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New Danny Gokey Album
Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey is back with a brand new album!!! "Hope In Front of Me" will be out June 23rd! The single "H
2 messages
11-19-14 07:08 PM
Nothing's broken: let's fix it. exec-producer-on-controversial-twists-and-more.htm
0 messages
05-13-14 07:51 AM
Same crap, different season, different judges
Hi All - I had high hopes going into this season that things would be different this time - different producers, fresh judges, etc...b
2 messages
05-02-14 07:17 AM
Early Prediction
OK - we have our top 30. Lets have a little fun. Lets make some early predictions before a single live show has aired. Who is your predic
4 messages
02-24-14 07:22 PM
Barn doors
HI to all members, I am going to post a topic or embed a website here about barn doors great site special for all peoples who are interest in b
2 messages
02-13-14 03:27 PM
X-Factor cancelled
Gosh. However will FOX waste its money now?
0 messages
02-09-14 11:16 AM
AI Season 13, Episode #1
For the first time in several seasons, I liked AI. The chemistry of the judges is so much better--Harry was a home run hire for the show. I like tha
8 messages
01-25-14 02:25 AM
Submit articles for free websites
HI, I am going to post a website here the great articles great site special for all peoples who are interest in the great articles great servic
1 messages
11-14-13 03:49 AM
Simon pocketed the other $4,000,000 for his lawyer fees.
Two completely unconnected things recently happened in the mostly-unpopulated land of [b]X-Factor[/b]. 1. Tate's first release
1 messages
09-11-13 01:36 PM
Candice wins.
And no one cares. Possibly not a good sign for those download sales. ds/User
4 messages
05-17-13 05:58 PM
Grantland complains so you don't have to.
Following along with a full season of professional torturing themselves in the name of what's presumably some kind of salary. And they get to use n
12 messages
05-17-13 02:38 PM
"When your critics stop talking about you, you're finished." 840/vote-for-the-worst-will-be-shutting-down-after/ I wouldn't be surprised if he c
11 messages
05-17-13 08:48 AM
For tracking the week-to-week forced categories of svckage, not to mention guest mentors showing up for a check and the potential mandatory Let's
7 messages
05-06-13 01:21 PM
The Agenda starts to panic.
[b]Idol[/b] just announced that they're setting up a Powervote system. And what does this do? Two things. First, it allows someone
13 messages
03-29-13 10:31 AM
The streak is over.
And now a moment of silence to honor the end of reality's longest-running sure bet. Caucasian males, put down your stringed instruments, for it
2 messages
03-24-13 12:13 PM
Never thought it would happen...
I have removed the season pass for AI on my Tivo. I've watched every season so far. I just could not get into this season at all. The ratings say
2 messages
03-23-13 01:20 PM
Separated at birth
To quote KoalaChick: [i]I swear, Angie Miller/Miley Cyrus...twins separated at birth.[/i] She could be right! Any other twins this s
0 messages
03-08-13 01:38 PM
The Las Vegas odds.
Concrete proof that whoever set these has never spoken to a voter, considered the effort of The Agenda, or watched the thing for the last five yea
0 messages
03-07-13 05:10 PM
Top 100 Idol Singles
No one cares, blah blah blah, etc., etc. prospectus/post/_/id/70172/billb
0 messages
03-07-13 04:27 PM
Las Vegas Round: 40 to 20
A thread for all four nights of [s]The Hunger Games[/s] the cut from 40 to 20. ds
2 messages
02-22-13 02:06 PM
Hollywood Week/Group Nights
First of all, it is no coincidence that this group of guys is the most diverse you have ever seen, from flaming cross-dressers to the Turbanator a
1 messages
02-15-13 05:06 PM
AI12: Auditions begin. [View All] ds/User_files/50f73c246192a84e.jpg We lose! The White Guy With Guitar wins
29 messages
02-02-13 02:29 PM
X-Factor U.S. Season #2 premieres tonight.
...yeah, I don't care either. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif [fo
7 messages
01-21-13 03:19 PM
AI12: Ch-ch-changes.
* No wild-card picks. * Semifinals are at 20 and the vote goes to 10: five males (including the winner), five females. Ther
0 messages
01-10-13 12:58 PM
U.S. X-Factor #2 casting spoilers.
The Worsters believe they have the singers, category changes, and mentors for each pinned down (partially by proxy) and have posted their full
0 messages
08-27-12 03:12 PM
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