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Who are the two that get picked for the solo dates?
I think the most liked girl for the solo date will be Meredith or Mary and I think the most hated girl will be LeeAnn. http://communi
8 messages
10-02-03 05:14 PM
Bob on Kimmel: In love?
I've been watching Bob on Jimmy Kimmel and he was talking about the girl that he has chosen, that he is now with (!) and having fun figuring
Canada Girl
3 messages
10-02-03 05:17 PM
FYI anyone interested
I went to high school with Kristi Houston. Here is a link to the artical that appeared in the local paper today about her on the show. htt
2 messages
10-02-03 05:27 PM
LeeAnn is this season's Russ
I thought she told Bob's Mom "I'm not forward...I'm old fashioned." Hmm...Didn't look to old fashioned last night, did she? I know t
5 messages
10-02-03 06:21 PM
Heard interview with Brooke this AM
There was an interview with Brooke on a Memphis radio station this morning. She's from a suburb of Memphis. Turns out she did not come home after
Rockytop Chick
0 messages
10-02-03 06:45 PM
First new "contestant" revealed
Someone I know well is going to be on the next Bachelor. Her name is Lee Ann Callebs. She graduated from the University of Georgia and her parents liv
11 messages
10-02-03 09:10 PM
What was the whole drama with the ambulance last night?
I missed the first few minutes. I know it was Antoinette but what happened to her? And who found her - etc? Was it a spider incident? Or pan
4 messages
10-02-03 11:10 PM
Missed the show!!!!
I did VCRplus to tape the Bachelor tonight and it taped the wrong show! Is there anyway I can get a copy of the show from someone else who may have
3 messages
10-03-03 04:38 PM
Press release for Bachelor 4, Episode 3
5 messages
10-04-03 00:22 AM
Bob radio interview
Okay, had to do this as soon as I got here so I don't forget what was said. I heard Bob this morning on two different local radio stations (I g
16 messages
10-04-03 00:27 AM
The Bachelor xyz??
Does anyone know if they are going to do the Bachelor XYZ'ed on the ABC family channel. They used it with Aaron, Trista and Andrew..hope they'l
2 messages
10-04-03 12:54 PM
Bob's Groupies -- Bachelor Summary: Episode 2
Just a glance into some journal entries of some of our bachelorettes. [b]Day 2[/b] I canít believe that I made it pa
7 messages
10-06-03 10:07 PM
Who does Vidcaps??
Is there anyone who can post some vidcaps of the episode 2 group date elimination ceremony?? I reallllly liked Kristi's dress and I want to make
3 messages
10-07-03 01:24 PM
Who will be cut next week?
List who YOU would kick out and then list who you think Bob will kick out: I would kick out: Misty, LeeAnn, Antoinette, &
12 messages
10-08-03 05:59 PM
did you know??
Did you guys know that if you go to the Bachelor site on you can actually make pics of which girls will and which won't make it to the next
3 messages
10-09-03 01:50 PM
ABC's Kiss Counter
I found this posted in the bottom right corner of ABC's Bachelor web page... The Bachelor Kiss Counter Current Episode: 3 Run
4 messages
10-09-03 02:01 PM
Gosh...soooo tempted, but won't;)
Bob's house is for sale, and I am a local realtor. I have been soooooo tempted to go look at his house, but ugh, ethics keep me from it. Poo
12 messages
10-10-03 01:36 PM
Who Annoys You-- Already?
I've been surprised that Bob has selected Mary both times now because she's really getting on my nerves. She's such a caricature of
42 messages
10-10-03 01:47 PM
The Bachelor 4 - Episode 4 Press Release
1 messages
10-10-03 05:00 PM
10/8 Show
Finally they showed the warm and fun Bob that we were all expecting. I liked him much better tonight. Also his kissing was less intense and annoying
Chrissy gal
11 messages
10-11-03 01:36 AM
Was anyone else totally ticked about last night's episode??? I was preparing for who would be voted out and then ABC pulled this! I knew a
20 messages
10-11-03 02:28 AM
I am so disappointed with Bachelor Bob.
Iím really disappointed with Bob. Does he think he has to swap spit with every woman on the show? Week 1: He kissed Kelly Jo.
Chrissy gal
48 messages
10-11-03 09:13 AM
SB Official Ep.3 Bachelor Summary: A Musical Parody
it's that time again, so just sit right down and enjoy a re-cap of [b]The Bachelor[/b] as sung by Bob and the Bachelorettes. %
9 messages
10-13-03 10:51 AM
The Lost Vidcaps... more solo date ammo
OK, I was replaying the "this season on the Bachelor..." clip this afternoon and I noticed that I apparently missed vidcaps of three scenes that
5 messages
10-14-03 07:57 PM
And Andrew chooses...
Well, let me put some filler in here in case the Left Coast peeps don't want to know yet. How's the weather out there? Is the golf going goo
49 messages
10-17-03 01:37 PM
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