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They're Out There (maybe)
Early this morning (apx. 0530) as I was leaving the house for work, I followed my usual habit of taking a few minutes to admire the sky. Very cl
8 messages
10-17-13 04:20 PM
Instant = one to five days (plus weekends and holidays)
Lately, I've been getting a lot of ads for Chase Quick-Pay. This is an application for those with bank accounts at the Chase line of FDIC-insured
4 messages
10-17-13 08:32 AM
[font color=navy blue]I googled "smackfuckingtabulous" and just one post came up. It made me smile. http:/%2
2 messages
10-16-13 10:18 AM
So which reality TV show is casting this one
I suspect CBS has dibs. Vw
9 messages
10-15-13 01:12 PM
The Summum of Stupidity
I read this and couldn't believe a judge was that dumb: tells-man-he-s-still-legall
12 messages
10-15-13 07:18 AM
God Speed, Scott Carpenter
Rest In Peace. You know, the Mercury Seven have just always been heros of mine. Actually, any of the space program guys - spec
4 messages
10-14-13 12:22 PM
They can test for that?
[i]A medical test being developed by Kuwait will be used to 'detect' homosexuals and prevent them from entering the country – or any of the
12 messages
10-09-13 03:35 PM
Ghost Burger?
Will Red Robin try and reclaim the name or let it die? /burger-with-communion-wafer
6 messages
10-09-13 02:37 PM
Warning scientific humor
And for the really squeamish among you, this may be somewhat disturbing. You gotta love a scientist in an odd situation and when he makes
12 messages
10-08-13 07:29 AM
Secret Santa Sign Up Thread
God Help Me. No rules yet, but when they are, they will be [b]foonerules™[/b] They shall be followed absolutely! And ever
9 messages
10-08-13 05:43 AM
The anniversary thread [View All]
Two anniversaries for RTVW this week, one happy and one sad. We'll start with the sad. Two years ago today (8/6/11), longtim
79 messages
10-07-13 11:00 PM
JBug: Terrible News! [View All]
Kingfish hasn't been twanging so good, as in country music. This last rendition made me want to clean my eyes out with tequila. Yep, It's a
22 messages
10-07-13 12:01 PM
Sports Talk Radio Destroys America 1776. R4&feature=player_embedded (If you live in the NYC metro a
0 messages
10-05-13 10:57 AM
Our Canadian Cousins
We all love, admire, and embrace as friends the citizens of our wayward 51st state, Canada. Honestly, we do. But in the interest o
19 messages
10-02-13 10:19 PM
Trope Of The Day VI: hot troping in the city. [View All]
Hitting Random buttons and lookin' pretty...
296 messages
10-02-13 12:22 PM
Ziti! What a guido!
Serial father and Barilla pasta owner says he doesn't care if homosexuals stop eating his noodle. [
17 messages
09-29-13 08:07 PM
Hope You Had a Super Birthday Moonie!
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/5243a2f94c03304c.jpg[/center] I'm technically still o
8 messages
09-29-13 06:14 PM
TV Shows that you relate to on a personal level
Michael J Fox I posted on the Fall Schedule thread. But decided since this show relates to my family in a way no other tv program ever
3 messages
09-28-13 10:06 AM
My first thought
from the headline was what did you expect with laws saying that we must mix more alcohol and more guns in the same location at the same time.
1 messages
09-26-13 11:39 AM
Weekend in New York City
New at posting but long time lurker -- especially love OT stories.  Thought I'd share my NYC weekend. My sister had been wanting to go
Ottawa Girl
9 messages
09-26-13 11:17 AM
What do these things have in common?
Laptop repair in Cincinnati IT Blogs E Liquid Barn Doors Villas Crete And why am I craving spam
14 messages
09-25-13 04:19 PM
Caution: major Church schism ahead.
I always felt there was a strong element in the Vatican which would rather die than change -- or just leave. We may be about to find out just how rea
15 messages
09-24-13 10:43 AM
DAW by proxy.
One of theirs for one of ours is involved with network TV again, and the results will be on display all week. Just got to clear spoiler space befor
17 messages
09-24-13 09:28 AM
So this is where we are in the social media world: the mass murderers tweet their updates while providing helpful hashtags for latter use.
1 messages
09-22-13 12:16 PM
Thank you, AyaK! [View All]
I haven't been around in a while. Your post brought me "back in"! These are the things that have made me very happy on OT and, I%
28 messages
09-21-13 05:35 PM
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