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AI 11 Top 10 Results ECST [View All]
So who will be slain by the Billy Joel songbook and who will survive only to be tortured by next weeks theme. Keep it all on this thresd un
36 messages
03-25-12 06:09 PM
AI Top 9 Theme
Personal Idol "Nigel's tweet (@dizzyfeet): "next week they're singing their #IDOL's songs. Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda
3 messages
03-23-12 05:13 PM
AI 11 Top 10 Performance Show ECST [View All]
Will tonight be The Longest Time that two hours have ever felt like? If Only The Good Die Young does that mean we will never see the end of Idol?
39 messages
03-23-12 02:45 PM
Top 10 Rankings
#1 - Colton - Great performance #2 - Elise - Didn't know that song but enjoyed it. #3 - Phillip - Another solid performa
1 messages
03-22-12 11:26 AM
Top 10 theme: Billy Joel.
And they all went down together.
5 messages
03-21-12 01:38 PM
AI 11 Top 12? Performance ECST [View All]
Songs from the year of your birth, too bad not songs from the year of your arrest--but modern music may not be sung. And from the song list looks l
65 messages
03-18-12 12:19 PM
AI 11 Top 11 Results? ECST [View All]
So what anti-climatic ending will we spend a long slow hour slogging toward. Will one go home? Will they all be safe? Will th
30 messages
03-16-12 05:29 AM
Top 11 Rankings Sh/Will go
1. Obama/Elise-they were born the same year! 2. Joshua- best ever, i'd call that hyperbole but JLo (or Steven or Randy or Seacrest)
3 messages
03-15-12 06:22 PM
Top 12 theme: birth year songs.
And much begging for the sweet release of death ensued.
4 messages
03-14-12 05:44 AM
Top 13 Rankings
I hate that the judges have more power with deciding this week's elimination. 1st - Skylar - Way out of her genre and was great. A countr
3 messages
03-10-12 11:37 AM
AI 11 Top 13 Results Show ECST
So will America Drink the [s]Kool-Aid[/s] Coke product the judges were trying to sell last night... We'll find out, after the
15 messages
03-09-12 02:21 AM
AI 11 Top 13 Performance ECST [View All]
The good news, no playing around pretending there was only supposed to be twelve but now OMG it's a top 13...the bad news, we have a top 13, s
83 messages
03-08-12 09:56 AM
Top 12 Girls Rankings
Top 12 Girls, a little better than the guys but still mediocre for the most part. 1st - Skylar Laine - Best of the night by far to me and
4 messages
03-07-12 05:29 PM
AI 11 Press and polls
A place to collect press write ups and various polls for AI 11. For starters: TVGuide March 1 poll after top 13 is selected but
0 messages
03-06-12 11:59 AM
Top 13 Boys rankings
First I will say, I'm not sure I can make it thru the whole season with these 3 judges. I am so tired of all 3. The Voice is so much better to me
1 messages
03-04-12 08:31 PM
AI #11 Should Go/Will Go
Make two lists and post them in this thread. The first is a ranking of the contestants as you perceive their talent, working from the least at #1
6 messages
03-04-12 07:06 PM
HI, we're a non-profit organization that hosts auctions to support our cause. ( We receive 2-4 VIP tickets
0 messages
03-03-12 08:52 PM
AI #11 Top 25 Results ECST. [View All]
Post before. During. After. Not at all. Yes, Nigel, you are in fact losing your audience. And five million paper cuts equals a lo
25 messages
03-02-12 00:17 AM
Bring back Simon
So tired of all the rave reviews. Let's be honest, most of these guys suck, but you wouldn't know it from the feedback. Stop with all the nice
3 messages
03-01-12 01:27 AM
AI 11 Top 12 Girls ECST [View All]
So will the judges praise the girls just as much, or even more than the boys. Do they really think praising everyone excessively disguise
50 messages
03-01-12 00:11 AM
AI 11 Top 13 Boys ECST [View All]
On a very special night we get to see the boys perform with the OMG we brought one back that has never been done on any reality show ever and thus sho
75 messages
02-29-12 07:19 PM
No African American females in Top 24
This isn't the Bachelor, folks. How in the world does this happen on a SINGING COMPETITION?!11! http://community.realitytvw
4 messages
02-28-12 06:28 PM
And now it's the Axed-Factor.
Well, [i]obviously[/i] not breaking all ratings records wasn't Simon's fault, so it's time to start getting rid of personnel. Two
9 messages
02-26-12 10:21 AM
Idol needs to go away
American Idol needs to go away. I'm sick of watching no talent singers for 4 months, just to be dissapointed in the end. You never hear from most
1 messages
02-26-12 10:20 AM
AI Final Judgement Part 2 ECST
Only one hour tonight. The local 24 hour news station pimping the NC contestants yet to be condemned threatened us with two more hours. Don't enco
14 messages
02-25-12 10:18 PM
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