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The five best crossovers in the 2015 New York Auto Show
Car manufacturers are starting to take notice of a nationwide change in car buying habits. For instance, GMC noted this year that for the first time
10 messages
04-08-15 06:04 PM
'I was born, I blinked, and it was over':
Ain't it true. Ain't it just so true. This is kinda smaltzy, but it got to me.
3 messages
04-06-15 10:33 AM
So now, in Indiana, it's legal to discriminate against anyone [View All]
...if the discriminator claims a religious basis? All under the guise of freedom of religion? That's a ugly distortion of
28 messages
04-02-15 02:07 PM
The next host of The Daily Show is...
...Trevor Noah. ...who?
6 messages
04-01-15 09:18 AM
It Was Deliberate. [View All]
Co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525 crashed the plane in the Alps deliberately. e-at
27 messages
03-31-15 05:05 PM
Ted Cruz runs for President [View All]
A short-term Senator with no major leadership experience, documented as having been born outside the United States, whose father and major religio
33 messages
03-28-15 04:22 PM
I Kind of Like These Guys Hws Creative and Positive. d
7 messages
03-28-15 02:24 PM
Amanda Knox acquitted...
...again. And this time, it was by the highest court in Italy, so there probably can't be anything left which the original prosecutio
3 messages
03-27-15 07:26 PM
Happy Spring!
Winter Storm "Ultima" is making a beelind for Washington DC. Sounds... [b][i][font size="3"]ominous![/b][/i] YAY
7 messages
03-26-15 09:41 PM
Finally, they believe me.
Here's proof. Breast obsession is just a quest for self-improvement. It is [I]not[/I] perverted to keep breast feedi
20 messages
03-25-15 12:37 PM
Is Airport Food that Bad?
Plane forced to land because of someone's [ british-airways-flight-smelly-poo_n_6878676.html?ir%
4 messages
03-19-15 08:34 AM
President Trump's plan for saving the economy.
1. There are more poor people than rich people. 2. Therefore, when added up in total, the poor people have more money. 3. The poor wi
7 messages
03-18-15 09:16 PM
Leonard Nimoy (83)
Rest Well and inspire. ent/feat-obit-leonard-nimoy-spock/ http:/%2
13 messages
03-17-15 11:16 AM
Terry Pratchett: 4/28/48 -- 3/12/15
[i]THIS IS NOT A GAME.[/i] ds/User_files/5502be141d06e350.jpg [i
5 messages
03-17-15 11:07 AM
Happy π Day everyone!
Just missed the super π alignment of 9:26 am -- 3.1415926. Enjoy!
6 messages
03-16-15 10:01 PM
Blurred lines [View All]
I'm conflicted on the possible mysogeny of this video/song. On the one hand, it seems like it's just a song and people should get over it. O
38 messages
03-12-15 10:57 PM
Call in! [View All]
On your first post here, pick somebody you haven't seen here in a while. Call them in and maybe they'll show up, yup. I'm callin
35 messages
03-11-15 05:54 PM

-- 00: AM

-- 00: AM
Mars One - Interplanetary Reality Show
I suspect this is more about sponsorship money that will never be seen again and the trip will never actually happen. A Dutch company wants to sent ab
7 messages
03-03-15 06:42 PM
Shhhhh...Be vewy vewy quiet. [View All]
[font size=1]Jiggling the lock, hey, someone left the door open…[/font] <Tiptoeing in. > ”No one’s home. Maybe th
48 messages
03-03-15 05:05 PM
Oscars 2015 [View All]
The nominees are in... [u][b]Best Picture[/b][/u] [b]American Sniper[/b] - Clint Eastwood, Robert Lore
23 messages
02-26-15 12:45 PM
This made me think of you peeps [View All]
[i]Even if websites don’t disappear, they evolve. (Usually—to my great delight, has been preserved in amber since 200
21 messages
02-25-15 08:34 PM
Let's entertain each other. [View All]
Crack a joke. Tell a story. Vent about something. Post a picture or video. Say hello (especially if you haven't posted
48 messages
02-23-15 11:59 AM
Ceres of Doom [View All] Macro world: It is earth year 2030AD. The manned space probe Margie (named after the pilot’s d
36 messages
02-17-15 09:28 PM
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