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More Silliness With U-Turns
'They are evil! They are conspiring against us! They are horrible people! And the only way we can get revenge is by acting in petty mocking
4 messages
04-22-14 03:36 PM
They call it strategy.
'Let's gift teams who can't figure out the Roadblock on their own with the right answer, thus freeing everyone to enjoy a three-way footrace w
2 messages
04-16-14 00:59 AM
That's a fair question, Phil.
What [i]is[/i] it with Luke and any table full of drinks? ds/User_files/48d
2 messages
03-17-14 07:39 PM
And with your new host, Jordan Caite Bolo
"One -- two -- three -- five!" ...yeah, he's gonna need some time before he starts living that one down... But let's
2 messages
03-10-14 02:06 PM
Oh dear gawds, shut up.
This thread title may seem as if it was meant to apply to the Twinnies, but it's actually fairly generic -- at least in the sense that it can go f
5 messages
02-24-14 11:45 AM
Things You Never Knew.
Tea leaves are cut using a blunt stick with a white flag at the end. ...actually, you need two of them.
12 messages
12-10-13 09:53 AM
Moral standards.
Thou will not lie. Thou will not steal. Thou shall copy thy work off the person sitting next to you. http://com
8 messages
12-09-13 08:40 PM
The RTFC Chronicles.
On the bright side, while we still don't have a full pack of teams who are capable of going over the words put in front of them and emerging with
6 messages
11-25-13 07:33 AM
Predict the defense.
Let's say, just for the fun of it, that Marie is found over Tim's multi-stabbed body one day while holding a bloody knife. And of course she
6 messages
11-18-13 03:27 PM
You are adequate
IOW; "Stop it, you're peeling the paint from the walls." Or, "Please stop, I'm bleeding from my ears."
5 messages
11-08-13 01:43 PM
The line we never got.
"It's Beard-Fah-Say, damn it!"
1 messages
11-06-13 09:33 PM
Boy! It's Awfully Quiet Over Here!
[b]C'mon Let's Dish! What's really getting your goat? Since we can talk freely in "Bashers." : )[/b] For mysel
17 messages
10-23-13 05:16 PM
Joey, Human? Sound Effects Machine.
He keeps making these -- noises. I'm not sure most of them were meant to emerge from human throats. Half of them wouldn't be appropriate to rust
2 messages
05-10-13 01:20 AM
Max & Katie bashing....anyone else with me here
If you have to keep reminding viewers that you are this seasons villians, you are really crappy villians. I thought for a moment we were
7 messages
04-29-13 03:32 PM
The entire initial U-Turn justification.
'How [i]dare[/i] those people construct a little alliance to go up against the Really Big Alliance we are currently putting together to st
1 messages
03-18-13 04:40 PM
I would have been the first person to bash John in this thread...
...but I'm just [i]so[/i] busy working on a Ton Ten list over in another part of the board, and I'm [i]sure[/i] his record-s
8 messages
03-18-13 03:28 AM
It's time for Caroline's Race Dictionary!
en·coun·ter [en-koun-ter] verb (used with object) 1. to come upon or meet with, especially unexpectedly: to
1 messages
03-12-13 08:56 AM
The Alliance Pass.
So the producers, having noticed that teams are running in packs more than ever, decided to -- encourage it. Here, give this freebie to your bu
3 messages
03-04-13 06:55 PM
Life lessons from Bora Bora.
* Learn to swim. * That is not a grip point. * North is [i]that[/i] way. * Kicking a coconut
9 messages
03-03-13 07:05 PM
Sandcastles in the sand.
Put it this way: if you look closely at the background during the three-way simulquit, you'll spot Lena & Kristy about to catch up. %
3 messages
02-25-13 12:42 PM
Has this been presented before?
Has anyone brought up the idea of an Amazing Race Curse? I'm talking about the fact that just days after they the TAR Racers) left Sri Lanka,
10 messages
02-07-13 01:46 PM
Worst team ever to win
Brent and Josh have to be the worst racers ever to win. WORST team ever to win by far. In fact, they must be among the worst racers to ever compet
6 messages
12-14-12 03:32 PM
Anyone else notice there's no one to root for?
Of the teams left, let's be honest here, who the hell is there to root for? No one, that's who. The twins? The annoying, sc
Colonel Zoidberg
12 messages
12-10-12 01:13 PM
Really Phil, really?? Non Elim round??? ARGHGHG
so, I really just wanted to throw something at the TV and I literally did scream "NOOOOOO" when I heard Phil say "however...this is a non-elim
5 messages
12-07-12 00:17 AM
First rule of Race Club
Keep your passport safe, do not let it out of your possession. This is just basic advice for travelers. And carry a couple copies of the
8 messages
11-24-12 11:36 AM
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