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Hamster Phantasy: Final Entry Wednesday Deadline [View All]
The next few jurors are some of the biggest game players. And we're again left with the dregs. Wondering why we subjected ourselves to this debacle
25 messages
10-30-22 07:07 AM
"RE: That had to be the blind date from h<>ell"
Hello, I don't agree with your point of view about ck-on-sending/ blind date from hell but
0 messages
10-16-22 01:30 AM
Our prayers have not been answered.
The season premiere date was announced anyway. We're getting an early start this year in order to ruin that much more of the summer. J
6 messages
04-01-22 00:11 AM
Brittany's baby daughter Tilly has cancer. -02.jpg Megacrap. There's a donation fund to help cover expenses -- but it
4 messages
04-01-22 00:05 AM
Hamster Phantasy: 10th Eviction Results/12th Eviction Entry
Elissa gets the HOH and exacts revenge on her nemesis. America grasps for breath waiting to question Aryan. http://community.realitytvworld
14 messages
05-05-21 08:16 AM
The grapevine has it that the next BB will be ds/User
2 messages
01-06-21 01:48 AM
Derrick Levasseur had himself a gig
Haven't been on these Boards in months. Surprised no one posted this earlier. Last month on some Investigation Series on one of those cri
0 messages
02-22-17 08:21 PM
New site to support your favorite Big Brother cast members
Hello! Wanted to share with you our brand new site [|Reality Show Tees] All apparel is owne
1 messages
02-26-16 12:03 PM
What do you think about last night?
I thought it was great. To see Will all pissed off and trying to hide it was funny. Janelle still needs to win HOH because Erica can easily be
10 messages
02-23-16 05:36 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:33 AM
BB17 Cast
Today's the day, cast announcement for those of us that have the live feed. Please deposit here. http://community.realityt
7 messages
06-19-15 01:18 AM
Los Angeles, Big Brother Fan? Don't miss this show!
Join me, Rob Cesternino, this Sunday for an exclusive night of Big Brother with former stars Brenchel! Live from the historic Hollywood Improv%2
5 messages
03-02-15 02:30 PM
BB16 PTTE | Results, Updates and Changes [View All]
This thread will act as the continuing PTTE results, updates and changes thread. d
48 messages
10-07-14 11:02 AM
Double HOH & the BOB factor
Good, bad or indifferent has the double HOH & ensuing BOB game changed things? Double HOH & BOB seems to have brought about "what
6 messages
08-11-14 10:20 AM
BB16 Picks To The End (PTTE) - 1st Eviction
Let's get this started, hey? When we last left the abominably bigotted group of losers were finishing up and a game hostess with the
8 messages
07-03-14 03:25 PM
BB 15 PTTE Game
[center]Ladies and Gentleman, Houseguest, Reality Show Lovers, Voyeurs, Game Players and Hamster Lovers, it's of
20 messages
09-18-13 08:37 AM
Meanwhile in Australia
In the equivalent of the have/have not task... [|H- tpantz and Mandate] I'm
0 messages
09-06-13 03:53 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 11th Eviction Entry
Aaryn wins HOH and sends Helen out... just in time for... the return of J.U.Double D! Yeah! d
19 messages
08-30-13 03:36 PM
Hey Losers! Due to excessive modesty by the Host with the Most...
[font size=5]I'm sending out invites to all new and former Losers to come join in on the utter madness that is Losers Lodge. Sign up!! Tha
0 messages
08-25-13 10:37 AM
Hamster Phantasy: 10th Eviction Entry
Getting some blood on your hands may be a problem if the dead rise. ds/User_files/51c8accc997
9 messages
08-22-13 08:16 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 9th Eviction Entry
Switches, Flips, Resets and Bear Shirts, Oh my! ds/User_files/51c8accc997004c4.gif
8 messages
08-15-13 05:41 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 7th/8th Eviction Entry
Don'tcha just love it when the enemy gets the upper hand? Or an inanimate object somehow does better than you ever could on your own? http%
10 messages
08-11-13 11:47 PM
Name that Goat
You are a hamster inside the current house. Who is your target for a Final 2 as the perfect goat to guarentee your victory? My
9 messages
08-06-13 07:33 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 6th Eviction Entry
Wow. When the whole house gets behind something they really mean the whole house. ds/User_files
15 messages
08-06-13 12:57 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 5th Eviction Entry
This season sure is full of it's surprises. ds/User_files/51c8accc997004c4.gif Welcome
13 messages
07-26-13 07:43 AM
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