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"S35 | The Editing ~ Characters and ..."
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3. "Episode 1"
Survivor: is BACK! Scenery, beaches...aerials, ship, see the 18 strangers,
"18 strangers are about to begin an adventure that will forever change their lives."
See close ups of the following in order: Cole, Ashley, (noting JP in the background,Alan, then see Devon and Ryan, with Laura looking on, then cut to Desi, then zoom out and see some challenge shots....
They’ll be abandoned(see Ryan) and forced - see Joe - to work together - see Alan - while voting - see Ashley - each other out, in the greatest - Ali then Ben - social experiment - see Devon diving in the ocean mid-challenge - on television. In the end, -see Desi swimming - only one will remain - see Jessica, then Simone, then Patrick - to claim the million dollar - see JP getting onto a floating dock in challenge - Zoom in to Jiffy: prize. 39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor.

Cue start: Captain ringing bell telling to stop, drop anchor, hear vibrant up-beat adventurous island music...see the heroes first. They take their places and Jiffy arrives in uniform...

Welcome to 35th season of S. Clapping, For the first time you have been divided into 3 tribes based on the positive traits of how others see you. This is how the world sees you. First group, you are the hero tribe. You are heralded for your courage, your achievements, your ideals, your character. Jiffy calls on Ben.

Ben: have a family, was in the armed services, the marine corp, us just doing our job...just our job, that’s all it is!

Chrissy in confessional: I definitely feel I belong on the Heroes tribe. I feel proud that I had a career, I had my kids, then I came back and got an awesome career. But, I need to really down play that because I don’t want people to think she already makes a lot of money so we don’t want her to win a lot of money.

Next grp: you are the healer tribe, you receive gratitude for helping others heal their physical or emotional pain.

Cole: I am a wilderness therapy guide and rock climbing instructor. We take out disadvantaged teens that struggle with addiction and through the outdoors we teach them lessons like making fire and survivor skills. And, it’s what the outdoors did for me, it opened up my world and I want to open up other peoples worlds with the same thing that made mine so amazing.
Mike: I’m a sex Dr. Laughing I am a urologist specialize in sexual dysfunction and male infertility. Most guys are pretty happy when they are through with me.

Mike in confessional: Winning Survivor is the biggest dream of my life. My wife thinks I am crazy for doing this and my kids are worried I am going to die. But! I am going to rise to the occasion and win! $$ QUOTE

Brings us to the last grp: Hustler tribe, you are respected for your hard work ethic, your mantra is get it done no matter what, 100% all the time!
Chooses Ali: I’m a personal assistant, I happen to work for someone in youtube. I have to do normal desk duties, see Patrick - we know they knew each other out of the show, graduated from Auburn at the same time, he moved her into her home, ran in the same circles. If she needs me to do make up, I do that, if she needs a cook, I do that...I fill in the gaps, it’s just whatever that day, I wake up and find out what I have to do and I do it.
Jiffy: So being a part of a grp that is valued for it’s work ethic rings true to you? Oh yeah.

Confessional - Ryan: Just looking at our group, I hope they are strong and macho, see Devon, hopefully they know how to build a shelter, they know how to crack a coconut, see Patrick. I’m just going to defer to them. I am a 125 pounds soaking wet. I don’t drink and I don’t have a girlfriend....come on, who wants to align with me?

Jiffy: 3 good groups, this season is H v H v H. Here are buffs.

Mike: it’s like Christmas. Chrissie: Loving blue.
Jiffy: here is your first opportunity to prove your value to your tribe. This boat is loaded with supplies. Your job is to get as many of the supplies from this boat to your boat. Then here a musical lead up to the scene of the “secret advantage”. In addition, there is a even bigger reward at stake.

On the beach, each tribe has a burning urn 15 ft high, when you hear me ring this bell get all tribe mates into boat, go to shore, and lift one person high enough to light the torch. Get fire from the urn, wins fire. Win first you get a massive fire making kit, 2nd place - gets flint, Losers, nothing.

This is day one, see Simone, then Ali, of a 39 day adventure, see Alan smiling and shaking his head in agreement, and it begins now! Survivors let’s go....

This is it, the moment you have been waiting for....OMG, out of the gate it is chaos, overboard with lots of supplies still in the boat, Patrick launching fruit like a quarterback with no receivers. See Ryan see the advantage:

Ryan in confessional: OMG, I see something labeled secret advantage, my minds racing, my hands trembling, I think wooooo, hoooo!...

Jiffy rings the bell...get in boat and head to the beach...Jiffy’s verbiage through the comp:

Red tribe is struggling to even get in their boat
...healers working together well,
...heroes on their tail...and the hustler tribe pointing the wrong way. They are headed to a different beach. Hear Devon ask, which way are we going guys...?
Healers are going to get to the beach first, then the heroes, and the hustlers are leterally lost at sea.
Jessica yells, “someone jump out and start hooking, and off Cole goes.
Jiffy: Healers here first, gotta hook that boat! Healers hook boat, here comes the heroes, we are neck and neck right now..
...Now both tribes very even ...untie torch...Cole gets right to it, Ashley untying for Heroes....Cole has torch for the healer tribe, get high enough to get fire, they say that Roark is the lightest and she replies, “NO WAY”, and Roark gets the torch lit, then Chrissie lights it for heros. See Mike grab the torch and hug Roark...Chrissie had it almost at the same time.
Jiffy: It’s Healers then Heroes, with the Hustler’s still trying to figure out what show they are on! (Love Jiffy’s humor this season, LOL)

Healers get massive firemaking kit, know at your beach when see huge massive fire already burning. Zoom into Roark and Jessica.
Hero Tribe, you can make fire with this, hands the fireman the flint. Zoom into Chrissie.
See disappointed Simone with a zoom in.
Each tribe has a map in their boat, get in and start paddling and good luck.

Ali confessional: ‘Coming from that horrible competition, I was pretty pissed. I am hoping that our work ethic and our strength alone can push us together and get it done. But, at this point I am very nervous.” (See Ali pointing the way as the others paddle the boat!)

See Whales, light hearted music, island flutes...see healers rowing in. See the giant bonfire.

Roarke in confessional: As we row in we see the biggest fire that any of us have ever seen. And, it sets us up on the right foot. As they land some guy says, “Home sweet home!”

Mike: We just kicked #####!

Roarke continues....Healers are definitely a team based group in how we approach our careers, in terms of how we approach our lives and I think that’s really a distinct difference between us and the other two.

Joe, as they get out of the boat ...To be honest, I‘m not trying to be cocky or anything, but I literally wanted y’all three females...I was, like, listen....physical strength, right, points to Cole, and you, to Cole, you got the eight pack!

Jessica in confessional: Cole is Tarzan. I like him a lot. He’s trying not to be the tough guy but he is. I mean, he’s ripped. He has beautiful tanned skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, I think I have fallen in love! Giggle.

Hear Cole tell the group of 6. “I am so glad we have 3 tribes because even if we have an off day and we come in second....we’re still safe.” They agree, in writing we see Joe say, “I mean after today’s performance I just don’t see it. I mean it’s all about communication.” Roark: I think we have a good tribe!

Joe in confessional: I wanted to be in a tribe that I could easily manipulate and I feel like when you are a healer you have a big heart and when you have a big heart you don’t really think with your mind, you think with your heart. I am a healer because my main job is rehabilitation. But, I’m not a probation officer when I am out here. I came out here to win and I am probably more strategic then everyone all together. So, they are just all my victims at this point.

Meanwhile, at the Heroes beach, there are a lot of birds on the beach and they all take flight at once...then see the last heron take off...see them starting a fire with the flint. JP starts it with all the girls....Guys are directing the building of the shelter and they are well on their way with that. Hear the singing and music...they are all getting along and being poductive...

Ashley in confessional: The qualities of being a hero are going to help in the game of S because the whole idea of being a hero is that you are putting others ahead of yourself, as she says this we see Chrissie and Katrina in the picture working. ....which makes for a really strong tribe. Then cut to a pic of Alan working. You hear Ashley ask JP, “what about firewood, too?
Ashley continues: “But, game on, the hero cape falls off and automatically you are thinking alliances”, see Ashley and JP walk off together. ...”conversations need to happen”, as scene cuts to Alan, who is watching them go off together. “So, it will definitely start to get interesting.”

See JP and Ashley: JP: what are you thinking?
Ashley: I like Cowboy.
JP: yeah,, you, Cowboy? that could be pretty good?
Ashley: He seems smart and useful.
See Alan watching them and cutting music...
JP: Well, I think we could make that work....

(I had to wonder if they also positively wanted Alan for strength too, but it cut to make them seem more antagonistic toward Alan?)

Alan in confessional: I played in the NFL for 9 years and after you play for a while you can see who’s a tempo setter. And, just now, I got a sense of how people are playing the game. And, I’m definitely going to play the game, which for me is a full out sprint out of the gate.

See Ben and Alan talking...Ben asks Alan: who do you think we need to work with? We need to win challenges,
Alan: we need strength
Ben: absolutely, We have to win
Alan: We need strength. Um, JP is an asset.
Ben: And, Ashley, that’s our four, they fist bump on it.

Ashley, Katrina, JP in the shelter braiding fronds...
Ashley: (flirting) I work with so many firefighters and to me you just remind me of all of them...
JP: Really?
Ashley: Yeah.
JP: They must be pretty cool guys?
Ashley: They are all my best friends!

Alan, conf: I’ve been watching those 2 for a while and I honestly think Ashley and JP are working together so I want to make them believe that I’ll work with them, but this power couple, or whatever it is they got going on is OVER. He says this with emphasis! Hear music play after...then we see the two moms working.

Ben yells over to JP and Ashley, after the moms left, and says, 4, right? JP says, yeah. Ashley says, “I wanted us four from the beginning.”

Ben, conf: Right now we’re looking at a core four and that’s me, Alan, Ashley and JP. We’re all younger, wer’e fit, and then we got the 2 moms.

See the moms aligning at the water hole, saying to each other, “It’s a whole young crowd”, Katrina suggests that they align, Chrissie says yes, we have to!

Ben in confessional continues: “We’ve named the 2 moms the mom squad, and that’s just an easy target at this point, here definitive music playing.

cut to the Core 4 in the shelter fist bumping to seal their pact. “Keep it strong, that’s it! Perfect! We’re done!.

Ben, conf: Winning is the most important thing right now for this tribe. When it comes down to it, we’ve got each others back.” Then see the two moms coming back..

Cut to island music...upbeat, adventurous as it goes over the mountain to the Tribe Yawa, the red tribe. Hear Lauren say, may I make a suggestion? Yes, this needs to be over here to away from critters spiders and snakes...

Lauren, conf: At this point I am disappointed that we didn’t win the challenge, but at the same time, let’s not give up. See Patrick and Devon building the shelter...

She continues: Being hustlers we are very hard workers and that’s just like kick it in gear and this is what we need to do the rest of this game. See Ryan. “Cause really, if we play as a team we will be fine. If not, we’re gonna be screwed.”

Patrick finds a walking stick, “should I eat it?” See him trying to eat the bug

Ali in confessional: My priorities from day one are to make sure that I connect with the group and Patrick....seems like he’s meshing well with the group from since the very beginning.
So, I kinda want to see where his heads at...then see Patrick yelp, oh, I forgot I had a crab in my pants....see Ali looking back over her shoulder.

(I have to wonder if this scene is what we saw in the preview vidcaps, Patrick with the crab.)

Ali continues, “If we don’t lose we really don’t have to worry about an alliance but the way we looked in the first challenge, we should probably start talking now.”

They go and talk: Ali: how do you feel about us?
Patrick: I feel good but we gotta win, we will be good,
Ali: but I got your back if you got my back?
Patrick: I got your back

Patrick, conf: “Ali, she’s a very smart girl and we are vibing really well, but on an island where we can trust no one, I feel like I could trust her but this is Survivor, so, ----I feel good but I’m not certain.” Where Patrick said ‘I feel good but I’m not certain’, he was sitting in a different spot, so I had to wonder if this one confessional was pieced together from 2 seperate confessionals.

A wise and cautious confessional from silly, Patrick.

See them all talk about who got the clue on the the camera zooms in on Ryan.

Ryan, conf: “I found an advantage on the boat. Nobody knows about it. It’s in my pants, I’m dying to know what it is. For the first time someone’s dying to get in my pants. I kinda just wait for the perfect moment to get away. I go into the jungle by myself, I’m super excited! I’ve never had a secret advantage my entire life, I’m a hustler, hustlers don’t get advantages, and the hustler got an advantage! “

See him reading it...”super idol, can be played after the votes immense power, comes with a twist, can only be used during the first TC, if you don’t lose you must give it to one that loses. They won’t know who gives it to them. I’m SUPER excited! If we pull out a win, I have to give it to a member of the losing tribe. That means that right now I have the most power in the game and nobody else has any clue, whatsoever!”
See him smile to himself!

Healers day 2:

They are gathering bamboo and planning where the shelter will go together.

Desi, conf: I’m fortunate to be a part of the healers tribe, first and foremost we can communicate. And, as long as we do that in camp life everything will run smoothly.
This is fluff, not significant to the story, or to her story, but foreshadows disharmony somehow?

Mike, conf: My son told me to look for the idol. He’s 10 years old and he watches Survivor. If my 10 year old son knows to look for the idol, I should go looking for it. See MIke looking at the map. And, so should everybody else.

See Joe, Jessica and all of them talking. They suggest someone go check on the fire, Mike volunteers...

Mike continues: My biggest fear is to be voted out first, I left my wife and my kids behind to play this is crazy game. But, I did not come out here for an adventure. I am out here for a million dollars, see him run to the shore...and be the best survivor player ever. $$ quote. And, so I am willing to do what it takes to win this game. See him picking up drift wood...

See Joe say to Roarke and Desi: You know when Mike comes back I ‘m going to ask him to draw us a map to the idol because he knows where it is legit, he knows everything.

Joe, conf: Mike is definitely a player and I am a tad bit concerned that he’s running around and trying to find the idol. So, I think he went and looked for the idol and by now he’s probably got more than one. See Mike collecting wood and looking.

Desi defends him, “he’s getting firewood.”

Joe continues. I have a great lie detector and I am thinking Mike is not a trustworthy guy.

See Joe and Mike together. Joe asks him about the rope he has...Mike answers honestly.
Joe: Well Mike, I am gonna be honest with you, you are kind of suspect running around this island, you’ve been running around this island trying to find the idol. I personally think you got the idol.
Mike: I wish I did, that would be awesome.
Joe: Alright, so you looked through this whole island and you didn’t find nothing?
Mike: I didn’t look through the whole island. Mike looks away and down.
Joe: Mike, we’ve both watched the game
Mike interrupts him, I’m just saying I’m sort of honored that you think I’m hustling...
Joe: no, no, no, the thing is I respect you enough that I came to you individually. Right or wrong?
Mike: That’s nice.
Joe: Hopefully you respect me as well. That’s all I’m saying...
Mike: I do respect you, Joe.

Mike confessional: I don’t trust Joe for one second. He’s pulled me aside to have man to man talks with me to essentially bully me into telling him that I went looking for the immunity idol. I mean like, who is this guy?

Joe to Mike: I just wanted you to be aware that we are all aware. That’s all, that’s what I ‘m saying.
Mike. Okay.

Mike conf’l cont’d: “But, at the same time it puts me at risk. Perception is 90% of reality. Right? Unfortunately, and with that you don’t want to be having to fight perception.”

I noticed that Mike got the last word, and these two are a conflict. The fact that Mike comes across as the victim or hero, and Joe as the bully coupled with Mike having the last word makes me believe Mike will out last Joe.

Yawa, Red tribe, day 2. New music. OMG, as they share the load of a big log...building shelter together.

Ryan, conf: These first impressions are crucial and I really like having Devon in this group because he’s different than me.

See the group ask Devon what he does, I teach kids how to surf...I don’t make a lot but it pays my rent. See Ryan shake his head yes. (I think that he’s channeling his Stephan Fishbach vibes when he spies JT, the good ole country boy)

con’td: he seems like he is someone who is looking for someone that is more strategic...more strategically sound. So, I am waiting for the perfect moment when everybody’s cleared out of camp, so I can build a connection.”

See Ryan talking alone with Devon.....
Ryan: “So, I found an advantage...on the boat, only for the first tribal.” See Devon eating it up. “It’s an idol that can be played after the votes.”
Devon: “Dude, I was so scared of being the first one”
Ryan: “Oh no!”
Devon: “like, my biggest fear”
Ryan: “You are not going to be the first one...”
Devon in conf: “Ryan tells me about this special immunity idol. He said that he’d be willing to use the idol for me. Ryan and I have the same ideas the same plans, our chemistry is perfect.”

See them talking....Devon: we’re gonna cause chaos together
Ryan: I haven’t told anybody and I’m not gonna tell anybody else
Devon: keep it between us
They shake
Ryan: That’s how much I trust you
Devon shakes his shoulders

Heroes at night, night two, see two mice/rats, then see Alan, who is standing away from the group while we hear Ashley and JP flirting constantly. Cut to Chrissie looking over at them.

Are the rats supposed to represent Alan, or are the rats supposed to represent Ashley and JP? There are 2 rats, so perhaps they are the couple Jp and Ashley?

Hear Ashley and JP still flirting and yacking together. JP: that’s the first time
Ashley: First time for what? For us to fight?

Alan, conf: I know there is something going on between JP and Ashley. There’s red flags all over the place between those two. I need to let everybody know those two are stronger together right now than we are all as individuals. (the confessional is the next AM?)

Alan to JP alone: Alan: It’s cool if you got it!
JP: I don’t have the idol. 100%
Alan: How far are you willing to go to prove that?
JP: Shakes his head
Alan: Let’s go for a swim, let’s go to the water...go to the waters edge right now.
JP: I swear on my mom’s grave, I do...
Alan: No, I don’t want to do that to you...
JP: I promise dude...
Alan: I don’t want to do that to you...
JP: A man’s handshake?
Alan: I don’t need that, I know where the idol is right now....
Just pull your pants down
Jp: I swear to God...
Alan: I know where it’s at right now...I’m just trying to know what’s going on....see Ashley near the shelter
JP: Trust me, I promise
Ashley approaches them and asks, “What did you just say, I know what’s going on?” (see Ben laying down...)
Alan looks to Ashley and asks: Are we 4 strong or not?
Ashley to Alan: I thought so until right now! You are tripping...

Alan in confessional the next day: I don’t know if they had an idol or not, but I didn’t actually see anything, I just threw it out there. I know I look like the crazy man, but now I got some fishing going on. I just put a target on their back if it worked the way it’s supposed to work.

Ashley at night to them: “You are just insinuating that there is something going on that you don’t know about. There’s not that I know of”
Alan: So, there is no idol?
Ashley, incredulous....THERE IS NO idol!

JP in confessional: Alan is a crazy guy. He just all of a sudden gets this crazy look in his eyes just his drama and everything that he causes is, I think, maybe not worth his strength. Just a loose canon like that kinda rocks the ship.

Alan: to Ashley and JP, are we 4 strong? YES!
Alan: Yes, I know cause it looks like I’m tripping, right?
Ashley: YES!
Alan: So, the idol in your pants right now, I’m tripping about?
Ashley: If he has an idol, I know nothing about it.
JP pulls his pants down and Alan says, no don’t turn around, why you’d turn around? *snicker* As Alan grabs his pants at his ankles, “I know you got the idol down there...”
Alan: Dog, where’s it at?

Ashley in conf the next AM: Alan is starting to loose his mind. He had JP strip to check his pants for an idol. So, my mind is literally blown right now. His paranoia is like so bad, I mean where is this coming from right now? Cause, I trusted him and I thought he trusted me, but it’s snap, just like that, trust is out the window. Moving forward with him seems like it could be a liability down the road....see JP by the fire, then Alan by the fire alone.


Come on in guys...

race up cargo net, top of tower, pull heavy cart, push to bottom, find a choice of 3 S table mazes...first gets first choice, etc., then get maze to top of taller tower, get 3 balls in pockets, first 2 tribes safe from TC.

Tie votes are back in at TC....what does this mean?

Here we go....for immunity....shows the II’s, loser TC, where someone first voted out, Hustlers playing for fire in the form of flint.

Gotta get up that cargo net, attack it
heroes first then healers, hustlers
Adrenaline is your friend, strength you didn’t know you had
once you are in, release it.
Hustlers down first
Blue gets first choice, choose three, the hardest puzzle. Healers got third choice and got the easiest...(They may be heroes but they are not too bright, lol! - It was Ben that just made the choice. took the closest one....Patrick made the choice for Red.

Surprising Ryan choice to be pulling....Joe taking long time to get to top, can‘t pull till he gets there.....Finally Joe and Cole going to pull for the healers, healers working to make up some time. Hustlers first

It’s Chrissie and Ben for the Heroes with a traditional maze. Devon and Ali for the Hustlers with the obstacle maze and Dr Mike and Desi for the healers with the rail maze.

This is where adrenaline works against you now...
learning curve, gotta figure it out....healers doing it, Roarke gave them the big tip, lean to left, right, hustlers have first point.

Heroes then get on board. Healers are first and second.

Red have second ball....Heroes close, in and out, then drop. then Hustlers drop

Healers, Dr Mike and Desi win! Safe

Looking for one more...big move, who can get that third ball to drop gets it! Scream! Sending hero tribe to TC...see JP and Ashley, then Chrissie

Healers, congrats, impressive start, gives to MIke
Hustlers Lauren gets it...and Jiffy gives them fire in the form of flint.

Blue: Chrissie is on floor collapsed...I just ....she throws up....Ben: can’t say we didn’t give it our all, as he takes his hat off and fans her, here Katrina, we will make lemons out of lemon ade, Jiffy says this is what S is all about, work together or go to TC where you vote someone out....see JP, then Alan, then Chrissie...

Ryan, conf: I found this super immunity idol. It’s only good for the first tribal, so I now have to give it to a member of that losing tribe. I can give this to someone that is in the minority, see Chrissie, and save them tonight and they could take out some one who maybe a threat, see Ashley and then Alan, and maybe change the game.

Heroes: Day 3

They return to camp, Levu, whale and whale sounds heard...see a school of fish dart away and then the large whale with the ominous whale song music
Hear Katrina with some comforting empathetic words....

Ashley, conf: “Before last night the vote was easy....Alan created a spectacle out of nothing”... see the 2 moms get up and go get firewood....”In less than 12 hours”, see Ashley laying next to JP, “everything went from 100%, nice, we’re solid 4 to there” (see Katrina’s back walking away....then a quick glimpse of Chrissie) “there really is no trust.”

Then see the core 4 get together and say, Katrina or Chrissie? We all good?, asks Ben.... Ben says, you good? Keep it simple...

Alan in Confessional: “Ashley and JP think I am in the core four with them, but I don’t trust Ashley and JP further than I could throw them.” See JP and Ashley walk off. “They might be like, so Alan, gotta go. So, whatever they trying to do, I’m blowing it up.”

See Katrina approach Alan and say, what are you thinking? He says, ain’t nobody talk to me about game....
Katrina: Huh?
Alan: Ain’t nobody been talking to me about game
Katrina: Nobody has?
See Ben...then Chrissie
Katrina: We gotta work together
Alan: At this point there is still only two votes
Katrina: We could go with Chrissie and Ben?
Alan calls Chrissie over, see Ben watching from the shelter

Alan tells Chrissie that he’s thinking that it’s me because nobody’s talked game. And, I talked to her (Katrina), and she’s saying nobodies talked game to her either. Chrissie says that she thinks it’s her. She thinks the three of them plus Ben could make a strong four. See Ben come up.

Katrina, conf: I don’t feel totally safe, I don’t have a good alliance on the team. I knew I needed to get people together, we need four people to vote for somebody...

Ben says, so what? Ashley and JP, says Katrina. Chrissie suggests to write down Ashley.

Katrina: Right now I think I have a plan with Chrissie, Alan, and Ben. I have to put faith in 3 people that I am not sure totally have my back. Hopefully it works.

See fire

Then see Alan talking to Ben,
Alan: “I’m with you, if it keep us stronger”, camera focuses on Ben, who does look suspicious of Alan.
Alan continues, Ashley...I just know, Ashley, she’s a wild card. But...I’m with you.
Ben: Okay
Alan: Still keep our eyes open

Ben in confessional: “If everyone had just calmed down and talked it out, we’d be fine. But, here we are, day 3, and we’ve all just blown up.”

See Katrina and Chrissie say, I feel good with the plan....

Ben cont’s. : “Yup, at TC tonight there’s two ways that Alan and I can go...we can go with the mom squad and go straight for Ashley, (see Ashley chop a coconut), or we can go with JP and Ashley and get Chrissie or Katrina out. I’m a little worried about JP and Ashley having something going on. But, as a tribe we have to stay strong, see Alan, to win, but the two older women, see them, are probably the weakest link in our tribe. Whether or not you go with strength, see Alan, or loyalty, in the long run it’s about Alan and I. Who do we trust the most.”

This confessional is telling because Ben tells us that he is WITH Alan.

Cut to Chrissie getting her bag, as someone talks about it’s getting short on time.

Chrissie, conf: “I was getting ready for tribal and looked in my bag. I see a package. I have no idea what it is. She pulls out the idol, OMG! Reads: Some one has secretly chosen you to receive immense power early in the game. OMG! This is an immunity super idol. This idol can be played after the votes have been read but it can only be used at tonights TC. Wow! How lucky did I get? she puts it on. I got the super immunity idol and it feels incredible. I think the decision of what I do with the super idol is extremely important tonight. Especially since half the tribe is potentially on the chopping block. See JP, then Katrina. Katrina, me, Ashley, Alan, we don’t know. Clearly, If it’s me on the block, I’m using it to save myself. I just want to see what plays out and I will let the discussion at TC dictate what happens and for whom.” Cut to walk to TC.

Tribal Council: When Jiffy says when the fire is gone, so are you, camera on JP and Katrina.

Jiffy asks Ben: are you feeling the game really does move this fast....”It’s exciting, it’s scary, but that’s the game we all came to play.”
Chrissie: what was the vibe the moment you hit the beach? “Immediately I felt that I didn’t belong with this group...yes, I thought the 4 major threats would probably get together”....Jiffy: and, who is that? Chrissie: “Ashley, JP, Alan, and Ben.”

Katrina, did you have the same feeling? “Yes, we are older than a lot of the other people here. They look to us to vote out first vs somebody else.”

JP: Ashley, one of the unique things about this game is that you find yourself surrounded by people you may never even meet otherwise and the people out here will tell you exactly what they think, true or not, we never know.
Ashley: “Right, there is a lot in this game that you never know, and we’ve kind of figured that out”, see Alan.
Jiffy: How so?
Ashley: “Day 2.5, there is already a little bit of a commotion going on,” Alan said, “JP and Me, we have an idol. I have no clue where that came from.”
Alan: “An idol or a clue?”
Jiffy: We are talking about Ashley
Alan: “I’m not talking about Ashley, I’m talking about Ashley and JP. There’s two people and I am not going to back down from saying that.”
Ashley: “Jeff, we tried our best to convince him that what he thinks he saw is not true.”
Alan: “But, that’s not going to change my can deny, deny, deny...”
Ashley: “He had JP strip off his clothes last night. chuckle. To check for a non-existent idol.”
Jiffy: So, JP, you’re wrapped up in this as well?
JP: “Yeah, I guess a little bit, but at the end of the day”
Jiffy: A little bit? You took your clothes off to prove you didn’t have an idol.
JP: “Yeah, it’s all part of the game, everyone is entitled to their opinion and things like that so you can only do so much.” See Alan, look away.
Jiffy: Chrissie: the one thing about S is the minute you get linked to somebody else, now you are seen as two votes.
Chrissie: “Yes, and that is exactly what we had, people were concerned that we had a power couple.”
See Ashley and JP, OMG
Ashley: “To have the term power couple be thrown around is ridiculous to me. There is no me and JP, there are no conversations going on except for right in front of you...”
Alan: “My thing was to let the tribe know that there is something stronger in the tribe than the tribe.” See Ben shake his head in agreement. “Whether these folks believe what I believe, I know what I know. And, I’m not crazy, I’m confident.”
Ashley: You are going to feel very silly
Alan: “If I go home tonight because I am silly, than so be it.”
Ben: “But, I don’t think we need to bicker and banter about this”, Alan nods.
“We were labeled the heroes. We need to have the mentality that we can do what we planned and make our team strong and then we’ll hash out whatever we need to hash out later.” (The voice of reason and maturity)
Jiffy: Alan, that sounds like Ben has another plan and he’s trying to make sure that’s what is happening.
Alan: “Definitely, I could have avoided and sat back with my feet up because everybody is talking about getting rid of Katrina. Everybody threw out names to get rid of Chrissie. But that is the risk I had to take to let people know what is going on.”
Jiffy: Chrissie: look Alan says Look I am going to let you know what the early talk was, two older women.
Chrissie: “That feels terrible, I think that would be unwise. I think that voting me off is losing my skills.”
Katrina: “Jeff, I think it’s a point that everyone’s on the chopping block at some point, we have to see what we can do to connect with people. because if we can stay more honest about what is happening we can get alot further as a tribe then pretend things don’t exist.”
Ben: “I have no idea as to what is happening but we had a plan, right now it’s up in the air, we are going to have to do some damage control one way or the other.” (See Katrina)

No one plays the idol, Katrina, Ashley, Katrina, Katrina, first person voted out of S HvHvH: Katrina.

See Ashley then Alan, then Chrissie...Good luck guys. Alot of focus on Chrissie with the vote out of Katrina.

JIffy’s parting words: while the vote was united, this tribe is clearly not, see Alan...

I didn’t like that we only heard one time from JP when he was the one that was directly accused by Alan of having the idol. We heard 3 times from Ashley.


Jiffy really flew through the intro this season, probably because it was only a one hour premier. The people that he chose in the beginning as he was introducing the tribes and their themes were most likely because those people best exemplified the themes, heroes, healers, hustlers. They were Ben, Cole, Dr. Mike, and Ali. There were 3 confessionals mixed in among them however, and they may be significant.

The first confessional of the show, as well as the last, was Chrissie. She definitively believes she should be on the heroes tribe because she had a great career, then stepped away to have her kids, then started another new, great career. But, she will down play all of it because she doesn’t want people to think she already has money.

The next was a confessional by Dr. Mike, who was one of the ones chosen to talk about his profession. He had a million $ quote in this spot. The third confessional was from Ryan, who talks about how he hopes his tribe is strong and macho, he’ll defer to them and ingratiate himself...

So, I get the feeling that Chrissie, Dr. Mike, and Ryan could be significant characters.

To make a long story short I will say that the most significant player for me of the whole premier was Ryan. He played finding the “package” as best he could. He used it to rope in Devon, a very complementary character for him; he’s strategic, Devon is physically strong, surfer dude type. What’s more he was able to identify the weak link on the Hero tribe and has since set himself up for a nice bond to her and her associates. And, that is exactly where I see this season headed on the very first day.

Ben is solidly with Alan. Ben is going to get with Chrissie next week. Their solid trio could hook up with Ryan + Devon and now there is a solid 5. So, those 5 players are my strongest at this point. I also think that Ali and Dr. Mike may be significant to the story. I see Ali outlasting Patrick, who she knew well before the show. I see Cole out lasting Jessica. Cole had no confessionals but had a nice presence in the show. He was chosen to speak on what he did to exemplify the healers, he is seen dominating challenges, and we hear Jessica and Joe talking well about him.

Regarding Ashley and JP. I see Ashley as in trouble, and JP as well. JP is valued for strength but he clearly doesn’t have anything to say. Regarding Dr Mike vs. Joe. Dr Mike had the last word in their exchange, and Joe comes across as over the top - too much too soon and I think the women are going to find him abrasive in comparison to Dr. Mike. Cole will do what Jessica wants him to do, perhaps.

Here are my underlying assessments of them all....

Insignificant characters:

Simone: Who is she, completely invisible.
Jessica: Her only contribution to the show was to swoon over Cole. *Giggle*
Desi: She got a fluff confessional, BUT, was heard defending Mike to Joe
Lauren: Again, just one fluff confessional, she’s the odd one out on the tribe being the older woman

Characters to watch...

Joe: He’s coming across as a bully and the girls are noticing, while Dr. Mike is endearing and helpful. I see Joe coming up short
Ashley: She spoke up for JP more than JP spoke up. She is a strong woman, but her flirting got her in trouble immediately. She should have tried harder with the others. They all are onto her now.
JP: Stong, but not bright.
Roark: She had one confessional when they got to camp. She was the one they lifted to light the torch and she was seen directing them on how to navigate the puzzle portion of the maze. She’ll perhaps be a voice of reason, I have hope for her.
Patrick: He had a nice confessional, he looks whacky. He’s with Ali at this point, but Ali doesn’t seem too enamored with him. Does he have a plan B?
10. Cole: No confessionals but strong presence as noted above.

Characters with depth:

Ali: She seems like the one that is receiving the most attention at camp red, after Ryan that is. She’s a jack of all trades, she seems like a leader, but she doesn’t want to be the leader. She’s one to watch. Could hook up with Ryan and Devon?
Dr. Mike: Jiffy gave him as one of the reasons to watch this year. He got chosen to talk about his profession in the beginning as it related to “healers”, as well as an intro confessional. He’s endearing, he’s the nerdy dad giving it his all. He is the target of Joe’s wrath....I think the girls will choose Dr. Mike over bully Joe.
Devon: He’s hooked up with Ryan and he’s solid. I can’t help think there is more to this surfer dude than meets the eye. I think he’s got a little more game savvy than we see...
Alan: Alan framed a couple pretty quickly. By being so adamant, he indeed cast doubt. But, he’s a threatening physical presence, can he tone it down. Will he be loyal to Ben and perhaps Chrissie? Can he reign it in?
Ben: The voice of reason had a great first episode. Considered all things and played it well in the middle. Seems to be hooked up with Alan, and next week, Chrissie.
Ryan: Played the secret advantage as well as he possibly could. Will adjoin with Devon and perhaps Chrissie and company later.
Chrissie: First confessional and last confessional of the episode. She’s a very smart cookie that seems to know the Survivor game. I think she will reign Ben in next ep, and therefore Alan. With her direction, that’s one formidable trio.

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