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AI9 Top 10 Girls Should Go/Will Go
So once again who would you send home, who will America send packing because they just won't do what you say. Snidgi-picks S
6 messages
03-04-10 06:45 PM
A quick game--match the judge's comment to the contestant!
Last night we had a return to the tried and sometimes true judges' pimpage comments. Test yourself to see if you can match the contestant to the co
1 messages
03-04-10 02:15 PM
AI9 Top 10 Boys Should Go/Will Go
So we've seen them twice and they did pretty good given they swapped nights with the girls at the last moment. So who would you send home
11 messages
03-04-10 01:34 PM
AI9 Top Ten Girls Performance Show ECST [View All]
Will she or won't she, or are the producers saying they don't know even at this late moment so people will tune in to see. Keep all d
53 messages
03-04-10 07:22 AM
Top 10 Boys performing tonight!
According to MJ's Big Blog (who has the sources listed over there for where she got it from), the boys are performing tonight instead of the g
4 messages
03-03-10 05:22 PM
AI9 Top Ten Girls Boys Performance Show ECST [View All]
Looks like the Boys go first tonight. News reports of one of the girls being too sick to perform tonight and has the Boys listed fir
112 messages
03-03-10 03:25 PM
C'mon America....??!!
OK, so you did fine with the girls. Both Ashley and Janell deserved to go. But the guys? Joe was one of high points on Wednesday ni
15 messages
03-02-10 04:10 PM
A walk down memory lane
After this week's diappointing performances I checked out threads from previous seasons' top 12 performances to see if things were as negative as
1 messages
03-01-10 00:23 AM
How come nobody is talking about the big editing gaffe at the end of the Results Show??? Tyler had just been kicked off and about to
6 messages
02-26-10 10:40 PM
AI9 Top Twenty-four Results Show ECST [View All]
No matter how joyful or devastated you are with the results*, keep all discussion of who is going home and any other details of the show on this t
39 messages
02-26-10 12:33 PM
Rankings - Top 12 Guys
Hey, Randy-Dawg, the guys OUTSANG the girls on 'The Year Of The Girl'!! Go figure... TOP ----------- Lee Dewyze - LO
15 messages
02-25-10 05:25 PM
AI9 Should Go/Will Go Top 12 Boys
So who would you send home? Who will America send home? We will probably have a bottom three with one of them going back to safety.
6 messages
02-25-10 04:36 PM
AI9 Top Twelve Boys Performance Show [View All]
Another openin' Another show It is the night for the guys to show if they really are so much worse than the gals as advertised, or if t
113 messages
02-25-10 04:13 PM
Rankings - Top 12 Girls
Wow. Girls year to win? Hmm. Not so sure, lets discuss that more in 24 hours. I don't know about you but I was pretty much overwhelmed with
16 messages
02-25-10 08:58 AM
AI9 Should Go/Will Go Top 12 Girls
So if you got to be judge, jury, and executioner who would you put in the bottom three and which two would you send home this week. Who
9 messages
02-24-10 05:03 PM
Who Is Your Pick To Win?
This is always fun. Pick the winner from what you've seen just from auditions and Hollywood Week. What I'd like everyone to do is ma
11 messages
02-23-10 02:09 PM
Song Spoilers
Take these with the proverbial grain of salt. These came out yesterday and I don't think top 24 spoilers have been accurate in the past, but I th
0 messages
02-23-10 10:20 AM
Thoughts on the Top 24
Updated from my post earlier this week. My thoughts on the Top 24 before any live performances... Aaron Kelly: Honestly, i'm not sur
12 messages
02-23-10 08:54 AM
Idol Democracy.
And if you take out the part where you've possibly signed up to be spammed onto death, it's an interesting idea... https://www.
3 messages
02-22-10 09:28 PM
Remember Anoop Desai?
He's got a new album coming out next month. Check out his recent interview where he talks about new songs, being American-Indian, and behind-the
1 messages
02-22-10 05:24 PM
did anybody know this?
I can listen to radio right on my computer right online This is cool sorry i am new
0 messages
02-18-10 09:13 PM
AI9 2/17 Hollywood--the rest of the 24 reveal ECST [View All]
Let's see. 45 minutes of show 7 in the top 24 2 who were not so 5 minutes per person. Approximate theratio yes t
52 messages
02-18-10 04:44 PM
AI9 2/16 Hollywood--Groups ECST [View All]
So we should get that one last desperate solo audition, the drama of the rooms. Watch for the drama when someone is certain that they are in the wr
93 messages
02-18-10 11:01 AM
Thoughts on first 7 of 24
Finally, the wait is soon over and we'll actually start the competition! Oddly, the audition phase and Hollywood week wasn't as painful as
6 messages
02-17-10 07:21 PM
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0 messages
02-17-10 03:28 PM
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