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"HUGE NEWS: new reality show exclus..."
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Dalton 1271 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beef Jerky Spokesperson"

05-16-01, 02:45 AM (EST)
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44. "RE: HUGE NEWS: new reality show ex..."
>....well, I've figured out my summer
EGADS Clown...another summer project that doesn't require
you to rize off your lazy butt....and allows you to make
fun of your friends!! My best quess is that your "Love
Cruise" might get on air this summer and you are making a
concentrated effort to keep US around for....WHAT? I almost
said "moral support"
>That's right, 16 of you will
>be chosen by yours truly
>to participate in the first
>ever SB.Com Survivor. This
>is NOT a fantasy game...this
>is for real.
Shakes...ya certainly have 16 good/bad people/types WITHOUT
including Dalton, don't ya? Huh? Why do I NOT trust you
to leave out a "daltonesque" female character? Oh I remember,
because about 3 paragraphs down clearly state
our SB "persona" will be used at YOUR provide some
material to make it easier, more interesting. Blame the
victim in advance why don't ya???
>Every week I will submit a
>detailed summary of the week's
>episode much in the same
>way I did for the
>regular, boring, no personality Survivor.
> Only this show is
>all about you guys!
Uh huh, well we'll all just "live for that" for sure.
QUESTION: On which BOARD of will you post these
weekly flights of fancy? OT? Bashers? Thus far....
your original sling it all over the place technique
is confusing/annoying. (NOTE for Record: IF it goes
on Fanatics Board....include ME OUT!!!)

>There will be drama, there will
>be alliances, there will be
>backstabbing, starvation, sex, chocolate, crying
>and in the end, victory
>for the sole survivor!
Suggestion for Shakes....start inserting "trust me" BS here...
you need some "hook" here...what is the friggin prize???

>Now, keep something else in mind,
>even if you don't apply
>for the show, you still
>might be selected anyway as
>I have determined that anybody
>who has ever posted on
>this forum is immediately eligible.
> I'm looking for 16
>dynamic, unique and hopefully conflicting
>personalities and I won't take
>no for an answer.
Yes, here is the "threat" referred to above. If you really
want to learn how to take "NO" for an answer....I have an old
cattle branding iron with the letters "N" and "O" intertwined so that read frontwards/backwards/upsidedown it's a N O that makes a permanent HAS been used on
Clowns before...but they were real, ahem, Rodeo Clowns.

> Background questions & DALTON Answers: SURPRIZE!!!

>1. Age --- I've been 40 for a few years now
.....someday I will be 46; in about 10 years.

>2. Marital Status --- Married, Divorced, Re-Married
SAME MAN 6 years later, Divorced him 2nd/final time 2 years
ago (instead of killing him; which WAS the alternative.) Currently happy Divorcee. Love my dogs; feed the cats.

>3. Kids? One grown son. But I also raised two nieces and a
nephew who were 11, 9 and 7 years old respectively when
their parents were taken in a plane crash. At the time my
own son was only Instant Family!!!

>4. Employment? After Presidental Election 2000....I
Retired from public/professional life. Currently in hiding;
on a compound by a lake in Texas. No "witness protection"
cracks pleeese. Because...
Another FAVORITE Uncle left Texas for Las Vegas before I was born. Las Vegas has always been my "second home"; sometimes for months. I attended the 6th grade in Vegas, btw.
Gaming & Entertainment Industry IS the dang "Background" that
caused the law degree thingy!!!

>5. Military Background? Married into it bigtime. Ex was
from career military family and prior to meeting moi was a
Capt. Army, 10lst Airborne.

>6. Intersting employment background? Animal/Dog Behavior
Expert (Univ. Psy. & Indian-Comanche/Apache trained). Mother.
Blackjack Dealer. Speech Writer. Director of: "Fill in PC Title". Private Courier/Bonded. Organizer of "Causes"
and/or "Events". Official HatchetMan (in a dress). Saver
of lost/homeless animals & children. Hotel Management.
Negotiator. Unofficial Spokesperson. Honorary Member Tx.Assoc.of Sheriffs. Licensed to carry a concealed weapon.
Jury Consultant.

>7. Gender? Yeah, I got lucky....I'm a Woman.

>9. List the contestant(s) from
>SurvivorII that you admire the

>10. Now the one(s) you
>admire the least? Mitchell obvious...but Nick was a HUGE waste.

>11. If you were to
>make the show, what would
>your strategy be? To WIN and....let's see? No, that's it.

>12. Cite an example where
>you have been ruthless? An attorney of a large firm once
waggled his finger in my face while screaming obscenities
at me....I went to the General Partner and the man was dismissed w/o ref. I once poured a bottle of wine in a famous male
actor's lap on a plane because he "hugged me" once too often.
When I was nine, I broke my cousins finger because he tore
the wings off a butterfly and I thought he needed to know
what "pain" really meant. Do Bar fights count...nnnaaawww.

>13. What special skill(s) would
>you bring to your tribe?
In a nutshell.....All that "Survivor is a game" crapola in S1 and S2 is exactly like what WE KIDS (Relatives/schoolmates)
got sent off to every friggin summer from age 6 through age 17. It was called "SUMMER CAMP" was CO-ED...
and it was in far worse locations all over the Western USA. Food was scarse and BAD...
we sure as hell ate all the fish we caught! Bathed in every
stream/river...."bad" water is what horses won't drink, btw.
We also ate rabbits, chickens & on dare's poisonious berries.
Ya learned how to swim cause the big kids threw you off the
dock while the counselors lol. Make no mistake the Camp
staff "instructors" were sadistic/evil/cruel former inmates/
campers who could do almost anything except hurt us or let us
get dead before our experience was complete.
Ya HAD to learn to make
a shelter w/fire, ride horses, cook 5 ways/5 things, live off the land, be one with nature, shot guns & arrows, track, not drown, canoe, ignore rain, not "slay/kill" any animal without prior Adm. permission, rafting, telling stories, dancing,
cleaning self/clothes/tools meant extra food, climb mountains, play games with various balls/bats/nets, bleed and laugh at it.
And deliberately left lost alone and given a time period to find your group. Notice I said WE HAD to do all Pass muster by Camp Adm. to our parents.
If we "passed" we went onward to a "better camp"...if we
didn't pass we had to go back to
that same damn camp AGAIN next year!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH.

> fun facts
>14. Describe your most embarrasing
>moment? I was born with low blood pressure....On several
given occasions in public at important times....I have been
known to say: "I'm going to FAINT!" And then I do!! It's
embarrasing; not the fainting part, the falling-down,
ladylike part. It also really upsets some folks which
is funny (secretly).
>16. Favorite Food? Water, rice, corn, fruit, fish, flowers
and pecans. Oh, goats are good to eat & doves.
>17. Poster on the board
>you would most like to
>have visit you if you
>won a "visit from family
>member" Reward Challenge...
****Certainly AyaK. He would explain to me "how" I was being too Dalton in such a reasonable way even *I* could "get it!".
In the alternative, Blu has promised to smuggle in "goodies" so
she is my GalPal pick.
>18. Favorite Movie? (may list
>more than one)
An Affair to Remember.
A Bridge Too Far
Dances With Wolves
The Big Easy
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
>19. Favorite book? (may list more
>than one)
Centennial by James Michener
The Mammouth Hunters by Jean M. Auel
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer
The Last One Left by John D. McDonald

>20. Would you sleep with
>Shakes the clown for a
>guaranteed spot in the final
>2? Define "sleep with"...but hell yeah in a NY minute!!
Course I'd feel duty bound to explain my ability to kill
you quietly and quickly with my bare hands (lawsuit prevention).
>21. List five items you
>would like to bring as
>a luxury item? (if selected,
>I will choose one of
>the items from the list)(No
>survival items!)

Peace Pipe Bag & Fixings(which doubles as Necklace/Head Piece).
Snorkel Mask & Fins (MINE cause I have really long narrow feet)
Mirror in flat 6"x6" metal case (easy way to start fire/useful for personal admiration/signaling)
Large Thermos of my Grandmother's Cough Medicine (homemade)

Actually Shakes...I NEED ALL these luxury items and since I
stopped at 4; I'm sure you could convince 2 or 3 others to
forgo their thingy...if Dalton promises to share her thingys.
I know you can do it Pointy Head....heck Vamp, DK, Lisa, GT,
all the Babes....NEED that "mirror time" just so we can see how
good our butts look walking away in our bathing suits...DUH!!
>And remember one thing, even if
>you don't apply you still
>might find yourself selected and
>then it will be at
>the author's descretion to fabricate
>your background as he sees
> I suggests you fill
>out the applications or else
>run the risk of being
>subjected to tabloid-style journalism.
OK....Dalton officially filled out your idjut application.
If selected I'll thank you to keep your fabricating to a
high standard. I will not "kiss butt" on because
you got us involved in this lunacy...all that Spoiler stuff
could get ugly; dontyaknow.
I'm very tempted to believe you have no intention of really writing a weekly summary featuring all our characters.....
you posted this wacko idea just to see how many suckers
would fill out your application...LOL @Me. I can't believe
you left out a Question on physical description or ht/wt so
we could really stretch the truth.

>P.S. I'll be posting this thread on every board (sorry GT).
PSS. If it is not Bashers/OT....COUNT ME OUT. D.

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