. You'll notice I haven't asked for any piec
16 messages
08-13-13 08:25 AM
How dare the judges make me safe to keep my drama around after I make yet another horrible design that gets the same critique as always after I demand
12 messages
08-12-13 00:31 AM
Nostalgia makes you stupid.
The more I look at Bravo's lineup of 80% Housewives, the more I miss the days when arts meant celebrities playing poker. Badly. Any
4 messages
08-10-13 11:18 AM
If Oprah can't afford it
what chance do the rest of us have? ent/chi-oprah-handbag-20130809,0,6305341.story
6 messages
08-10-13 11:00 AM
Sick sad world
A guy in Florida killed his wife and posted the picture on Facebook. Really. God help us all. SMH
8 messages
08-10-13 02:52 AM
My Little Intro. [View All]
Hello to all, I'm new here at this community. I learned about this from a friend. I think I needed to let out my feelings and I hop
39 messages
08-08-13 09:26 PM
We may owe Charlie Sheen an apology.
Once was probably him. Twice stands a good chance of being the show. prospectu
12 messages
08-08-13 08:51 PM
Karen Black (74)
Rest in peace. x?news=822241>1=28101
0 messages
08-08-13 08:32 PM
Summer Reading and Watching
Well... it's that time of the year again to catch up on all of the books that I've been meaning to read for the past year but keeps getting piled
19 messages
08-08-13 06:38 PM
Annual NFL Pick 'ems
FYI - Sign-up thresd has been posted over at Sports. Please keep them there. :-)
0 messages
08-08-13 00:28 AM ds/User_files/46da3ff70354892c.gif [font size=1 color=teal][i]Smurfed[/i] b
9 messages
08-07-13 10:45 AM
The Dado Syndrome Just because.
12 messages
08-06-13 10:33 PM
Will anyone bail me out?
8 messages
08-06-13 08:11 PM
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