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Anyone here by the name of Elizabeth Gallagher?
... and do you have a Canadian passport? If so, you're in luck! 2l
3 messages
12-17-14 12:45 PM
The United States officially declares war on Canada.
Burger King has purchased Tim Horton's.
19 messages
12-17-14 09:34 AM
Holiday Movies
What are the holiday movies on your must see list? Some are nostalgic for me like White Christmas & the Charlie Brown Christmas. I love Polar Expr
10 messages
12-16-14 07:22 PM
Happy Wedding Day
Today is a special day, as a long time poster (sadly not for a long time) and her partner are to be married today. Happy Wedding to b
12 messages
12-16-14 02:28 PM
luky time post?
or are the board times still off?? ds/User_files/538e3187749a0c7d.gif ht
7 messages
12-15-14 01:12 PM
Winner of the tough sport's guy award
And Hockey wins the tough sport award. 12/09/video-rangers-ot-hero-klein-reportedly-
8 messages
12-12-14 00:02 AM
Passport,driver's license,id cards,credit card(serviceprodoc
Passport,driver's license,id cards,credit card( icates,diplomas available We
7 messages
12-11-14 09:26 AM
This year's "War On Christmas"...
... starts in Stockholm, with a new racist twist. swedish-group-objects-santa-blackface-helpe
10 messages
12-04-14 10:42 PM
Star Wars:The Force Awakens [View All]
First trailer for what I'm sure will be the Best Picture of 2015 <sarcasm> 81%2
26 messages
12-04-14 01:18 PM
Happy Thanksgiving OT
Although few might see these holiday wishes - Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
13 messages
12-04-14 12:05 PM
Oh. Hell. No.
I mean, [ y%21-china-hospital-puts-men-through-pain-of-childbirth-1040906.php|why should we?]
8 messages
11-28-14 09:30 AM
Ferguson, MO [View All]
What the hell?
22 messages
11-26-14 12:50 PM
Ben Carson gets fingered by God. feel-fingers-of-god-touching-me-telling-me-to-run-in-2016/ Meanwhile, @#$%abe
10 messages
11-25-14 03:35 PM
//\/\\ \//\||\//|//!!! OE#t=33 ds/User_files/438987137ba75082.gif
3 messages
11-24-14 12:38 PM
After the midterms... [View All]
It's the morning after Election Day in the States, and I'd like to use this time to take a political stand on a hopefully-bipartisan issue which
28 messages
11-22-14 04:37 AM
Fawlty Towers
It's not hard to imagine John Cleese as this hotel's manager. el-review-fine%2
2 messages
11-19-14 03:50 PM
“This is a big f—— deal.” — Vice President Joe Biden
Yes it is, Joe. Yes it is. Ladies and gentlefish, I present to you the most transparent administration in our nation's history:
8 messages
11-19-14 09:59 AM
Life Update [View All]
There was a time log ago when many of us shared life happenings here in OT land. FB has taken many peeps away. Maybe cause it's so easy to u
21 messages
11-15-14 01:07 PM
Kim Kardashian's buttocks fail to break the Internet
Poor Kim. Doesn't she understand that the only thing capable of breaking the Internet is supporting the fascist socialism which is Net Neutrality%3
2 messages
11-14-14 09:25 AM
Rest In Peace, Mrs. Wolowitz
Carol Ann Susi (62). nn-susi-%e2%80%98big-bang-theorys%e2%80%99-mrs-wolowit
2 messages
11-13-14 04:13 PM
Honoring all Veterans
Thank you today and every day. I come from a long history of military. Grandfather: WWI Father: WWII BIL: Vietnam%0
3 messages
11-12-14 05:25 PM
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. 11/06/world/asia/ap-as-new-zealand-acdc-charges.html?referrer=&_r=0 I g
3 messages
11-07-14 05:53 PM
A serious moment.
Ok, let's take a moment to be serious. (Mmmphhh...snort!) Sorry, I'll start over. (Snerk - ok, bre
15 messages
11-06-14 04:12 AM
By contrast, the twenty-eight kids sent to school with the flu? No problem! [View All]
Some people in this state can be very, very stupid. hool-throws-ebola-tantrum-over-two-
24 messages
11-05-14 05:44 PM
Missing person [View All]
One of my oldest friends, a guy I've known since we were tots and grew up together, and sometime partner in crime during our years on the summer
42 messages
10-30-14 01:50 AM
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