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What's your dream twist?
What do you believe would be the ultimate "expect the unexpected" twist? Here's mine, although I severely doubt it would ever happen seeing
15 messages
07-19-13 06:34 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 4th Eviction Entry
WooHoo! I love those power switcheroos! ds/User_files/51c8accc997004c4.gif Welcome t
16 messages
07-19-13 04:41 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 3rdd Eviction Entry
1 week down and tons more torture to look forward to. ds/User_files/51c8accc997004c4.gif%0
14 messages
07-12-13 02:09 PM
unique refrigerator magnets
Does anyone know where I can get the unique metal star shape refrigerator magnets that are on the Big Brother refrigerator, I love them!!!
0 messages
07-11-13 02:32 PM
so what's all ya'll's take on the BB crucifixtion? ds/User_files/4fe7bfb26975ba
20 messages
07-10-13 03:06 PM
BB15 Love/Loathe List - Week 2
An hour before Wednesday's episode aired on the east coast, E! News reported that GinaMarie and Aaryn both got canned from their jobs for racist
10 messages
07-06-13 06:13 PM
Hamster Phantasy: 2nd Eviction Entry
The show has officially kicked off and the game has already got some leaders... ds/User_files%2
11 messages
07-05-13 09:17 AM
BB 15 PTTE Game and Entry Thread
[center]Ladies and Gentleman, Houseguest, Reality Show Lovers, Voyeurs, Game Players and … Hamster Lovers, it's of
3 messages
07-02-13 04:21 PM
Never say..."Never"
I never thought I would do this even though my nieces have been begging me to go on a Reality TV Show. But when BB had it's open casting call at the
16 messages
07-01-13 07:41 PM
BB15 Love/Loathe List Ep1
Yes, I know it's only the first episode, but first impressions do count for something And I've been off these Boards for a while so itching to
1 messages
06-28-13 09:35 PM
Hamster Phantasy: A Game [View All]
...a game to play as a diversion to gouging your eyes out while watching the newest season of Big Brother play out on your home screens. http:%
29 messages
06-28-13 03:02 PM
I have been enjoying my break. I almost forgot tonight. Is anyone interested in the PTTE game this season? I still need to po
2 messages
06-27-13 03:50 PM
Online Big Brother 8
Hi guys, this is the closest thing to getting into the real house. Its super fun, we have been doing this since 2006, and we are known world wid
0 messages
06-26-13 03:03 AM
Daniele Donate & Dominic Briones got married.
Yet another part of the universe's ongoing effort to make sure every other reality show has a better love record than [b]The Bachelor[/b].
4 messages
06-20-13 03:06 PM
SHOWTIME AFTERDARK IS NOW ON TVGN: Showtime did a great job. Hopefully TVGN will too. At least its free now(as opposed to paying for Sh
0 messages
06-20-13 01:09 PM
Big Brother Amateur Series
Hey everyone! I hosted an amateur Big Brother series several years ago and thought I would share the videos. The series followed a group of friends
0 messages
06-09-13 07:02 AM
Alex Stein--Glass House
While Alex Stein may have acted like a jerk while on The Glass House, his cameo on the recent epsiode should've changed most people's opinions.
3 messages
03-09-13 10:28 PM
Big Brother 13: What If? [View All]
I'm a casual viewer of [i]Big Brother[/i] -- the only season I seriously watched was the All-Star season, and that was because I was doi
Belle Book
170 messages
03-04-13 07:32 PM
Yay! Bigger Big Brother
[i]Big Brother‘s annual run will be expanded this year, launching two weeks earlier than usual on Wednesday, June 26, at 9 pm. BB will air
5 messages
01-14-13 05:30 PM
Kitchen Designs London
Kitchen Designs London. . Kitchen with appliances £595. Includes Free Kitchen Design in London. Kitchen Designs London. T
0 messages
01-07-13 03:35 AM
Kitchens Sheffield
Kitchens Sheffield. Kitchens Sheffield. . £ 595 full kitchen with appliances. Cheapest kitchens in Sheffield. TEL 01616-6
0 messages
12-12-12 00:20 AM
Best. Move. Ever.
Dan's the man! He totally pulled it off and for that move alone deserves to win a second time! http://community.realitytvworld
9 messages
11-20-12 08:57 AM
BBRAT8: Game Results
Lot's of ground to cover and very little time to do so, so... ds/User_files/4
7 messages
09-25-12 05:31 PM
BB14 Hot Tub Fantasy The Winner is...........
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/4fff6ea96e772a61.jpg http://community.realitytvwo
4 messages
09-22-12 07:40 PM
BB14 PTTE: Results-Finale Entry
I ran out of time setting up Survivor games and Summary threads. Sorry, I will post the current scores: Place %
0 messages
09-18-12 12:57 PM
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