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S:31 | State of the Spoiling | Episode 2 | Survivor MacGuyver
[b][font size="+4"][font color="Purple"][center]STATE OF THE SPOILING SURVIVOR 31: Second Chances[/b][/
11 messages
09-30-15 10:37 AM
S31 Episode 2 Vidcaps Thread [View All]
Please post all vidcaps and press images for Episode 2 in this thread. ds/User_files/
Scarlett O Hara
30 messages
09-30-15 03:29 AM
S:31 | Titles, Tweets, and Teases | Ep 2
Title: [b]Survivor MacGyver[/b] ... discuss ...
7 messages
09-27-15 11:21 AM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S31 ep1 (Cambodia)
Hello, friends, this is the last vote thread I will be starting. If y'all want to continue having vote threads it is up to y'all to figure it
20 messages
09-24-15 10:53 AM
S31|Second Chances|ECST|East Coast Spoiler Thread
I won't be here tonight to start this thread going so I thought I would post this ahead of time! Please note anything regarding to the current ep
13 messages
09-23-15 10:05 PM
S31|Second Chances|Episode 1 VIDCAPS
Please post all vidcaps pertaining to episode one here.
14 messages
09-23-15 07:32 PM
Come one, come all!! [b]The Office Pool: Second Chances[/b] is officially open over in the Games Thread!! ... and we need some
Scarlett O Hara
2 messages
09-23-15 04:25 PM
Vote Threads Sign-Up
Hey, folks. I've gotten pretty worn out and don't want to be responsible for anything any more. Last season of The Amazing Race threw out one
3 messages
09-19-15 01:39 PM
S31: Second Chances, POST Production
Now that S31: Second Chances has played out to fruition, I thought it would be a good time to start a new thread. Please feel free to post anythin
11 messages
09-16-15 10:47 PM
S:31|Titles, Tweets, and Teases, Ep 1
3 messages
09-13-15 01:38 PM
S30 | Social Media Spoiling and Speculation [View All]
Social Media Spoiling and Speculation We shouldn't take cues from these people involved but we can't help ourselves. In a dangerou
35 messages
06-11-15 05:27 PM
Signs of Survival: Second Chance - Gettin' Out The Vote [View All]
[center] [table border="10" color="#8D827C"][TR][TD][cent- r] eor
27 messages
06-04-15 07:44 AM
S30 | FINALE | SOTS ~ State of the Spoiling [View All]
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/54c9bf8911b0a530.jpg[/center] Welcome to the SOTS, th
27 messages
05-29-15 02:08 PM
Unfortunately I may have to take 32 off(possible castmate spoiler)
I just learned today that one of the potential castaways for season 32's BvBvB 2 is Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16. I just will not be able to f
6 messages
05-22-15 09:54 PM
S30 | Finale-Ep 14 | East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Maybe, just maybe, something interesting will happen tonight, now that we are down to the Final Five. This season as a whole left a lot to be d
78 messages
05-22-15 09:47 PM
S31 Second Chances
Please use this thread to post news on the next season, Survivor: Second Chances
19 messages
05-22-15 10:18 AM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S30 Finale! [View All]
[font size="1"]ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers alike. The
21 messages
05-20-15 09:35 PM
S30 | 'Finale' Ep. 14 | Vidcap Analysis *No Sources* [View All]
Here it is, the thread to deposit and discuss the finale episode vidcaps.
45 messages
05-20-15 04:29 PM
Major possible spoiler
I posted it in the State of spoiling thread for the finale.
0 messages
05-20-15 02:26 PM
Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories: [View All]
Season 30 is just around the corner and it promises to be a hit with the fans. Of course, that is according to Jeff who, despite his claims to th
124 messages
05-18-15 06:23 PM
S30 Confessionals Tracker [View All]
The thread for all things confessionals! And tracking. And, hey, if you think of something I might have missed, clue me in. I'm not anarchy%
52 messages
05-18-15 02:46 PM
Biggest Spoiler of the Day!!! Get it here!
This just in ... [b]Andrew Savage[/b] of Survivor Pearl Islands will be IN THE HOUSE in the very near future to talk live with th
Scarlett O Hara
0 messages
05-17-15 12:41 PM
S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Time for another episode of The Adventures Of Supermike! Will Supermike win immunity again or will Supermike lose the IC and be summarily booted%3
37 messages
05-16-15 12:12 PM
S30 | Episode 14-Finale | Title, Tweets and Teases *No Sources
Title: [b]It's a fickle, fickle game.[/b] I would've thought Dan so probably Mike or Carolyn.
11 messages
05-16-15 10:35 AM
S30 | The SOTS | From the beginning... [View All]
Welcome to another season of the SOTS, The State Of The Spoiling! A weekly compilation of the info, from the various threads, condensed a
44 messages
05-14-15 11:10 PM
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