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The dumbest movie idea you will hear this year.
Tetris. No, I'm serious. From the studio which brought you Mortal Kombat. [font size=6][b]Tetris:
7 messages
10-15-14 10:58 AM
Amy's Baking Company III: Now With 100% More Assault Charges
I want you to picture a really big pen. Can you do that? One of those novelty sizes which you can't actually write with because it's so uncomf
10 messages
10-15-14 09:30 AM
*blink blink*
Just woke up. how's everybody been doing?
20 messages
10-10-14 12:59 PM
Pour les LePews -and-deaf-dog-has-guide-cat-best-friend/
1 messages
10-06-14 11:16 AM
By Thor's Beard Merkin
I think I know what Estee's been doing for the last couple of months. male-new-th
5 messages
10-03-14 03:12 PM
What's with clothing retailers lately?
Can the garmentos please think a little before releasing garbage like this? First there was Zara with their nazi fixation: http:/%2
7 messages
09-29-14 02:16 AM
Still British
And proud of it. ds/User_files/541c0e7d127c98ab.jpg England, Scotland and
7 messages
09-27-14 12:10 PM
Can someone please kill
that horrible noisy soccer spam redirector in the advertisement package?
9 messages
09-26-14 10:02 AM
But the real question is
Is it Estee approved? s/norman-rockwells-iconic-saturday-evening-post-illustrations-wit
2 messages
09-26-14 09:30 AM
Happy Solstice
Hopefully the Druids won't have too wild of a party...
7 messages
09-23-14 03:42 PM
Estee is rich.
No explanation needed for the Queen of MyCokeRewards' sudden prosperity. There is one question though, will she be required to pay tax
3 messages
09-19-14 12:30 PM
How not to respond to allegations of child abuse. s/512126528982110209/photo/1 (Too large to upload it and can't directly link:
9 messages
09-18-14 07:44 PM
Just Yuck. I think Burger King is turning evil - takin gover Tim Horton's and now this. d
9 messages
09-16-14 10:37 AM
This could be the greatest reality show ever.
Two Senators. One island. No civilization. No choice but to cooperate.
4 messages
09-15-14 05:56 PM
Anyone want to play 'Guess The Representatives?'
Sometimes, a simple 'I quit' just isn't enough. Non-PG13 language ahead. Also Congress. You can decide which is the bigger curse.
3 messages
09-12-14 08:35 AM
R.I.P., Richard Kiel (74)
AKA Jaws and Mr. Larson... He was one of my favourites for the way he always commanded a presence on screen and his affable nature during %
2 messages
09-11-14 03:54 PM
Joan Rivers (81)
Well, she had a good run. Rest in peace, Joan.
12 messages
09-11-14 08:53 AM
Toasting Ursula LeGuin.
Ursula LeGuin is not dead. Fortunately she is just getting an award. Not a headline story, but it is heartwarming for me. I used to get Fantasy and
3 messages
09-09-14 09:11 PM
Yahooo CVS)pharmacy) will no longer be selling cigarettes as of 9/3/14. More & more stores in my area have taken cigarettes & tobacoo item
3 messages
09-04-14 04:13 PM
Well that explains that weird howling noise from the North -tim-hortons-agrees-to-takeover-by-burger-king-1.1976444 Hopefully they won't resurrect
5 messages
09-02-14 05:28 AM
One for the home team.
Not sure how many Hello Kitty fans we have here, however as River Song would say SPOILERS (I think the darling is optional). Is that
11 messages
08-30-14 07:18 AM
Cato the wonder dog!
Please excuse the inexcusable puns.
3 messages
08-29-14 03:14 PM
This Girl Knows Bananas jo#t=125 ds/User_files/51f01d57
6 messages
08-27-14 03:33 PM
The Lone Ranger. A belated review.
Actually, this is way too late to qualify as a movie review for the 2013ís Lone Ranger. But since itís a slow day and since it had an impact on
4 messages
08-27-14 11:09 AM
The Wrong Reason to Call 911
[iframe width="420" height="315" src="// i_jsU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/i
3 messages
08-27-14 09:26 AM
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