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Fawlty Towers
It's not hard to imagine John Cleese as this hotel's manager. el-review-fine%2
2 messages
11-19-14 03:50 PM
“This is a big f—— deal.” — Vice President Joe Biden
Yes it is, Joe. Yes it is. Ladies and gentlefish, I present to you the most transparent administration in our nation's history:
8 messages
11-19-14 09:59 AM
Life Update [View All]
There was a time log ago when many of us shared life happenings here in OT land. FB has taken many peeps away. Maybe cause it's so easy to u
21 messages
11-15-14 01:07 PM
Kim Kardashian's buttocks fail to break the Internet
Poor Kim. Doesn't she understand that the only thing capable of breaking the Internet is supporting the fascist socialism which is Net Neutrality%3
2 messages
11-14-14 09:25 AM
Rest In Peace, Mrs. Wolowitz
Carol Ann Susi (62). nn-susi-%e2%80%98big-bang-theorys%e2%80%99-mrs-wolowit
2 messages
11-13-14 04:13 PM
Honoring all Veterans
Thank you today and every day. I come from a long history of military. Grandfather: WWI Father: WWII BIL: Vietnam%0
3 messages
11-12-14 05:25 PM
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. 11/06/world/asia/ap-as-new-zealand-acdc-charges.html?referrer=&_r=0 I g
3 messages
11-07-14 05:53 PM
A serious moment.
Ok, let's take a moment to be serious. (Mmmphhh...snort!) Sorry, I'll start over. (Snerk - ok, bre
15 messages
11-06-14 04:12 AM
By contrast, the twenty-eight kids sent to school with the flu? No problem! [View All]
Some people in this state can be very, very stupid. hool-throws-ebola-tantrum-over-two-
24 messages
11-05-14 05:44 PM
Missing person [View All]
One of my oldest friends, a guy I've known since we were tots and grew up together, and sometime partner in crime during our years on the summer
42 messages
10-30-14 01:50 AM
Dear Canada [View All]
We have done the crack smoking mayor thing. Sure it seems all exotic and exciting at first. But this does not end well. And since when
44 messages
10-27-14 09:47 PM
Time for all Ottawians to duck and cover
Ottawaters? 14-10-22/ottawa-shooting-parliament-senators-game-status %5
3 messages
10-23-14 03:15 PM
A Tradition
I remember History Detective used to post some thread every year. Figured I'd post this as a tribute. Tomorrow is National Coming Out day %0
8 messages
10-21-14 07:42 AM
To Our Friends Up North
Have yourselves a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Be sure to save us Southern Canadians something for our own tables next month. (You can, however,
3 messages
10-17-14 07:27 PM
And then he stomped his feet and had a tantrum
[iframe width="420" height="315" src="// V-0Hc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/i
2 messages
10-17-14 03:29 PM
Rejected Charlie Brown Specials
A bit late perhaps, but still, funny enough for a slow day. My favorite: "Linus and the Smallpox Blanket. A Columbus Day
1 messages
10-17-14 03:26 PM
I'd like to be fair, and I know that judging a book by it's cover is likely to lead one astray, but this is a picture of someone who is trying
2 messages
10-16-14 10:31 AM
RIP. Mr. Mom2BJM
I don't know how many of you remember Mom2BJM, but she just lost her husband. In the other world, she's Amy McCabe Brown. Even though she hasn
Sagebrush Dan
7 messages
10-15-14 11:20 PM
The dumbest movie idea you will hear this year.
Tetris. No, I'm serious. From the studio which brought you Mortal Kombat. [font size=6][b]Tetris:
7 messages
10-15-14 10:58 AM
Amy's Baking Company III: Now With 100% More Assault Charges
I want you to picture a really big pen. Can you do that? One of those novelty sizes which you can't actually write with because it's so uncomf
10 messages
10-15-14 09:30 AM
*blink blink*
Just woke up. how's everybody been doing?
20 messages
10-10-14 12:59 PM
Pour les LePews -and-deaf-dog-has-guide-cat-best-friend/
1 messages
10-06-14 11:16 AM
By Thor's Beard Merkin
I think I know what Estee's been doing for the last couple of months. male-new-th
5 messages
10-03-14 03:12 PM
What's with clothing retailers lately?
Can the garmentos please think a little before releasing garbage like this? First there was Zara with their nazi fixation: http:/%2
7 messages
09-29-14 02:16 AM
Still British
And proud of it. ds/User_files/541c0e7d127c98ab.jpg England, Scotland and
7 messages
09-27-14 12:10 PM
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