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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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0 messages
01-10-18 04:56 AM
May 15th-19th previews [View All]
May 15 Sommer participates in a dance-off at a club; Antonia must write her wants and needs on index cards, then prioritizes them on a board
25 messages
01-14-16 05:10 PM
Moderator Message: The RTVW SO Forums FAQ List
Has been posted in [ s/DCForumID57/4241.shtml|the Individual Houseguest Forum.] It's long, bu
Cygnus X1
6 messages
01-13-16 05:50 PM
Antonia and todays previews
OK, now I know where I've seen Antonia...I see her everyday in my eighth grade classroom! I can not believe how much she looked like some of the
1 messages
05-15-15 04:44 PM
Antonia's Interview in Boston Globe 6/05/04/she_credits_starting_over_for_new_outlook/ This article appeared in M
15 messages
03-06-15 07:10 PM
Attention New Posters
Starting Over has been cancelled. Please do not start new threads asking about the status of the show, why your station is no longer airing it, wh
1 messages
03-06-15 07:09 PM
Yes S.O starts 9/12 in Chicago
New life coach Rana Walker? Rhonda Britten and Rana Walker will function as the show's life coaches. According to her biography, Britten i
2 messages
09-11-06 07:04 PM
Where Iyanla New season?
I know the new season starts tomorrow 9/12 I read the intro. It didn't mention Iyanla? :O Did she quit the show? I hope not, S
1 messages
09-11-06 03:32 PM
is there going to be a new season?
What is going on? Does anyone know what happened to Starting Over?
1 messages
09-09-06 05:02 PM
Christina graduates [View All]
Christina finds out she is graduating this coming Monday. Her party is a luau. What a joke. Good riddance. Now if we can get rid of Lisa1. So the
27 messages
07-31-06 11:35 AM
Want to keep Starting Over on the air?
Then sign the petition - ' tition.html
Lady Cleo
1 messages
05-27-06 04:58 PM
Antonia finds salvation in 7 days?
Are you kidding me? Does Antonia really graduate before the season ends next week? That would truly ruin the show for me. I have been b
10 messages
05-26-06 05:55 AM
Christie on another reallity show!
Here the scoop: there's a new show Instant Beauty Pageant and it starts June 30th on the Style Network. The imdb discription:
44 messages
05-26-06 03:01 AM
Save the show!
The show can be saved if enough people call 818-777-0244 between 9:00 and 5:00 PST. They are collecting and counting votes to see if it's worth
Lady Cleo
0 messages
05-25-06 08:47 PM
Season 1-2-3 Reunion 5-24
I googled tv guide to see what was coming on TV tonight and scanned ahead to see what the 5-24 finale read...there was a preview video and it looks li
14 messages
05-24-06 01:42 PM
Christie, Fatter Than Ever!
Have you watched the previews for this Tuesday's show? Christie is ENORMOUS!!! Thank goodness she is leaving the house. Otherwise, Chr
1 messages
05-21-06 09:19 PM
5/24 Video clip preview
I'm not sure if they have showed the preview to the last show on TV yet, but in this preview clip at the end the man's VO say's it's the [
4 messages
05-21-06 07:55 PM
Previews 5/22 - 5/24 Last week! [View All]
May 22 Christie gets her body painted; Antonia gets a makeover and eyebrow waxing for her graduation; Jill's father asks for her forgivenes
25 messages
05-21-06 01:49 PM
News on Future of Starting Over
Click here: TV Week 95 There is an error in the article. Starting Over runs on
2 messages
05-17-06 04:01 PM
What will Jodi's graduation gift be....
I bet she gets some Bull Frog sunblock so her skin will not dry out once she is out of the fish bowl, AA size batteries and a pocket rocket inscribe
8 messages
05-11-06 08:20 AM
Previews May 8th-May 12th [View All]
May 8 Iyanla leads the women in a discussion about self-sufficiency; Dr. Stan talks to Sommer about her body image; Antonia makes the final p
32 messages
05-08-06 07:06 PM
Is sommer coming back for Christie?
Are they bringing back Sommer to help prepare Christie for graduation? That brought back Cassie in a way to help Christie with her pill/alcohol a
1 messages
05-04-06 02:16 AM
Cassie has moved again
Fellow Washingtonians, beware, she's now amongst us. From a birth parents meetup Group message board Cassie Mizer posts this:%
17 messages
05-03-06 10:20 AM
May 1-5th previews [View All]
May 1 Cassie finally meets the son she gave up for adoption; Niambi calls ``Mr. Situation,'' even though the roommates and life coach
48 messages
05-02-06 10:59 AM
The meeting - Cassie and her son
Ok, well, I have an hour to go here in NM. Anyone out there have a spoiler to fill me in on? Any tidbits to share? Do tell!
0 messages
05-01-06 10:58 AM
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