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"S35 | The Editing ~ Characters and ..."
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22. "RE: The Merger: The Characters and..."
Michel, you just need to make a post every episode, PLEASE! You are the man at this stuff. I agree that Chrissy and Ryan are long term players, no doubt about that....But, At this point, I don't think that Chrissy will win. She's shown making bad choices, such as her math skills in the challenge that they definitely noticed, and her loud talking when they are surrounded by many people. These are critical mistakes that serve to target her. She's a little too prominent, but if someone can ride her coattails, or let her be the shield, I see how they could win over her in the end.

Ben, he's made some errors too. He's shown to be very stubborn, his way or the highway. The healers did give him his choice of boot, and he kept coming back to Cole. I don't see that as smart playing. Ben has also made enemies at this point and he's alienated the healers, but at this point in the game, and he's in the majority alliance, it may not matter at this point.

Ryan still is a contender for me, but I do see him as somewhat of a villain.

Devon is very intriguing to me. We have to remember that he is a calm, surfer dude, and I do think there is more to him than meets the eye. I agree that he's been a narrator of sorts. Ryan was deceived perhaps in judging him by his cover, perhaps how Stephen judged JT, the country boy? When they were at Hustlers, we saw that Ryan was the torn one regarding the boot, but it was Devon that was definitive and dictated the boot. I do think that Devon has stronger ties to Lauren, where Ryan dismisses Lauren. We saw Devon offering loyalty with Chrissy and Ben, he's working it. When Ryan had his confessional about it's the Hustlers that go out and make new alliances, blah blah blah....

I had been waiting to talk with Devon since we had swapped. Like 2 old friends coming together....A Hero/ Hustler alliance makes sense for us because unfortunately there are only 3 hustlers left. Me, Lauren, and Devon. I know that I am tight with 2 of the Heroes, JP and Chrissy. So, it would be a perfect the merge vote is like the cream of the crop of Survivor. This decides who is going to dictate the rest of the game. And, a Hustler doesn’t wait, (see Ryan AND Devon), a Hustler goes and makes alliances. At the end of the confessional, the camera zooms in on Ryan, as we here some rapid percussion, like a snake rattle.

We saw DEVON when Ryan referred to them, and we saw Devon making alliances with Chrissy and Ben. There was one more thing that really stood out to me with Devon...regarding the beginning of the episode, we saw Devon starving. Then, when Ashley had her confessional about "Survivor is no joke, We are not joking when we say if we don’t get food today, we might die."

See Devon barely moving forward, hear Ashley: He’s barely moving....sad, serious music plays, Ashley cheers him on, “You can do it, Dev!” Then Devon has a confessional about how real Survivor is....then the confessional ends with him seen laying in the sand as though he is on a crucifix, and then the camera goes right over him and rises, over top of him....then the VERY next scene, we see him entering the challenge arena with the banner, and he's holding it like a cross....The religious symbolism was over the top, and we all know how religious EPMB is and we also know the comparisons that Ethan got with it in Africa. Just struck me, and I have to wonder if Devon is our winner.

I also can't help thinking in a tribe full of Alphas, the beta will win, and I do see Devon as more of a beta than Chrissy, Ryan, Ben, Cole, Joe.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, I dunno.

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