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Has our girl Estee's gone cinder block surfing?
<Silvio>“Hey Tony, What’cha ever do about that Estee broad? You know, da broad wit dem Cha Chas? She been bustin’ your balls for a l
6 messages
08-25-14 10:03 AM
A colossal breakdown in logic
Okay, so let's see, you're a contestant on a show called "Dating Naked" knowing that you're going to be filmed while nude the entire tim
4 messages
08-23-14 03:09 AM
OK. I'm tired of you guys holding it in.
Let it out. Go ahead and tell me what a great guy I am. Maybe about how intelligent I seem, and how cogent are my arguments. And about how I always
18 messages
08-20-14 03:20 PM
Democrats screw up again.
The indictment of Perry, whether politically motivated (which it clearly is) or not, does not increase odds for success for the Democratic Par
1 messages
08-20-14 12:54 PM
*reads headline* Please don't be NC, please don't be NC [View All]
[b]GOP Candidate Charges Opponent Is Dead, Represented By A Body Double[/b] *skims* Halleluiah, NOT a North Ca
34 messages
08-18-14 03:00 PM
Another Malaysia Airlines flight goes down
This time, Flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur as it flew over Russian and Ukraine air space, reportedly shot down by a missile. T
19 messages
08-17-14 03:43 PM
Meat Beat [View All]
Where's the meat? What's your meat? How's the meat? Up the meat! To meat or to more meat, that is the question.
74 messages
08-15-14 11:17 PM
Laurine Bacall (89)
Rest in peace. all-dead-dies/
5 messages
08-15-14 08:50 AM
Robin Williams (63) bin-williams-dead-at-63/ dammit
18 messages
08-14-14 05:49 PM
Obama is sending troops to Iraq!
He is sending troops after all. Non-combat troops. Non-combat troops on a humanitarian mission to save Kurds. Those humanitarian non-comba
1 messages
08-14-14 11:16 AM
What are ya'll up to these days?
I thought I'd share an update of what's going on with DH and me. Parkinson's Disease is a roller coaster. Michael J Fox once said %2
19 messages
08-14-14 02:29 AM
Who is surrendering what to whom?
And how did no one see this happen? olice-investigating-mysterious-white-flags-on-b
12 messages
08-13-14 02:17 PM
Epilog: Wall-e's later years,
After his space faring days were over, and after he and his true love, Eve, retired from saving the earth, Wall-e was able to pursue his child
2 messages
08-11-14 01:40 PM
I think I'm missing something. [View All]
If your position on not paying your grazing fees is that you don't recognize the federal government as existing, why are you riding around the pro
90 messages
08-08-14 01:56 PM
Trope Of The Day IX: you're entitled. [View All]
In which we explore the world of trope things which Rush Limbaugh has no comprehension of, also known as 'pretty much everything'.
145 messages
08-07-14 11:45 AM
Celebrities Losing It: 2014 edition. [View All]
I know there's various death pools for the famous around the Internet, but has anyone ever considered starting one centered around Sanity Go Bye-B
33 messages
08-06-14 09:05 AM
He lost because...
...his campaign to reach across the aisle and share crayons didn't resonate with voters. ...he lost a debate to an opponent who topped
4 messages
08-05-14 11:26 AM
Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy... [View All] /2014/07/hp_marvel_ladythor_655.jpg
21 messages
08-05-14 10:56 AM
Insomniacs needed
Thanks to a mild-but-frightening medical experience last week (I’ll keep the details private for now thankyouverymuch) I’ve been scheduled for
12 messages
08-05-14 10:55 AM
100 years ago today.
Britain and most of the Empire joined World War 1. [|B- ackadder and House go over the top%5
4 messages
08-04-14 11:57 PM
♪A three hour tour…♫ -boat-gets-stranded-after-aft/landing.html?blockID=869777&feedID=11106
5 messages
08-02-14 01:22 AM
Those good old American Heartland Tea Party Christian Family Values. [View All]
Google 'Scott Esk'. I understand that he's not representative of the entire Republican Party. I do feel we're all better
25 messages
08-01-14 09:13 PM
Hey, kids! Let's put on a show sue a President!
Discussion of this year's surefire guaranteed comedy hit goes here.
13 messages
07-31-14 11:56 PM
SCOTUS: Corporations may hold and enforce their religious beliefs on others. [View All]
So if you thought you were going to Heaven? Sorry, but Apple just bought all the space. *sigh* Congratulations. This c
51 messages
07-31-14 04:15 PM
The Trayvon Martin shooting. [View All]
All I'm personally asking on this case is one simple thing: if the county officials truly believe the trigger was pulled under circumstances of c
369 messages
07-30-14 03:45 PM
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