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Mike Boogie in Enrique Iglesias
Just when we thought that the Booger would never offend our TV screens with his presence, I was watching the new Enrique Iglesias video on VH-1 and
0 messages
05-31-07 02:55 PM
Big Brother Clueless- (Online Reality Game)
Note: I hope y'all don't mind me posting here, I just wanted to spread the word about this game that's all. If this doesnt belong here pleas
2 messages
05-18-07 10:33 PM
Big Brother's Mike "BOOGIE" Malin is starring in a movie with Star Wars' Anthony Daniels (aka C3PO), The Bachelor's Charlie O'Connel
1 messages
04-03-07 05:52 PM
0 messages
03-29-07 07:49 PM
assault attempt?
hi all, i've been told that one of regional Big Brothers actually aired an assault that happened under the cameras or even something scarier. is i
3 messages
03-13-07 12:09 PM
I met a Big Brother All Star
Yup...I was vacationing in San Antonio last week and was taking a stroll on the River Walk. Walked into the Hard Rock gift shop and low and behold...
4 messages
01-22-07 05:04 PM
Big Brother All-Stars on iTunes
I know that someone asked whether Big Brother All-Stars was on DVD. I wanted to reply, but noticed the post was locked. Well, if you're still
0 messages
01-22-07 05:03 PM
Celebrity Big Brother
I doubt that this will get many replies, being that I'm talking about a foreign version of Big Brother and that it's in the dead of Big Brother%
3 messages
01-12-07 10:13 PM
Does anyone have, or know where I can find All-Stars on DVD?
I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. Does anyone know where they have the All-Stars season on DVD or Video? Or does anybody here have all
2 messages
12-30-06 06:09 PM
Will on Young & the Restless
Did anyone see this on Friday he was on Y&R . He sucked he is a bad actor. Is this going to be recurring role or was it just a walk on speaking role
13 messages
12-09-06 08:29 AM
I saw Will's Big Brother Bag on Ebay ARS-BAG-Dr-WILL-KIRBY-SIGNED-NEW_W0QQitemZ120058408756QQihZ002QQcategoryZ18839QQssPageNameZWDVWQ
2 messages
12-05-06 05:12 PM
Life-sized game played on an earlier season of Big Brother
I believe it was the first time that a board game/puzzle was left laying around for the contestants to find, start playing and later find as a cha
0 messages
11-29-06 11:05 PM
BB1 Eddie on L&O
Big Brother 1 winner Eddie is on tonight's ep of Law & Order. He plays a guy that had his leg blown off in the war.
1 messages
10-28-06 11:52 AM
Janelle is the real winner in all of this [View All]
Despite the fact that Janelle lost the all-stars competition of Big Brother, I really believe she came out the winner with her dignity and popularit
23 messages
10-25-06 11:59 AM
Post Game Interviews & Appearances
I thought we needed a place for links to interviews after the game is over and they find out what happened behind their backs. If this doesn't belo
17 messages
10-22-06 02:55 AM
easy and engrossing BB game online there are only 7 spots left. it is easy to play and doesn't require you to be online a crazy amo
0 messages
10-11-06 02:39 AM
Suggestions for BB8
Not that this thread will get a lot of action, considering the BB forums become a ghost town from late September up to about May. However, we had
Colonel Zoidberg
7 messages
10-10-06 11:01 AM
Boogie's ChillTown Shirt on eBay
[font color="#003399"]Ran across this while reading on another site (TVCH). It's the shirt that Booger threw into the audience when
13 messages
09-25-06 12:20 PM
Internet Big Brother: The Battle
So, you know how to play Big Brother right? You've been in a few games and know what strategy works and what doesn't, right? WRONG! This
0 messages
09-21-06 02:36 PM
BB AllStars PTTE: Lists, Results and Changes Vol. 2 [View All]
This thread is dedicated to the GAME known as the Picks To The End and will become the depository for all changes, updates and results for the next
42 messages
09-20-06 07:42 PM
Will & Erin
Did she appear at the Wrap party with him? ds/User_files/43ccec8b7ba92f05.gif[fon
2 messages
09-18-06 04:05 PM
Lingering Question.......................
Leave it to me to wonder about this now. Will said Erin dumped him on the Early Show with Julie Chen. That was before he even got to seque
4 messages
09-18-06 03:09 PM
Janelle, Erika, Mike on "The View"
Janelle, Erika and Mike were on the view today for about 6-8 minutes. They asked Mike if he wanted to explain some of the things he said on the show
20 messages
09-15-06 11:38 AM
Big Brother tribute (awsome song) iA
1 messages
09-15-06 00:36 AM
Now that BB7 is gone...
It's time to think about next season's BB. This thread can be made for suggestions, predictions, or even off-the-wall ideas. I will start it o
Colonel Zoidberg
3 messages
09-14-06 01:50 PM
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