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Another Kim in hospital for liver transplant.
Another Kim (Kim Kennedy Woody) has posted the following on Facebook. She has been quite ill for a while. Asking for prayers. Here's her po
Sagebrush Dan
8 messages
09-22-21 01:07 PM
"Be The Survivor" for Season 41 - Interest? Yay or Hell, yay!
Survivor will be back on September 22, 2021. Over in the Bashers section I put out a feeler about continuing BTS - "Be The Survivor"
1 messages
09-22-21 12:44 PM
how much money does a sponsor give
<a href=" ommerce">how much money does a sponsor give</a> A man was going to the house of som
0 messages
09-08-21 11:49 PM
What cybersecurity practices do you deploy?
Do small businesses need to ensure cybersecurity? Are there threats or chances of cyber breaches for small companies who handle confidential public
0 messages
09-01-21 02:27 AM
Fire alarm system recommendation!
I live in an area where the CCTV cameras are provided and operated by a common team selected by all the residents. As we don't prefer outsiders to h
0 messages
07-30-21 01:52 AM
The End? [View All]
Over two weeks without any posts. I can remember when the posts came to fast to keep up. ds
23 messages
06-06-21 07:13 PM
Contract management system suggestions
Iíve seen that a lot of people/businesses/companies are automating their processes with CMS software. So, I was also thinking of getting a <
4 messages
05-27-21 00:32 AM
How to Edit A PDF File
TrendyTarzan provides all types of news, SEO, business, and technology- related blogs. We also provide good quality content to
0 messages
04-14-21 04:48 AM
Can anyone please suggest some shops?
It has been a month since we moved here to Toronto. My DD is already missing her Mapo tofu and snails noodles. All these days we were setting up
0 messages
04-03-21 01:35 AM
rap reality show
I recently heard about a show named MTV hustle. I heard it is a rap competition show. I love rap and want to know that [
4 messages
03-22-21 11:00 PM
Now here's a subject worth discussing
So here's the story, we just had our washrooms redone and I completely understand where "Nadia" is coming from with toilet virginity.
3 messages
03-22-21 10:51 PM
in china , we often have a birthday party at home or in a eating place to have the meal collectively. and we usually consume the birthday cake after
0 messages
03-21-21 10:31 PM
Anyone familiar with IP CCTV camera systems?
Hi, recently my office faced a theft attempt, by the grace of God we didn't lose anything. The incident happened during the lockdown days, so
4 messages
02-10-21 09:55 PM
Ted Cruz admits to having been born in Canada
I consider this our token revenge for the hockey results. Also that ye gawds, did we just dodge a 2016 bullet. Plus now I ge
7 messages
01-20-21 03:34 PM
Our dear President is a moron [View All]
That was AyaK's favorite put-down word, "moron". In past political discussion thresds, we'd have to buttress our argument with
106 messages
12-23-20 06:58 AM
Any way to find old Survivor Summaries?
Hey guys, I doubt anyone here still remembers me or my husband Pendragon. We were pretty active back in the day. Pendragon(Jason) pas
5 messages
12-03-20 11:29 AM
Anybody here has any experience in buying a customer care app for a SMB?
Anybody here has any experience in buying a customer care app? I would love to hear from people, who have expertise in buying business software.%0
0 messages
09-11-20 12:10 PM
RIP Buggy, aka Erica Reynolds. [View All]
Here is the post from her sister: This morning we lost her. My sister Erica Schiek Reynolds. My niece lost her Mama. So many
Sagebrush Dan
23 messages
09-02-20 11:53 PM
SharePoint VMS/VSI
Hey, this is my first post on this board. I have been looking to purchase a VMS system. It has been a week since I started to seek suggestions from
0 messages
08-22-20 06:48 AM
Welcome to Foonerville [View All] We've found what could Fooner's paradise. And, since we are all best friends, for us too. %0
593 messages
07-27-20 02:23 PM

-- 00: AM
Coronavirus [View All]
I thought for sure this place would be hoppin' with the coronavirus putting everyone in quarantine. If mom jeans and big glasses are back in style%2
78 messages
06-19-20 03:27 PM
South Carolina
Does anyone know what it's like to live there? I have a job offer, but Hell if I know..
12 messages
02-27-20 07:20 PM
Survivor 2020!
I don't know, I thought I had finally escaped. But I feel a lot of sarcasm rising into the back of my throat, threatening to explode all over th
2 messages
02-14-20 00:57 AM
Trash *Kick*
7 messages
10-06-19 09:27 AM
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