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"S35 | The Editing ~ Characters and ..."
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11-01-17, 07:18 AM (EST)
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15. "Episode 5"
LAST EDITED ON 11-01-17 AT 07:23 AM (EST)

This week I don't have time to note every single nuance, but I wanted to touch on Jiffy's intro. Jiffy always seems to lead us where the story is going, as michel always noted. He notes the important stories at the moment, which is the action leading to the next boot, AS WELL AS what the stronger players are doing to get themselves to the end. Here is the intro this week:

At the Yawa tribe, Cole broke a healers trust (we see him telling Lauren....Jessica’s advantage blocks somebody’s vote at the next TC) ...and got caught. She tells him...“Its my prerogative who I tell”....see her in conf. crying: Did I choose to have a relationship with someone that I just shouldn’t have...

At the Soko tribe, Ryan had an old bond with the Hustler, see Ali, and built a new bond with the Hero, see Ryan with Chrissy...”So, you and I are going to have to be friends"...Ryan: "yeah!”

At the Levu tribe, Devon held all the power, Alan: You got me and Ash, you got Desi and Joe, no question, Devon is the swing vote.

At TC, the game turned upside down, Devon: This is being used against you to block your vote, and Joe seized the opportunity, he gives the idol to Jeff, making a big move, and sending a hero home.

14 left

So, the stories highlighted are Jessica recognizing that Cole is a loud mouth and a loser, Ryan building a new bond, and had an old bond, and the fact that Joe had a trick up his sleeve with the idol.

Michel noted in his last post:
Jessica isn't a strong player by any means but it's interesting that we keep seeing her trying to figure out this game. It's as if we're being shown someone becoming a better player in each episode. The improvement is slow but how good will she be if she makes it to episode 14?!

I have to say, this episode was like seeing the light. I may not be as quick as michel is at this editing stuff. But, for me, Jessica couldn't have been a contender when she was so focused on finding and flirting with love. But, a difference a week or two make. I am beginning to see Jessica as the long term player and WINNER contender.

She certainly would be a player that shows growth and maturation through the series. She's a serious competitor, (very bossy in challenges). I have loathed how she speaks to Mike, especially in the challenges, and then when Mike came to tell her that Lauren was speaking of Jessica's secret.

So, it was very surprising to me that she and Mike had enough of a bond to go idol hunting together. And, then, her reaction toward Mike, along with her confessional...
When I first got here I felt that Cole, Mike and I were in control....see Cole dipping his fingers into the peanut butter....but, after seeing Cole tell secrets, I do believe that Mike is paranoid about Cole as a number. On the flip side of that, Mike can keep a secret. So, right now, it would be a benefit to my game to for more of a bond with Mike.

If Jessica continues to build this bond, and use it to her advantage, she is indeed looking like a winner contender to me. WOW. WOW. WOW. I also have to say, that while she is ALWAYS on the tribe that does not go to TC, they are investing ALOT of time into developing her. I think this speaks louder than anything at this point.

On the flip side of Jessica's maturation, we see a few players edited negatively, namely Ryan and Chrissy, and what does that mean for their stories moving forward? Chrissy came across as calculating and manipulative. She played the "all girls alliance" to the tee, and influenced the players in her favor. But, she carried herself defensively and did we need to hear her tc vote remark: I am outsmarting Miss Smarty Pants.

With Ryan, who was also mentioned in the intro by Jiffy, I felt that his choosing to keep Ali out of the loop is a major flaw in his game. If he is that focused on his game others will notice, and he will not win. This episode we were hit over the head with Ryan's stellar social game, from Ryan himself, and from Ali. Ali had confessionals early in the game about her loyalty for Ryan....Ryan didn’t do well in the challenge, but I have been with Ryan the entire game so my trust is there, so I need to do everything that I can to have his back.

After Ali forms the bond with Roark, she goes immediately to tell Ryan her plan to get them further, and he's in total agreement.

These scenes served to make Ali look GOOD, and Ryan to look BAD, like the villain. It seems as if every connection Ali makes is thwarted. First, with Patrick, then with Roark, and now with Ryan. Can she find a connection that she can count on, or is she doomed to be a "loser", as she noted the former Hustlers were. Her quote was: The hustlers were just a group of losers, but being here I can finally start to build these personal relationships that will further my game... This statement surprised me...and I couldn't help but wonder if the winner was NOT at the original Hustler tribe.

The last person mentioned in the intro was Joe, and his big move. So Joe is either moving up or moving down. I can't help but feel Joe may have exposed his game too early, first with Mike, and now with Devon and Ashley. They recognize him as a "smart" player and he's not afraid of making "big moves" as Jiffy told us. He's placed a big target on his back, and I question whether he can manage it throughout the game.

Cole. Cole has been edited as being a dumb jock, that is now consuming everything around him, and is not considerate of others, as Lauren narrates. This week we saw him, but thankfully we didn't hear him. Actions speak louder than words, and Cole's stock is falling. He could be someone that is dragged to the end. If Jessica chooses to keep him around, he'll be far more of a physical target/shield for her, and possibly for Mike.

Which brings us to Mike, who's stock is RISING. If Mike trusts Jessica, and Jessica brings Mike into the fold, and Mike has an idol, it could benefit him immensely. Especially if they can reign Cole in to be their target, post merge.

The narrators so far seem to be Desi, who is eternally optimistic, which makes me think is misdirection. But, Desi is a solid competitor, and she's gorgeous, as we noted the shots of her bathing topless in the ocean...and, Lauren. She narrated a lot on the hustler tribe, and now she is on the red a snarky kind of way, which I appreciate.

So, at this point in the game:

Those who are perimeter players with this episode:

JP: ???
Desi: Stong, narrator
Ashley: lone hero, strong, with Devon
Devon: wants to stay with Ashley, targeting Joe
Lauren: narrating with snark.
Ben: he's a hero with nightmares. Doesn't mean he will remain on the perimeter for long.

Those with stock falling:

Ali: has no one to trust
Joe: showed his cards too early in the game, not able to find the idol most likely hidden in the same place.
Cole: shown to not be a smart player, not aware of how he appears to others.
Ryan: For one with such a social game, he did not play or manage his allies well and has created a possible enemy.
Chrissy: A manipulator with a capital "M", came across negatively, but effective.

Stock rising:

Jessica: thinking of bonding more strongly with Mike, so far, so good.
Mike: Finally has a confidant in Jessica, and has an idol. **I will say that I do not think Mike can win the game. I think he's there more for his kids than to win the million. Every thing he does has a confessional that associates his game for his kids and family. His confessional upon finding the idol: I have been looking for this idol kids are going to be so proud of me! But, there is always a danger of somebody else knowing that I have the idol...

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