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"HUGE NEWS: new reality show exclus..."
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Kokoro 3899 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Thong Contest Judge"

05-11-01, 10:58 PM (EST)
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16. "RE: HUGE NEWS: new reality show ex..."
First a note: heh, Shakes I so told you I wouldn't be able to keep this short like everyone else <It feels like a dating service with all the info I dished>....I really love the challenge of any kind of application for some reason....

CONGRATULATIONS if you get through the whole thing!

Alright, here come’s the 30 second ruuuule....NOW!!!!

Background questions
1. Age

17! C’mon, you know you need some underage action goin’ on! Ahem, but just to deal with certain legal issues, I'll be 18 on record....<remember, this is just between you and me ;>

2. Marital Status

I’m actually happily married, once removed; from life that is. Ya see, I was previously a woman born in the Arktik <wth is that, anyway?> region in the 1500’s and I’m sure I was married although I ~was~ a bard and if you look at the Xena thing you never know, unless they supported that kinda union in which case, good for them. I know this ‘cause Vamp’s Wicca site told me so! Note to the reader: You can stop making faces now.

3. Kids?

No thanks, but could you pass the dip? ^_~

4. Employment?

I'm a full time poster here, I guess....I do have jobs during the summer at banks/brokerages and whatnot, though. <and I haven't once been on the payroll => No taxes hehe....oh wait that's another one of my secrets, durnit!>

5. Educational background?
I’m currently in Gr. 12, going on to OAC. Of course if the friendly neighbourhood Canadians can't apply we'll just say I'm from some non backwater town in the eastern US. <Confidential....shhhh>

5.5 Military background? school is near an Armoury and I see soldiers and plated vehicles all the time <of course I see just as many drug addicts/pushers, pimps/pimpees and cardboard box condos but I'm getting off topic here ;> That count?

6. Intersting employment background?

Well there's this really funny time, I was working in this brokerage firm and they wanted to ship out boxes of old contracts and accounts to a holding company so I spent the better part of a week looking through all the old stuff and organizing info, cataloguing papers and boxes and....wait....this is about as interesting as an octogenarian librarian from Wisconsin flossing her dentures....oh well nevermind then.

7. Gender?

Male. BTW this is probably the shortest answer you'll see here. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy it.

8. Social Security Number and major credit card # (just kidding)

Well my SIN probably wouldn't help ya much and CC's are a pain in the @$$ <plus I'm still too little for one>

Survivor questions

9. List the contestant(s) from SurvivorII that you admire the most?

Survivor II....ummm well I guess I really liking and admiring are different things <I'm taking that admiring refers to their Survivor skills and not their ability to make everyone love them> soooo:

Alicia - The strongest female competitor in every way, although her physique was a handicap....if her team hadn't screwed up she would have easily been in the finals. Plus I love how she speaks and her body language <I find the first ep with her and Jeff hilarious "She suuure did"> and the nonsensical fight with Kimmi <"I will ~always~ wave my finger in your face!>

10. Now the one(s) you admire the least?

Mitchell - One big EW....He came in a loser and he left a loser. He didn't take it for the team - he hated Keith's guts and still does; He only left out of self pity. I suspect a lot of people might place Jerri here, but at least she tried and pushed herself the distance, in her own self-centered giant ***** way. Amber, Nick, Debb, and Kel deserve special mentions here too, but I can easily come up with reasons why each and every one of them is better than Mitchell <yes, even Debb> BTW, there were far to many useless wastes on SII for my liking, anyway.

11. If you were to make the show, what would your strategy be?

Really, according to my personality type I'd probably be a huge carbon copy of what's-her-name before the merger....then it would depend on what the situation was but I would definetly have a strategy by that point. Erist cast me as Kel in the SB movie, which is somewhat appropriate, except I'm more of a loose Kel not the uptight "I'm a captain in the US army" bastard that he pretty much turned out to be. I can be overcompensating at times as I really hate it when people don't like me for no reason, unless they're Debb, of course and I do have the shyness thing going on....I can be overly sweet and sentimental <Liz> but I wouldn't make teeth fall out every 3 minutes. Cynicism and sarcasm rule my world.

12. Cite an example where you have been ruthless?

Does brattiness count? I was pretty good there....

Let's see....well this one time, I took this kid's ball because I didn't have anything to play with. Then I had to sit in the corner and think about I never did anything wrong ever again. THE END. In the right lighting you can actually see my halo. <Riiiight.>

13. What special skill(s) would you bring to your tribe?

I'm a master eavesdropper, so I guess I'd be in charge of grabbing the dirt on the other team....I'd also use my super psychic powers <I'm a student of Miss Cleo don't-cha-know?> to find lost fish heads and rice tins.

fun facts

14. Describe your most embarrasing moment?

I was out at a friend's house and so I had to catch the GO....soooo we're in the crowded station running after the train and my pants just fall off....'course I was only around 12 so I wasn't feeling horrible there but it was still pretty damn embarrassing with all the business men and women running by.

15. Ever experienced that not so fresh feeling? (just kidding)

Hmmm....probably? <Take a moment to breathe and relax.>

16. Favorite Food?

Well, this is just a coincidence but you know I just happen to love whatever our sponsors are pushing down viewer's throats! *flashes a perfect spokesman smile*

17. Poster on the board you would most like to have visit you if you won a "visit from family member" Reward Challenge (posters already in game will not be eligible, but answer will be updated accordingly if need be)?

Bluuuuu! OMG <click> *tears up for the cameras* Blu is definetly the Lizzie of the board....she pretty much ~never~ has anything negative to say and if she does it still comes out sprinkled with kindness and giggles! *choke* *sob* She’s my hero! OMG OMG OMG <click> <click> <click>

18. Favorite Movie? (may list more than one)

Cruel Intentions
Wild Things
Debby does Dallas
Debby does New York
Debby does Washington
Debby does Topeka
Debby does Anchorage there a pattern here?

Okay add in:

Silence of the Lambs


Please Save My Earth, one of the best anime movies I've seen....although I also like Tobira o Akete <Yep, I'm an anime nut =>

19. Favorite book? (may list more than one)

Sabriel, Lirael, Shade's Children <== I've recently developed a liking for Garth Nix books and fantasy in general <go ICB!>

Green Eggs and Ham ==> 'cause who ~doesn't~ love it?

Romeo and Juliet ==> Just for that, "awww isn't that sweet?" effect.

20. Would you sleep with Shakes the clown for a guaranteed spot in the final 2?

Erm; Duuude, are you sure you'd want to? ^-^;;

21. List five items you would like to bring as a luxury item? (if selected, I will choose one of the items from the list)(No survival items!)

1. Kimmi, my old SB kitty <see below>

2. A picture of my family, just so that in any downtime I could use it in my interviews for instant ratings and likability.

3. A publicity agent.

4. Monopoly! Is it a stress reliever or a stress causer?....This is the only game I've ever seen that Fox could do one of it's "When ____ Attack" specials on. I've never seen nice, quiet people get so bitter so fast.

5. A lawyer....although if I ~didn't~ win, I'd be pretty freaking screwed there.

Kimmi! Get back here!

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