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"State of the Spoiling, Episode Three"
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magic_star 2400 desperate attention whore postings
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01-20-03, 01:51 PM (EST)
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"State of the Spoiling, Episode Three"

Welcome to the episode 3 edition of the State of the Spoiling. It's an easy place to find the clues and spoilers that you're dying to see.

Future Episode Information

Episode 3

-TV Guide Preview
-Press Release
-The Quiz
They'll give you a good preview of what's coming up in this week's episode.

Episode 4

-Press Release
-Tivo Preview
Is Michael running in the streets? It sure appears that way.
It may point to there being two women left also.

Who is the mole?

-Be sure to post your mole suspect list. Also take a look at others' viewpoints while you're here.

-Our Pre-Show guesses are getting narrowed down. Is someone gonna go away with all the bragging rights or will we all go down in shame?

-Do you have an episode 2 clue? If so, tell everyone about it in the Episode 2 Clue Thread.

-Be sure to check after episode 3 airs for the Episode 3 Clue Thread.

Specific Player Discussion

-Michael Boatman
Jims02's Opening Credit Clue might point to Michael being the mole. Is it true or is it just a fake clue planted in by ABC?

Michael is pointing at Mole on the ABC Website. Does it mean anything?

Anything suspicious about Michael not doing his task or guessing incorrectly on the other player's tasks? And how did he know that it wasn't if they completed their task that determined how much they won?

-Corbin Bernsen
Interview On The View

Was the sub called "Das Mole" pointing to Frederique as the mole?

-Kathy Griffin
Could a number of Interviews point to her nearing execution?

-Erik von Detten
Erik opened the Coffin. Maybe he's the mole.

Other Clues and Info.

-Anything weird about that Limo?

-Eonline's Watch with Wanda Chat

Previous Episode Information

-Episode 1 Clues

-Episode 1 SOTS

-Episode 2 SOTS


-Anti Executee
You can still join them and the standings are really close so anyone could still win.


-Popularity List: Who's your favorite and is there someone you just can't stand much longer? Rank the players.

Who will be executed this week?

-You should be able to vote in this week's voting thread very soon.

Episode Summaries

-Episode 1 by SurvivorScott

If you're a newbie make sure you read the Basic Rules for this Forum.

SOTS is provided by as a service to our readers. The purpose of this
post is to consolidate the threads in the Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum
pertaining to this week's episode. Feel free to reply to this post if you
feel that a theory you support was not adequately represented in this
message... Please use this thread for unified discussion of all topics
as we approach the next episode.

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