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What do you think about last night?
I thought it was great. To see Will all pissed off and trying to hide it was funny. Janelle still needs to win HOH because Erica can easily be
8 messages
09-06-06 03:45 PM
I miss the sequester house spots!
When are we gonna see them again?? I want to see reactions when James, then Danielle, then George walk in! And see Howie and Marcie fighti
8 messages
09-06-06 02:37 PM
Janelle's weight
she's plumped up a bit over the weeks eh?.....does anyone else more bikinis for her....just that red one piece....hmmm
10 messages
09-06-06 12:42 PM
Should we change the game's name to Big Sister?
Unless Boogie can stop tripping over his lower lip long enough to pull out an HOH victory this week, it seems likely that we will be seeing an all-f
1 messages
09-06-06 12:07 PM
Official LOJ Sign-up Thread [View All]
[font color="maroon"]If you like Janelle, and want to see her do well, and maybe even win the game, sign up here. If you ha
58 messages
09-06-06 11:31 AM
Help! I can't remember!
Do the hg's in sequester get to view all the backstabbing that went on before they vote? On last season, I seem to recall them seeing some tapes
5 messages
09-06-06 03:14 AM
the girls should align
if they don't they are both out..I hope they see this...but by the way they talk about each other, not likely, they are both so catty, typical
4 messages
09-05-06 10:00 PM
"The Black-Widow Is Caught In Her Own Web"
Ha! I love this show this year, because all the people I don't like are being booted...... Anyway.....I find it ironic how Danielle is all
15 messages
09-05-06 07:15 PM
Is it just me or is Jannelle the hottest girl ever
good lips too
11 messages
09-05-06 04:46 PM
will & boogie in the bag
The way I see it, Will & Boogie have almost a clear path to the final 2 - as long as George doesn't win the next HOH. Both Erika and Janelle t
9 messages
09-04-06 04:02 PM
Is this year's LoserLodge the same as LL for BB5? The oceanfront location and infinity pool look familiar to me, and so do the steps at the entr
11 messages
09-04-06 06:32 AM
What a term, what a hottie (janele, what a show
0 messages
09-03-06 09:48 PM
Schedule for rest of Season?
Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - I searched through several pages and did not find any info. What is the schedule for the rest of
1 messages
09-03-06 05:26 PM
Janelle's Hair Extentions......
........or not. I was just enlightened about her "fake boobs" so now I want to know....Does she wear hair extentions?? And if she
2 messages
09-02-06 04:46 PM
Innertube Videos
Okay folks I am clueless. How do you view the whole episodes of House Calls? It usually shows the first segment, and then it just stops, and t
0 messages
09-02-06 03:42 PM
The time has come for -- The Legion Of Will.
How LOW can we go? And just how overdue are we in admitting how much we're enjoying the ride? [i]Evil[/i] is supposed to be the one
9 messages
09-01-06 02:50 PM
BBRAT3: PopQuiz Results / Week 9/10 Entry [View All]
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44eff7bc33443d5b.gif [font size = +2][b]Best plans laid
22 messages
09-01-06 00:48 AM
Thursday night's double eviction show pre-empted
Looks like it will be pre-empted in a lot of media markets based on this ds/showthreaded.php?Board
13 messages
08-31-06 06:11 PM
Food for thought
I read a little about the background today, Mike Boogie is owner of a few VIP restaurants from the Dolce group. Will is an invester in those restau
4 messages
08-31-06 04:26 PM
In what universe is Janelle fat??
This has probably been discussed somewhere, but I can't sit back and not say anything about people calling her fat. Maybe she is not 10
19 messages
08-31-06 04:26 PM
HOH format is in need of an overhaul [View All]
I've always disagreed with the BB format where an HOH is unable to compete for the following weeks HOH competition. Thw show would have a much more
35 messages
08-31-06 03:07 PM
the show is a bit disgusting...
while it is very entertaining, the backstabbing and genuine hurt is terrible. the money is not worth it because in the end, friends relationships
17 messages
08-31-06 11:45 AM
What do you think about last night?
I am a season six fan, but I have to give Will and Boogie props. They are great mind players. They manipulated from the beginning against season 6
14 messages
08-31-06 11:45 AM
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