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Big spoiler in on-line comic.....
Go read the 6 part War Buddies....and at the end of part 5 we get a big spolier on a connection between two people... http://communit
4 messages
04-18-07 01:00 PM
March 4/5 Episode [View All]
Another treat for us up north to get an early viewing. To fill potential spoiler space I'll just say that it's another great episode and you'll
Canada Girl
21 messages
03-08-07 04:17 PM
Major Spoiler?
I was looking for the new Episode descriptions and ran across this: [ lers-of-upcoming-heroes
4 messages
03-07-07 02:26 AM
2/26 Episode... [View All]
Loved it....answered a lot of questions and the flash backs were perfect. Next week looks even we'll continue in the next post so no S
31 messages
03-02-07 11:55 PM
Casting Spoilers
We've got one thread about a possible Sylar, but I've heard some other casting news, so I thought it might make sense to create a casting spoi
12 messages
02-28-07 11:14 AM
the helix appears
[IMG] s164/TeeJayEnJay/chips.jpg[/IMG] from the scene where Ando is scoopin
3 messages
02-22-07 08:56 AM
Feb 19th Episode
Ok....that was another great episode. This is my top show of the week and this week it really seem to move at a fast pace. All the story l
14 messages
02-21-07 12:44 PM
Feb 12 episode [View All]
Let's see if I can get the filler right this time. It was cold and rainy today....turning into snow as I type this. My DH the teacher is praying f
22 messages
02-19-07 08:26 AM
2/5 Episode [View All]
Ok....Nathan is Clair's dad and they have met before so when he goes next week back to TX and sees a picture.....what will happen then? I think o
26 messages
02-11-07 06:05 PM
Which Hero Would You Like To Be Saved By
Some of you have already claimed Mohinder as your man. I'll go with DL on this one. US weekly poll doesn't include Mohinder. Go [
11 messages
02-04-07 12:16 PM
Description of the next two Episodes
Ok.....I was woundering about the Heroes website and ran across the description of the next two episodes so I'm putting them in hidden text and post
4 messages
02-02-07 01:41 PM
1/29 Episode
Any thoughts/discoveries/etc. on tonight's episode? I don't know if the Westies have seen it yet or not...but if they haven't then they wo
Das Mole
19 messages
02-02-07 01:33 PM
1/22 Episode
Less than 9 hours.....and we have a special revel in Deal or No Deal..... Plus go to the web site and read the comic book to help explain t
20 messages
01-26-07 04:09 PM
Mohinder on Leno
He was a guest on Jay Leno tonight. Oh my heck! is he ever gorgeous! And no British accent. He's first generation American. And, sadly, he%2
0 messages
01-26-07 04:26 AM
12/4 Episode [View All]
Ok...another great episode....I'm so sad that it's gone for a month....what are we going to they did not even tease what would be comin
38 messages
01-22-07 02:56 AM
Tiny Preview
At the very end of the 12/4 episode there was a quick series of black and white images that had scenes from upcoming episodes. I slowed the Tivo do
2 messages
01-02-07 10:41 AM
Golden Globe Nomination
...for Hiro.
4 messages
12-20-06 03:51 PM
Did anyone see the "man on fire" painting?
I could've sworn I saw a painting that looked like a guy on fire/exploding when Nathan was talking to Desire (Sp) before he ruined the other p
shakes the clown
11 messages
12-14-06 08:51 AM
11/27 Episode has been busy but I've been thinking of it....saw a preview last night where they said we would find out why and how people got their pow
19 messages
12-04-06 09:13 PM
Im So Confused about the show tonight > may contain spoiler??
I never started my own post so i hope i am doing it correctly... Is HRG good or bad? Did Nathan fly out of the car or d
5 messages
11-29-06 08:48 AM
11/20 Ep..... [View All]
Yep....5 hours to go and I'm already thinking of watching tonight's ep.... ds/User_fi
32 messages
11-22-06 11:01 AM
Clues in Preview
The preview for the Nov. 27 episode looks like it has lots of clues. Filler - Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. We had ours a m
5 messages
11-21-06 10:24 PM
All good Heroes have Superhero Names
I'm sure these won't, but If they did, what would they be? Be creative. Creators of past sure weren't: Batman, Superman, Aqua
1 messages
11-21-06 02:48 PM
Sylar Casting
I am confused. Sean Bean is credited on IMDB for episodes 1.10 "Six Months Ago" and 1.11 "Nothing to Lose". However someone posted on anothe
10 messages
11-21-06 02:44 PM
11/13 [View All]
[font color="navy" size="1"] ds/User_files/408eaafa02b78e13.gif Handcraf
29 messages
11-17-06 11:09 AM
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