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"Celebrity Mole: Hawaii SOTS"
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survivorscott 2191 desperate attention whore postings
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01-05-03, 10:16 PM (EST)
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"Celebrity Mole: Hawaii SOTS"

Welcome to the first SOTS for Celebrity Mole:Hawaii. For those who don't know what a SOTS is, it is simply the State of the Spoiling. We basicaly group all the spoiling for this weeks episode in one convient place.

We got our first view of the show when SURVIVORBLOWS posted the first vid caps

We then got the official web sight with player profiles
there was speculation from Cyclehausen about Michael Boatman in the main picture in this thread

GTMIKE gave us the T.V. Guide summary of episode one where the producers spoke of the stars and who they purposely chose as the Mole

Which was quickly followed up by the episode two T.V. Guide summary, in which we get names of contestants who suposibly appear in the second episode which would leave us to beleive they are not executed in the first episode. There is also a post by Survivorscott (toot toot) in which he combines info from the blurb with Survivorblows vid caps to determine who was in the episode.

There was also some information from the TIVO sytem with there recap and a list of people suposibly in the episode

we also have pure speculation by every one on the PTTE (Picks to the End) thread
with the same person being picked as the Mole and the Winner.

poster MIKEY theorized that Michael Boatman is the mole based on the fact that you could find the word Mole in his name in this thread, along with early speculation as to who we thought the Mole might be
By the way, the same thing could be said of Kim Coles

And remember being called a Moleron is a good thing

Come in a stranger,leave a little stranger

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