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Season 33 - Millennials vs Gen X - The Characters and Their Stories:
How can we understand the story that is being presented when, Jeff, the host and main narrator lies to us? We’ve often had seasons where the
5 messages
09-29-16 02:36 PM
S:33|State of the Spoiling|SOTS|Ep 2
You know the drill! All commentary regarding episode 2 will be placed here until the show has had the time to air in its entirety. No siggies, pl
13 messages
09-29-16 08:16 AM
S33|Time to Vote! Episode 2
[small][font color=red]ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers al
11 messages
09-29-16 07:46 AM
S33 | VidCap Analysis | Ep. 02 *No Sources*
Welcome back folks. Look below for the caps and discussion of caps for ep 2
17 messages
09-29-16 07:41 AM
Breaking down the edit(second edition)(speculation-related)
This year I don't really have any spoiler information. Except of one such notion regarding speculative purposes only. There are two people from this
2 messages
09-29-16 00:04 AM
No episode discussion?
That's odd.
1 messages
09-28-16 11:34 PM
S: 33|Confessional Analysis
So sorry I am late to the party this episode, but I did want to post this prior to the airing of episode 2. We have 2 sections to note w
0 messages
09-28-16 03:53 PM
S33 | Title, Tweets and Teases | Ep. 03 *No Sources*
[b]"Your Job is Recon"[/b] Making use of a useless tribemate? Finally, David gets a job?
1 messages
09-28-16 10:18 AM
S33 | State Of The Spoiling | Ep. 02
SOTS for episode 2. Not a complete compendium, but suffice it to say it'll probably help for the upcoming second episode. http:%
3 messages
09-28-16 07:56 AM
S33|Episode 2 Clues
Title: "Love Goggles" Taylor says the title.
3 messages
09-26-16 11:09 AM
East Coast Spoiler Thread|Episode 1
You know the rules, all discussion related to the show tonight stays in this thread until the show has aired in it's entirety on the West Coast. T
8 messages
09-21-16 10:45 PM
S33|Time to Vote! Episode 1
What? Survivor returns tomorrow? Where has the time gone? Where is everyone?! Please step up and vote!! [small][fon
8 messages
09-21-16 07:48 PM
S33 Pre-Season Press Articles/Interviews/Photos
[b][u]EW - Dalton Ross[/u][/b] st-photos
5 messages
09-17-16 02:28 AM
S33 CBS Press Release Cast Announcement
*Hello* is anyone here? tainment/shows/survivor/releases/view?id=45876
2 messages
08-22-16 02:52 PM
S: 34 Cast Spoiled by Inside Survivor....
Okay, here is the link: [ -34-cast-12288|S:34 Cast] Talk about beating us with a dead
6 messages
07-10-16 03:59 PM
S33 | Social Media Spoiling (Sources Allowed)
There be clues in here that WILL contain sourced material. And while some of it may not be exact, it will all lead to definitive outcomes. Do n
4 messages
07-06-16 10:05 PM
S33 | Vidcap Analysis | Pre-Show
here is the initial thread dedicated to placing and discussing vidcaps for season 33. Ultimately, a "Future" and an "Episode 1" thread will
12 messages
05-27-16 05:33 PM
S33 | Jeff Probst Says...
Look here for JP's Thoughts, Meanderings and Interviews, for most of the 33rd season.
1 messages
05-24-16 04:02 PM
S: 32| Confessionals Tracker [View All]
Kicking off the confessionals for another season. I welcome ALL input. I readily admit that I am not the master at interpretation, but I will point
62 messages
05-24-16 05:07 AM
Major spoiler
But first off I will not post any of this(I asked someone to come here and bring it up but no one apprently did) if people prefer not to know spoi
15 messages
05-23-16 02:40 PM
Post-game interviews and press [View All]
Now that the jury has started, thought it would be good to look at the post-game interviews more closely, and this is the thread where we can do t
27 messages
05-23-16 02:19 PM
S32|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Finale [View All]
For the penultimate episode, please write all comments that make reference to the Finale episode in this thread until the show has had a chance to a
62 messages
05-20-16 04:47 PM
S32 | Title, Tweets and Teases | Ep. 14 *no sources* [View All]
S32E14 Finale Title: [b]"Not Going Down Without a Fight"[/b]
27 messages
05-19-16 06:52 PM
S32 | VidCap Analysis | Ep. 14 "Not Going Down Without a Fight" *no sources* [View All]
Leave Finale VidCaps and discussion of said VidCaps here.
41 messages
05-19-16 06:45 PM
Maybe a spoiler maybe not.
But Redmond(Martin Holmes) on Twitter has been defending this stance and over at Mess Hall on Sucks..................... %0
5 messages
05-19-16 02:37 AM
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