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Jen___? [View All]
Let's help that self centered future penthouse model come up with some more "Jen___" items for t-shirts. I'll start with :
27 messages
07-26-07 01:07 PM
BB8 celebrity look-a-likes.
Joe = Michael Rappaport Zach = Billy Bob Thorton (More of the voice and mannerisms than the looks) ##### = Tommy Lee's
3 messages
07-24-07 04:26 PM
speeches at ceremonies
Don't think of me as completely naive for asking this question, but why does everyone think they have to make long-winded speeches when they nomin
11 messages
07-23-07 09:08 PM
Dr Will Kirby's Debut on Dr 90210 - July 30, 2007 eE Here is a preview of the new season of Dr 90210, where BB2 winner and Chilltown me
1 messages
07-21-07 11:32 AM
Rate the New Guys
The other guys might be taller than Eric but he is 10x sexier than the other guys in the house. Plus he has much more personality. Am I alone in this
5 messages
07-20-07 06:24 PM
Julie Chen's stupid questions
So, Julie asks Jen to set the record straight about why she nominated Danielle. Everyone knows the answer is jealousy. Danielle hasn't had a neg
1 messages
07-19-07 08:28 PM
Dustin Ball Cap
I want to find out who makes the ball cap that Dustin and Nick are wearing .....the REBEL cap...can anyone tell me who makes it? Cheers
1 messages
07-18-07 01:12 AM
"Help Pick"
I thought I heard in one of the commercials that it was 4 people the public got to pick - I could be wrong with the number - but we do not pick every
9 messages
07-17-07 01:38 AM
He tried to kiss me....LOL
Ok so here is my take on Jen... First and foremost i can NOT stomach this chic. Talk about self centered. She saw Nick flirting with Daniele and
8 messages
07-16-07 11:39 PM
What do you think about this particular group of house guest?
I think it will be tough to follow the last two seasons. Who do you like and don't like in the house?
16 messages
07-13-07 07:05 PM
Any1 NOTICE?? I have 2 be 1 of the biggest BB fans around & throughly enjoy my Summers glued to my TV & desktop watching hamsters in their cage. Ok..I k
1 messages
07-13-07 11:39 AM
Big Brother PTTE: Official Signup Thread [View All]
Ladies and Gentleman, Houseguest, Reality Show Lovers, Voyeurs, Game Players and Hamster Lovers, it's officially time for the Big Brother
44 messages
07-12-07 05:56 PM
Big Brother After Dark
Has anyone else that has watched this heard the man say over the loudspeakers to the houseguests to "Please Stop Singing"? I have heard Jameka
5 messages
07-12-07 01:22 PM
Does Dustin really have Gonorrhea..and what about Joe?
Has BB8 put the household at risk by putting one, possible two, people with Gonorrhea in the "lockbox"??? Has anyone tried to research t
9 messages
07-11-07 09:47 PM
I Guess We Will Have To Spell It Dic
Because the correct way ##### is censored. :P
6 messages
07-10-07 01:01 PM
americas player
what do you all think of the american player portion of BB8? ds/User_
20 messages
07-09-07 09:27 AM
So ##### is Danielle's Father?
That means that he fathered her when he was 14? That's wild.
4 messages
07-09-07 07:59 AM
Big Brother Fantasy Game
Does anyone know if there will be a fantasy game again this year?
0 messages
07-08-07 07:08 PM
Bad editing.
Anyone notice on the first episode Kail's outfit kept "changing"? Every time they would come back to the new HGs sitting on the couch doing in
4 messages
07-07-07 07:40 PM
Confused about editing/live feed/America's Player
I thought for the most part, the show was live. I knew that things were edited and I knew that things were taped and showed later on like HOH games
4 messages
07-07-07 07:28 PM
The link is up and running. Just go there to look at the hamsters / ht
4 messages
07-06-07 09:03 PM
Survivor's F3 Twist: Would It Work In Big Brother?
Those who watch Survivor when Big Brother's out of season are well aware of the variation that Mark Burnett put on the end game the last two seasons
Colonel Zoidberg
0 messages
07-06-07 03:04 PM
Alison Irwin - Arena Football cheerleader
Alison, the runner-up on BB3, and BB All-Star, is a cheerleader for the Orlando Predators. That's Arena Football, byw. http:%2
6 messages
07-05-07 08:02 PM
Big Brother 2007 [View All]
Any word on the setup for this year? Are Charla and Mirna making an appearance? Will we see Romber emerge in their gazillionth iteration? %
43 messages
06-29-07 01:47 PM
RTVW-BigBrother Games Host(s) Needed.
Hello everyone! The new season of BigBrother is less than a month away and I just wanted to put it out there that I will no longer be able to h
6 messages
06-19-07 03:23 PM
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