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OMG - she needs to go. She just might be the single stupidest, most pathetic contestant in big brother history.
4 messages
08-14-07 07:32 AM
silent treatment to who?? how about jessica?
Eric and Jessica are so close. I think it would be hilarious for him to give her the silent treatment. Who knows? If D*ck or Daniele get POV, ma
8 messages
08-13-07 10:53 PM
Why do they call her Julie Chicken??????????
4 messages
08-12-07 07:49 PM
I have a question...Did I miss something about Eric besides the whole Amber thing which I still don't know what happened. Why does Amer
5 messages
08-12-07 02:16 PM
How to spice up Big Brother
I think America should vote to have Eric campaign against Amber :D After what happened on last night's episode, I think that could ma
5 messages
08-12-07 02:13 PM
Dustin or Jameka need to be put up...
I'm really getting sick of both of them. Of course, it's doubtful that Jessica will put them up, but if America's Player is given one of the
12 messages
08-11-07 00:25 AM
The Nerd Herd 2
I could not stand Evil at the beginning, but sitting next to the nerd herd 2, I am now cheering for Daniel, Zach, and Jen. I was
1 messages
08-10-07 01:23 PM
Saturday or Sunday
Hello Everyone, after about a season and a half of moving the weekend show to Sunday from Saturday how does everyone feel about this? I really mi
6 messages
08-09-07 11:45 AM
No more fly-overs?
TMZ's top story right now is about the pilot who was planning another banner message. Glad they took care of that. http://www.tmz.c
Canada Girl
8 messages
08-09-07 05:21 AM
Stuff They're Missing
I often fantasize about being tucked away from the world for a few months and coming back and finding out what has changed. Okay, my fa
14 messages
08-08-07 09:19 PM
Who's on board?
7 messages
08-08-07 10:44 AM
The cry baby
Okay, who is the flipping cry baby on the show? I've only watched it in passing but every time she's crying. WHY?????????
14 messages
08-07-07 05:03 PM
Diversity in Big Brother [View All]
I wanted to get some opinions on this question, especially for long-time Big Brother viewers... Personally, I have fun watching the sh
23 messages
08-07-07 01:47 PM
Let's get Eric to vote Jessica out!
Let's twist up Eric's game a little! I want to see him squirm some more. I used to love him, but he's been holier than thou saying that he h
14 messages
08-07-07 12:24 PM
Does anyone, including friends and family, like Jen?
I cannot stand her. Could anyone be more self-centered?
16 messages
08-06-07 04:36 PM
Without Evil Sir Richard
Apologies if this thread is considered superfluous, however this is something that I would like to know other peoples thoughts on.
1 messages
08-02-07 10:31 PM
How do you feel about the HG now?
Jen - I like her more now rather than before. I find my self cheering for her and Kail to stay to go against the Di*k and Daniel show. I
10 messages
08-02-07 03:32 PM
Big Brother PTTE: Results and List Changes [View All]
Ladies and Gentleman, Houseguest, Reality Show Lovers, Voyeurs, Game Players and Hamster Lovers, it's officially time for the Big Brother
27 messages
08-02-07 01:16 PM
Eric and HoH
I say Eric should be thankful that he is America's Player. Because I have noticed that he is already making a big strategic blunder. Eric said wee
Wacko Jacko
16 messages
08-02-07 10:03 AM
Look for an all girl alliance to be formed soon.
The all girl alliance: Jessica Jameka Amber Kail Jen Dustin Order of boot: Nick ###
0 messages
08-01-07 12:58 PM
Houseguest Game--Who do you like and hate [View All]
OK, here's how it works, copy the list from the person above you and either add one to the score for each houseguest if you like that houseguest
40 messages
08-01-07 08:39 AM
Nick & Dani
OK I'm Nick playing Dani or not, is she playing him? I'm too confused. From what I've seen he's not and she's just not sure
5 messages
07-31-07 02:02 PM
Who should Eric Romance?
I'm curious if Julie's question to Eric at voting time is setting up the next task for Eric. Or perhaps just a gentle nudge since he doesn't see
5 messages
07-30-07 03:51 PM
Was this tune written for BB
Whilst wandering around myspace I found a band called Johnny Deptford that have a tune called DAVINA. Great track. Anyone know if it's been used on
Les Paul
2 messages
07-29-07 05:54 PM
Jameka channeling her inner Cassandra
Was it just me or was Jameka pulling a Cassandra in yesterday's episode with all of her UMM HMMM's? That is all I heard come out of her mouth.
1 messages
07-29-07 02:14 AM
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