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Flight or Fight
What did you think of last nights episode? I was pleased with lots of shots of Peter, of course. I did enjoy many of the story lines, although
14 messages
10-24-07 03:13 PM
Anyone know
what the deal is with Sylar and those trilobite looking bugs? Was this covered before? I missed a few shows the first season, it could have been
4 messages
10-22-07 10:22 AM
The original 12
I thought we needed a thread to figure this all out. Here is what I have figured out so far.
12 messages
10-17-07 10:28 AM
The Kindness of Strangers
Here is some information I found about Monday episode. Thanks to There is some spoiler informatio
0 messages
10-14-07 10:26 PM
10-8 Episode
Did no one watch last night? I stayed up late to watch. What did you think? I thought they did a better job of catching us up on som
19 messages
10-14-07 04:35 PM
The Latest from Wireless
Her latest e-mail has links to a website. Once there you see a chat between her and Micah. He says his Dad is gone and he is in New Orleans. I sure
2 messages
10-09-07 09:14 AM
10-1 Episode [View All]
I want to nitpick for just a minute. I like Claire a lot and I have a secret crush on Hayden. But, honestly, her character needs to grow past the
27 messages
10-08-07 07:05 PM
9-24-07 Season Premier [View All]
Wow! What an episode. I knew Clair wouldn't be able to resist the tumble. And how cool is it that potential BF can fly. I'm so glad P
23 messages
10-03-07 11:00 AM
Episode 2 preview?
Did you Americans get one? There wasn't one on the Canadian feeds here, although that's nothing new (grrrr) and I can't find any online.
Canada Girl
1 messages
09-25-07 03:19 PM
New website: Yamagato Fellowship by Kaito Nakamura
Some good info here.....and it's good to see George and he looks like someone you don't want to mess with. [link:yamagatofellowship
2 messages
09-25-07 01:35 PM
So, I am so tired of waiting. Sick of waiting. I am ready for the new season to begin already. Anyone else? http://com
10 messages
09-24-07 09:29 AM
New Comics Online Now
I dont know when they started back up because I'd been checking, but there are new updates for the online novels on and it would appear ma
3 messages
07-20-07 08:32 AM
Heroes season finale [View All]
Wow. And wow some more. I suppose I should put in some filler. La la la. Aren't those kids sickeningly cute? Awww! Anyway...
22 messages
05-24-07 02:43 PM
Heroes Marathon on SCIFI NOW
It's currently on the "Five Years Gone" episode, but the pilot airs at 8pm EST. It continues through the "Nothing to Hide" episode.
0 messages
05-19-07 07:56 PM
May 14th Episode
Oh man.....I can't wait another week. Looks like from the preview we get a hint of what is going on and how is hurt/shot/gets away, etc.%0
12 messages
05-19-07 02:59 PM
Add a Hero
Apparently NBC would like to give us our Heroes fix during off weeks, and capitalize on the success of the show. A six-episode serial called [/
2 messages
05-15-07 03:10 PM
Where is she? She's been featured in the online comics quite a bit, but why is she not in New York with HRG, Ted and Parkman? Is she in Ve
5 messages
05-15-07 09:58 AM
Phone Call From Nathan
I just got a phone call from Nathan Petrelli!!!! Was waiting to blast the telemarketer who was calling and on come's Nathan telling me to v
0 messages
05-14-07 05:41 PM
May 7 Episode... [View All]
May 7, 2007: The Hard Part No one else has started a thread for this, so I guess I will. What did you all think of tonight's episod
22 messages
05-10-07 07:15 PM
April 30 Episode [View All]
The morning guys just got off the phone with HRG....he said we'll be seeing him in the future tonight. No other hints. They have an inte
30 messages
05-07-07 02:49 PM
Did we see future spoilers?
So it is possible that DL and Micah die in the finale. They weren't in the ep, plus Sylar had acquired DL's "move through stuff" power.%
4 messages
05-03-07 08:13 AM
April 23 episode
Argh. Didn't realize it was going to be extra long, so I set my VCR to go for an hour. I missed the last 5 min of the show. The good news is, I
17 messages
04-29-07 10:49 PM
Returning character spoiler
I don't know much about upcoming episodes, but I just happened to come across this spoiler (NOT a "spolier", as the headline calls it) r
1 messages
04-29-07 09:08 AM [View All]
Ok....we have another email.....I tried to get in but it blocked me so maybe someone else can do better than me or type it right.....I don't know:
28 messages
04-25-07 06:37 PM
Final 5 Chapters *Some Spoilers from past episodes*
The previews keep saying its the final 5 chapters. Is it the final five chapters of the season or the final 5 chapters of the show? I really hope it
1 messages
04-24-07 06:40 PM
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