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SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S30 ep1
[font size="1"]DVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers alike. The
12 messages
02-26-15 08:54 AM
S30 | SOTS | Episode 1
Title: [b]"It's Survivor Warfare"[/b] Well, here we go again. Another season of Survivor begins and with it an ep
7 messages
02-25-15 04:31 PM
Survivor Paley Center Photography Exhibit
6 messages
02-21-15 03:32 AM
S30 | Episode 1 | Vidcap Analysis *No Sources* [View All]
Here is the thread to deposit the episode 1 vidcaps and the discussion about episode 1 vidcaps.
25 messages
02-20-15 12:45 PM
Nina Poersch's Cochlear Implant Info
How a Cochlear Implant works partments/otolaryngology/hearing__balance_center/ear_works
1 messages
02-18-15 11:59 AM
S30 | The Cast [View All]
The cast has been officially revealed [link:|via CBS] Below is the full cast and separate tribal posts. http://www
57 messages
02-18-15 01:24 AM
S30 | Ep 1 | Title, Tweets and Teases *No Sources*
0 messages
02-17-15 10:13 PM
Survivor 30: Pre-Season Spoiling [View All]
This thread will be used for all of the 30th Survivor spoiling tidbits that surface before the show gets it's premiere. While typically the con
44 messages
02-16-15 09:18 PM
Signs of Survival: San Juan del Sur II [View All]
[center][table border="10" color="#8D827C"][TR][TD][cent- r][url]
30 messages
02-10-15 10:10 PM
Survivor 29: The Characters and their Stories [View All]
Don't you guys miss the early seasons of Survivor? Nowadays, there isn't enough space to put the full title of the season on the header of our
151 messages
12-29-14 01:08 PM
S29 | Finale | East Coast Spoiler Thread "This Is My Time" [View All]
So whose time is it, anyway? I guess we are about to find out. PAR-TAY IN THIS THRESD, AND EVERYONE IS INVITED! (And Happy Holidays to
122 messages
12-23-14 11:29 AM
S29 | State Of The Spoiling | The Merge and Beyond... [View All]
Welcome to the State Of The Spoiling! ds/User_files/5417e7eae81b58bc.gif
108 messages
12-18-14 06:27 PM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S29 FINALE! [View All]
[center][b]"This Is My Time"[/b] [h3]The DAWs[/h3][/center] B - Baylor (Missy's daughter%2
25 messages
12-17-14 08:54 PM
S29 | Finale Episode | Vidcap Analysis *No Sources* [View All]
Alas, the final thread for vidcaps and vidcap discussion for this season. *sniffle*
83 messages
12-17-14 03:42 PM
S29 | Parsing the Jurors [View All]
Now that we're even closer to the finale episode it becomes important to start figuring out exactly what the jury is thinking before they make their
26 messages
12-16-14 04:37 PM
S29 | Ep 14 | Title, Tweets and Teases *No Sources*
Press Release: [b]"This Is My Time"[/b] Jeff Probst's Entertainment Weekly Tease: [b]Finale n
13 messages
12-16-14 00:30 AM
S29 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Thread - "Let's Make a Move" [View All]
On second thought, let's not. Please confine all wine-tasting and ankle-twisting to this thread until everyone gets sloshed and falls off the bed
64 messages
12-13-14 00:18 AM
Survivor Live, ep 3 tidbits [View All]
Malcolm *sigh* Freburg interviews Rocker. Rocker comes off very well, level headed and smart. Of course he does have the advantage of
25 messages
12-12-14 05:28 PM
S29 Confessionals Tracker [View All]
The thread for all things confessionals! And tracking. And once again no main title credits for all those unimportant cast members. Sin
58 messages
12-12-14 11:55 AM
SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S29 ep13
[font size="1" color="green"]ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non
19 messages
12-10-14 11:53 PM
S29 | Ep13 | Vidcap Analysis *no sources* [View All]
Here is the depository for Vidcaps and Discussion of those Vidcaps regarding the penultimate episode.
48 messages
12-10-14 11:27 PM
S29 | Ep 13 | Title, Tweets and Teases *No Sources* [View All]
Title: [b]"Let's Make A Move"[/b] JP tease via EW: I think we are officially now hitting the homestretch. What can
54 messages
12-10-14 06:25 PM
S29 | Post show Interviews ~ Media
A thread depository for post game exit interviews; discussion and speculation.
18 messages
12-05-14 11:37 PM
S29 | Ep 11/12 - ECST - "Kinda Like Cream Cheese Still Holdin' On" [View All]
Huh? Cream cheese still holdin' on to [b] what,[/b] exactly? Serious ewww. Anyway, no reason to have two separate ECST%
56 messages
12-04-14 11:41 PM
S29 | Ep11/12 | Vidcap Analysis *no sources* [View All]
Here is the thread for depositing and discussing this 2 hour episodes vidcaps, promos and press images.
69 messages
12-04-14 11:39 AM
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