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AI10 PTTE WEEK 1 RESULTS WEEK 2 CHANGES ds/User_files/47b3829c78c867f7.gif [FONT SIZE = 4 COLOR = red] WILL GO RESULTS
1 messages
04-01-11 11:15 AM
Rankings, Top 11 Part Deux
I really like reading everyone's rankings, so hopefully people will continue to do that this week. The ego rankings thing doesn't do much for me
7 messages
03-31-11 07:20 PM
Idol Ego Power List.
Let's try something new. Instead of ranking the current contestants based on how good you thought they were last night, order them from #11 to
4 messages
03-31-11 04:56 PM
Top 11 theme (et. all) ibid: Elton John.
Must be the English name of that Norwegian recording studio that put out all those pop hits during the late 1970s. Or else it's an attempt to make
7 messages
03-28-11 01:38 PM
Rankings - Top 11
Yeah, so Nigel went back on his promise re: genre theme weeks vs. broad theme weeks. Disappointing, but its AI. I'm going to be sh
8 messages
03-26-11 11:48 AM
AI 10 Top 11 Performance ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's Motown episode on this thread until the West Coast has had a chance to unravel their brains from the knots o
168 messages
03-26-11 11:37 AM
AI 10 Top 11 Results ECST [View All]
What will the edit in/out tonight? How shocking will the promised shocking news be? (although from the later dizzyfeet tweets seems the news
87 messages
03-25-11 09:58 AM
TMZ reports the moved the idols out of the mansion because after 10 season the spirit world has finally decided to take it's revenge on the contesta
3 messages
03-24-11 06:00 PM
Top 11 theme (et. all): Motown.
*checks off 'casual lie' box* So much for the promise to not force contestants into singing outside their comfort zone... hey, a
14 messages
03-23-11 06:00 PM
Top 12 Rankinhs
1st - James - Not the best vocals he's given but he can entertain an audience. 2nd - Lauren A - She still has a chance to be there at the end.%
12 messages
03-19-11 10:54 PM
AI 10 Top 12 Results ECST [View All]
Who will go home for picking the wrong year to be born? Keep all info, results, pimpage, and filler here until the West Coast finishes bemoan
57 messages
03-18-11 05:18 PM
AI 10 Top 12 Performance ECST [View All]
Keep it here until the West Coast finishes sobbing because that year they were born song was their prom theme song. Game Note: Make sure
168 messages
03-17-11 12:10 PM
Top 12 theme, Thursday's guests, song suggestions and song spoilers
The Theme: from . . . . Wednesday, March 16: Top 12 Perform Live (8-10pm ET) *Theme: S
12 messages
03-16-11 06:33 PM
Jinxed...a thread about American Idol curses
American Idol has been around enough seasons for people to see some jinxes over the years. Curses, if you will, for song selection or even a name
0 messages
03-13-11 06:04 PM
AI 10 Top 13 Results ECST [View All]
Keep the results here, until the West Coast sees it for themselves. Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and you're gonna go home
71 messages
03-12-11 09:35 PM starts casting Reality TV ::The Biggest Entertainment Network:: CastingDNA is an entertainment networking website for industry profes
2 messages
03-11-11 05:15 PM
Top 13 Rankings
Top 13 Rankings 1st to last 1st - Casey - Really liked the performance. Still the favorite! 2nd - James - Wow, a little more versa
12 messages
03-11-11 02:22 AM
AI 10 Top 13 Performance ECST [View All]
Boys and Girls singing together...mass hysteria. Or mass somnolence, one or the other. Keep it here until the West Coast awake
141 messages
03-10-11 01:18 PM
Top 13 song spoilers w. performance order.
Whatever you personally use to fortify yourself, get a supply together before Wednesday night. As VFTW accurately noted, the real theme of this w
7 messages
03-09-11 01:32 PM
Semifinal round will not air live.
[b]AI[/b] is recording those two episodes a week in advance, which is all the more time for the conspiracy theories to fly. Some of the b
3 messages
03-06-11 03:05 PM
AI 10 Top 12 Girls ECST [View All]
Will they sing? Will the shout? Will they out-worst the guys? Will the judges find sanity or continue in their delusional ways?
164 messages
03-06-11 02:28 PM
AI 10 PTTE warmup
By Thursday 3/3 we'll have our top 13--10 thru voting (5M 5F) and 3 wildcards Who do you think WILL go through and Who do you think
20 messages
03-05-11 09:51 AM
Rankings - Top 12 Girls
Since geekboy is MIA.
8 messages
03-04-11 11:46 AM
AI 10 Top 24 Results ECST [View All]
Keep all results, twists, filler, and bleeps here until the West Coast has seen it for themselves.
138 messages
03-04-11 11:33 AM
Rankings - Top 12 Boys [View All]
So, the fun part of the season is FINALLY here. I'm doing this on minimal sleep. I watched the show last night in a hotel room, but I did watc
21 messages
03-02-11 06:57 PM
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