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S23 SOTS: Episode 8: "Double Agent"
Yup, It's finally my turn... (rubs hands together) step forward and take... (dramatic pause as everyone contemplates what I will
11 messages
11-02-11 07:10 PM
Vidcaps Episode 8
All the caps befitting of Ozzy's great stature shall reside here. Plus all the talk surrounding the clues gleaned from them.
14 messages
11-02-11 10:38 AM
S23 Ep 7 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Gah, there are so many vote threads and bonus question threads and boot analysis threads and merge threads this week I almost forgot we were going t
129 messages
10-29-11 12:48 PM
Episode 8 Boot Discussion [View All]
Regardless of who wins immunity, it looks like all action will take place on RI. Does Ozzy win RI? Does Christine Return? Does Cochran flip? D
29 messages
10-28-11 12:13 PM
E8 Title - 'Double Agent'
Thread for teasers/clues for Episode8 CBS PR ---------------------------- "Double agent" - With a potential Merge on
Blind Freddy
20 messages
10-27-11 10:41 PM
Insider Clips
Thanks to James Barber for transcribing the Insider video clips posted at Here are Episode 7 Insider clips... [b]Hardest L
1 messages
10-27-11 07:12 PM
Episode 7 and beyond *SPOILER* Maxx Fischer Boot discussion [View All]
This thread is to discuss Maxx Fischer's boot and future spec based on clues he gave us. This thread includes discussion about spoilers and so don%
46 messages
10-26-11 11:54 PM
Episode 7 Boot discussion [View All]
Once again, I don't think it's clear yet which tribe is going to TC, so it's best to look at both. Who is going to RI from each tribe is a l
22 messages
10-26-11 07:20 PM
SOTS Episode 7, Trojan Horse
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/4e53ebc1738b1fe8.gif[/center] ***SPOI
19 messages
10-26-11 07:00 PM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S23 ep7 [View All]
[font size="1"]ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers alike. The
24 messages
10-26-11 06:52 PM
Vidcaps Ep. 7
This weeks palace for caps and spec based on said caps.
19 messages
10-26-11 12:16 PM
S23 Merge Discussion [View All]
Based on last season, TDT’s Calendar, and the very balanced distribution of Immunity Challenge victories, it appears no tribal swap will occu
41 messages
10-25-11 05:27 PM
Beat the spoiler VOTE THREAD [View All]
Since we have a reliable spoiler this year, I suggested posting a thread where we can vote early. Anyone that doesn't change or edit their VOTE af
24 messages
10-24-11 02:30 PM
S23 Voting Score [View All]
For those who are interested, I will once again track the voting records of those who participate in Dabo's voting thread. (If you would prefer
86 messages
10-24-11 12:55 PM
S23 Ep 6 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
[i]Savaii had a coconut they had a whole big stack they dumped ’em in the wheelbarrow and wheeled ’em down the track %0
81 messages
10-23-11 07:51 PM
E7 Title - 'Trojan Horse' [View All]
Thread for E7 Title and clues/teasers E7 Title - 'Trojan Horse' -----------------------------------
Blind Freddy
54 messages
10-21-11 07:33 PM
Uncovering Lil' Hantz [View All]
As Erinn from Tocantins would say, "Who is this #####?" Even though she said that about Coach. I think it's more than appropriat
55 messages
10-20-11 06:20 PM
Vidcaps Episode 6 [View All]
Vidcaps of E6 and a place to analyze and discuss them. Work the problem people! CBS preview promo:
Blind Freddy
55 messages
10-19-11 08:17 PM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S23 ep6 [View All]
Since the "source spoiler" hasn't yet made his announcement for the week, thought I'd get the voting started early. Don't expect me to do
28 messages
10-19-11 07:06 PM
S23 Ep6 State of the Spoiling (SOTS)
[center] ds/User_files/4e53ebc1738b1fe8.gif [font color=teal][font size=
12 messages
10-18-11 01:34 AM
Episode 6 Boot Discussion [View All]
Thought I'd get this started before the spoiler comes out and spoils all the (my) fun. If there are future spoilers of who's going when, cou
67 messages
10-17-11 02:49 AM
Ep. 6 Title - "Free Agent" and Clues [View All]
32 messages
10-16-11 11:24 PM
S23 Ep 5 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Yes it’s that time again. [Font face ="jokerman" size ="3"]BLINDSIDE![/Font] On [i][b]Brandon’s Rand
74 messages
10-16-11 09:10 PM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S23 ep5 [View All]
[font size="1" color="green"]ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non
22 messages
10-13-11 00:45 AM
Vidcaps Episode 5 [View All]
Vidcaps and all the talk surrounding them to go below.
32 messages
10-12-11 03:49 PM
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