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Any basketball fans?
Any basketball fans out there? I am the administrator at the message board and every summer, we run our own Big Brother. This year%
0 messages
08-28-07 03:38 PM
Weekly Salaries ?
Is this correct? Each week that a houseguest remains in the Big Brother house, they receive $3000 per week? This explains why they want to rem
7 messages
08-28-07 12:14 PM
Daniele's Mother
Ok Ok I just had to ask! Does Daniele have a mother? I never hear one iota about Daniele's mother just Evil Diick, her brother, her grandm
14 messages
08-28-07 09:35 AM
Does this porn star look like Jen or what? /1.jpg
8 messages
08-28-07 09:33 AM
Why is Richard Popular ?
I just saw that Richard (Daniele's dad) won the CBS poll for popularity by voters at I can't figure why he is popular with America.
12 messages
08-26-07 07:01 PM
For those of you who follow the live feeds, please remember that our guidelines do not permit discussing live feed information on Fanatics or Basher
2 messages
08-24-07 10:02 PM
Interview with Nick!
Check out this interview with Nick. He was on KWHL in Anchorage Alaska!
0 messages
08-23-07 06:01 PM
Rooting for Danielle and Jen [View All]
What makes Jameka and Amber think it is ok to taunt someone like Evil and then turn around and get mad when he blows up on them? I just finished wa
LNC Hater
28 messages
08-23-07 03:10 PM
pregnant ?
Is Jen pregnant?? She seems to be gaining weight all over...
2 messages
08-23-07 12:44 PM
The House of Whimps...
Is there anybody out there that would put up with the bulls**t that Diick deals out?? The only one that tries to stand up to him is Jen(in h
6 messages
08-23-07 08:58 AM
Who wants to bet that Danielle winos over Amber on "power of 10" since both shows are FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know they will want dani to go onto the second round over amber because shes better to look at ..... the fix is in
0 messages
08-22-07 03:08 PM
I really can't decide who I hate more, Eric or Dustin... or maybe Amber.
4 messages
08-22-07 09:30 AM
Dustin's fate is sealed, right?
Did they think through the whole "pawn" thing with so few houseguests left? Since Jessica doesn't vote, their majority is only a tie at best
1 messages
08-21-07 09:36 PM
Mike Boogey
I know his season is long over but I was flipping channels last night and saw him on Dr. 90210 with his partner in crime. What was interesting his he
3 messages
08-21-07 05:29 PM
what is FSA??? anybody know??
5 messages
08-21-07 09:55 AM
Jen on NBC Las Vegas
Sorry if this has been asked and answered already but I couldn't find it. I just watched Las Vegas from Feb and does anyone know if that was Je
3 messages
08-19-07 06:05 PM
The Spit Bowl
Have you noticed that Danielle is always in her boots, no doubt its because of all the spit her father leaves around....
10 messages
08-18-07 10:41 AM
Hey what football team was Nick on??
1 messages
08-17-07 10:03 PM
Move BB to NYC???
I think next year they should move the show to NYC so that the show will be on Eastern time rather than Pacific time. For eight seasons the East coast
3 messages
08-17-07 08:33 PM
Is this Daniele?? og/cat_item_pg.asp?G=487&P=596&Rec=26&N=37+4294966186&Nao=570&R=81
3 messages
08-17-07 07:15 PM
Big Brother PTTE: Results and List Changes, Pt 2
Ladies and Gentleman, Houseguest, Reality Show Lovers, Voyeurs, Game Players and Hamster Lovers, it's officially time for the Big Brother
11 messages
08-17-07 12:08 PM
Does anyone know where Eric is from in NY??? Just curious because I thought he named 2 different areas.....
6 messages
08-16-07 10:46 AM
America's Player - ERIC [View All]
Why does Eric have to vote the way that America says? Why is he not allowed to use his discretion? It was funny that everyone thought Nick voted f
29 messages
08-16-07 10:42 AM
Did I mess something?
On Tuesday America was told to pick some one that Eric is to flatter ALOT. Did I miss this or did they just skip this?
Wacko Jacko
11 messages
08-15-07 06:29 PM
Is Eric Rabid?
Eric has such crazy eyes all the time that I think he needs a rabies shot.
1 messages
08-14-07 10:16 PM
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