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Do you believe in psychics?
So as I do believe in a spiritual realm, such as angels and such, Im not so sure about those who take it to the extreme, create giant businesses
8 messages
07-17-14 10:15 AM
Who needs Smith?
Apparently . Another grassroots political movement advertising on the Internet. Gosh. Well, it's not
1 messages
07-15-14 01:24 PM
The last five songs on my playlist were...
One of our long departed chums posted in another place on the last five tracks she had listened to on "Pandora". Sadly they don't "broadcast%2
1 messages
07-15-14 11:50 AM
Explain soccer to me please [View All]
So, no. I don't know a thing about soccer. Except that some of the players have "hot" bodies! Dated a soccer player once - or twice
55 messages
07-15-14 06:24 AM
It's not too late to come aboard! [View All]
After yesterdays celebration of a French victory against the British you may be feeling somewhat patriotic [
37 messages
07-09-14 09:50 PM
Just guess [View All]
How much is this pile of coins worth in U.S. dollars and cents? ds/User_files/53b78d8
32 messages
07-09-14 09:54 AM
Something else to worry about
My friend of mine told me about this -- he did a simple Google search of another friend of his and found a site (I'm not naming) that will provi
3 messages
07-08-14 08:51 AM
Un pedo viejo needs your help
My phone provider has a special offer on hand that includes a free 4G LTE phone. Being [I]un Pedo Viejo[/I] I don't suffer from needing a
4 messages
07-08-14 01:04 AM
Brag brag brag
For those of you who haven't been to the Great Satan Facebook, and haven't seen what has been happening in Sagebrushland, feast your eyes upon
Sagebrush Dan
19 messages
07-08-14 00:45 AM
Big Brother! [View All]
[i][ ata-program-200156991.html|All] [/i]of us are hamsters. [font size=1]http
71 messages
07-06-14 05:37 PM
Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 $450/Samsung Note 3 + Gear $430/Samsung Galaxy S4 $330
9 messages
07-05-14 03:47 AM
Why didn't anyone tell me about this book
[ ers-Oceanographers-Environmentalists-Including/dp/0143120506/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404
4 messages
07-04-14 03:31 AM
Be careful what you search for.
If your child died after spending seven hours locked in a blazing-hot car and that horrifying tragedy was truly an accident from your total failure of
6 messages
07-03-14 03:46 PM
Thank you, Democrats.
If this article is accurate, Democrats helped elect Thad Cochran Senator from Mississippi, defeating Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel. %
11 messages
07-03-14 02:59 PM
First generation: talk me out of this.
My phone contract is about to expire. My phone pretty much already has: it's at the point where attempting to use any function is playing Applic
7 messages
07-02-14 01:04 AM
RIP Eli Wallach. ds/User_files/52f3047a82275e9
4 messages
07-01-14 10:38 AM
Would you post bail for this man? ent/uploads/2014/06/hot-convict.jpg Short version: Arrested. %0
2 messages
07-01-14 09:59 AM
Check Yes or No
Do you visit here every day? Do you drop by at least once a week? Did you have to be coerced into stopping by?
14 messages
07-01-14 07:11 AM
The Nanny City legislates your bladder. [View All]
As of March 2013, any sugar-containing drink sold outside a supermarket in New York City may contain no more than sixteen ounces of fluid. This inc
31 messages
06-30-14 08:46 AM
Things that just seem wrong
For those of you sensible enough to not watch Hells Kitchen last night Gordon (although he may have changed his name to Chef Gordon I'm not sure%2
10 messages
06-28-14 07:12 PM
It is time to play GUESS THAT STATE!
While checking over the medical news sites I monitor regularly I found a quote. "Turns out that that the young man was attempting to disl
16 messages
06-27-14 10:44 PM
Either/or [View All]
Or from previous experience in many cases neither or both either or... Burger or Fish & Chips? Beer or Cocktail?%0
31 messages
06-27-14 08:36 AM
@#$% it, Snidget!
I asked you to do [i]one thing[/i]! "Keep your relatives on the tour buses. We all know what happened the last time they got out on th
10 messages
06-20-14 03:42 PM
RIP Gerry Goffin
A really great lyricist, I think -- he was Carole King's first husband who collaborated with her to write so many great songs. Carole tends to
3 messages
06-20-14 12:28 PM
Summer movie season 2014
No matter how bad your day is, regardless of how crazy the world around you has been, even with everything going wrong everywhere, I have found
5 messages
06-18-14 09:45 PM
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