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"S35 | The Editing ~ Characters and ..."
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26. "Episode 10/11 Transcript..."
Previously on S: After the merge the majority alliance was running the game. {Ben: We need a healer gone), but trust came into question, See Devon and Ben, Ben: Ryan has the idol. Devon: I thought I trusted Ryan, man. Jiffy: And, cracks started to form....Chrissy to Ben: People are starting to feel steamrolled by you. Ben: No, no they are not. Chrissy in conf: At this point itís Benís way or the highway.
At TC, Mike tried to change the game. Mike whispers to Joe: Follow my lead here...just trust me. Jiffy: He caused chaos, and played an idol (for himself). In the end, the majority stuck together and sent Cole to the jury. 9 left, who will be voted out tonight?

Night 24. Joe thanks Mike for not informing him....Joe: stupid reason to play your idol.

Chrissy: TC was crazy and fun. The seven of us did exactly what we needed to accomplish which was to vote out Cole. But, the best part of the night was when Dr. MIke played an idol, for no reason at all, it was icing on the cake. So, at this point we have 2 healers to vote out. Joe and MIke are dead men walking

Mike: I had to play my idol for 2 reasons. One because Iím not going to be that idiot that goes hime with an idol in his pocket. I also knew that there was a chance that they might write Joe instead of me and I need him with me so I had to make sure they were going to write my name. And, now my vote comes along with another vote of 2 vs. Cole staying here, I am still just a block of one.

Mike tries to explain, get everyone pissed off at me so they donít vote you, and you are still here...

Joe: At Tribal, Mike just exploded, and was kind of the villain, which I was kinda mad... but thatís my role...but he definitely messed up with the idol because no one knew that he had an idol and we could have used it down the road for a blindside for him and I to move forward in the game and now 2 swing votes with no alliances, no power, no idol.

Here Joe saying at camp to all of them, if you are going to do something as a team thing you need to share it...

Mike: It appears that I might have put a target on my back after TC, but the reality is I already had a target on my back. I needed to start playing my game and my game is to convince you, seven, why you need to crack. (Mike seen going off to sleep by himself.) Every body thinks I am this crazy doctor, but I am here to win this game and Iím not here to make to the 9, and 8, & 7. The seven have to break up at some point and yes, it might appear that I am on the bottom right now, but stay tuned, itís about to get really good.

Come on in, RC: Day 25. Use feet only, release rope, drop blocks in bin, stack ina circle and place a flag in the center, first to finish wins, taken on sea plane, aerial tour, then enjoy cheese burgers, FF, ice cold beer.

Untie rope, release foundation to rely on to get you all way to top, metaphor for S., build foundation to get you all the way to the end...Once get bottom level start on next level, keep stable, there is a 3rd level and then flag. Mike working on 3rd close to cheeseburger and not taste it if you donít win...After crazy TC, who knows where Mike stands in this game. Mike then Lauren, Ashley, and Chrissy. Mike has a rhythm and it is working. Last piece on top.....itís there, going for the flag...could win it right here. get flag up and over, repair, opens the door now, Ashley can feel it, Lauren...

Lauren going for the flag
Lauren hovering....Lauren wins individual reward
Lauren says feels good. bring somebody with you...brings on sea plane for another, Ben. one last seat, who? chooses Ashley...
Jiffy asks Ryan do you read into this? Ryan: No. Devon is a big guy he needs that sustenance, I support Lauren...
JP, Ryan, Joe, Mike, and Chrissy nothing for you...

Lauren: Ryan's wrong, I picked these people for a reason, they are not a strong group of 7, it's getting ready to blow up!

They are all seen in the plane, fly by the camp, Joe flashes them a moon...see Mike, itís very low, My wife would be very mad at me if I was on that thing.
Mike: I am so mad, the RC was mine to win...and I lost it. Now, I am stuck on the beach with Chrissy, Ryan, Jp who are literally just blinded by the 7, playing this comfortable game, letís just get Joe and Mike out. Itís a day for Joe and I to stir things up. Busting more jokes, we are like Ciskel and Ebert...Chrissy to Mike: Mike you are in rare form again this afternoon (as Mike asks Joe to get into another fight with Chrissy).
Joe: Mike, what are we going to call our table?
Ryan: the kids table?
Joe: No
Mike: the coconuts? Cause we are slightly coco, and it describes my urology...laughing
Ryan: seen shaiking his head

Ryan: I love cheeseburgers, and Iím starving. and, now I have to just sit back and watch the coconuts comedy team, and itís getting a bit of annoying, but itís been so benefitial, to have people like Mike and Joe on the outside who nobody wants to work with, see Ryan and Chrissy on the beach. Say to each other, Joe, then Mike. MIke just isnít as good a player. Get Ben out at 7, then Lauren at 6.They note that Ben is a strong player, letís stick with it, the 7,
Ryan in conf: Me and Chrissy are just playing a more strategic game than everyone else, we are looking down the road and our focus right now is on Ben as that first vote going into the 7. Heís a strong player and he will be really tough to beat going to the end, and itís really funny that heís the one that is like letís stick with the 7, letís stick with the 7 and we are sticking with it, but you are going to be number 7.
Hear Chrissy: Am I being really stupid in thinking the 7 of us are going to stick to the 7? Ryan: I think itís really going to happen
Chrissy: I think itís going to happen too, my intuition tells me. .... 100% say Ryan and Chrissy.

Cut to the reward:

Lauren: Heaven on earth! It didnít take me 2 seconds to eat that cheeseburger. You know I dropped mustard on my pants and I said Oh gosh...I looked at that mustarad and said, I ainít had a bath in 20 something days, whatís a little mustard gonna hurt now, you know? ...the whole time I am thinking...let everybody eat and feel good and then start talking business.

See them eating, thank you, Lauren! Lauren says that weíve all worked really hard, we are all here working individually playing against each other, but you have to have a certain amount of people to get control of the game, see Ben, and Chrissy, Ryan, and JP, they are fooling themselves if they think they are going to keep themselves together to 7. This is perfect timing, this is why I picked you guys, and you being hero, hero, hustler, hustler...Iím gonna keep right on hustling...

Lauren conf conítd: 7ís a great number, but 7 is not gonna last forever, and if you are stupid enough to think itís gonna last, than something is wrong. JP, Chrissy, and Ryan feel a little bit too comfortable right now. To me, this is the perfect time to break up the numbers before it gets broken up on us.

Continues to the group, letís take all the information that you know, you know, you know and I know and letís take all the information and use it against them. Ben: right. Devon: Ryan has an idol...Ryan told me that he had an idol and that I was the only one that knew, and I trusted that....Lauren: I have the secret advantage and it is still in play and I have an exta vote. Ashley: There is a lot of telling of things and this girl hasnít been told anything!
Ashley: Laurenís plan to get the 7 early is an awesome idea, and if I want to be one that is in on decisions and not be just one that is told what to do then I need to step up the aggression, I need to step up my game play.

Lauren to the group: They are never going to expect Ben and Joe together, now if you can put your differences aside (to Ben) and if you can put your differences aside ( to Ashley), and play the game we just need to go ahead and play it cause itís not personal, itís business.
Ben: this is where the tricky part comes in
Lauren: well, the tricky part is that Joe and MIke need to stick around for a little while.

Ben: Itís impossible to live with Joe. Iím sick of being called King Arthur. Iím sick of trying to keep everyone in line and straight, but now, if I need to keep Joe, Iíll do it.

Lauren to Ben: that whole round table and that, thatís going to hurt you right off the bat.
Ben: I am on board with this, and I will ride with you 4 to the end on this.
Devon: Solidy this right now? Over a beer
Lauren: We can take control of the game! To the final 4!

Devon: Lauren has been surprising me. She came into this game talking no strategy, and now sheís surprising me...I am seeing this other side of her, sheís really good, sheís as good as me. And, uh, IĒm happy sheís on my side, and I think this plan is gonna work, see Ben. This is what S is all about, who knows what can happen at rewards!

Devon reaches for another burger patty and they find letters! OMG!!! Soft music plays and the tears start...Ashley, Ben,

Lauren: I got a letter from my daughter, and it said, dear Mama...that was it, I lost it. Iím a single mother and Iíve had to fight for every dime that I have gotten, see Devon and Ashley in tears, itís a really good reminder that I have to make big moves for her. Thatís the whole point of me being here, to not to give up on her, Iím not just here for myself, Iím here for her and for her future, and for me.

Ben: Thank you Lauren, they are all in tears. they all hug Lauren,

Lauren continues: and, for those guys to get it also meant alot to them and I think that it also brought us closer together, so we can actually make this happen.

Lauren: I am really glad that I won today

Devon comments on how the letters have even bonded us more today, see Ben...Devon: Iím not walking away from this. Ben: If we stick together this is where we flip the game.

Solewa Day 27

Ben: Itís a new day and what a way to start the day with my wife and 2 kids, see him sitting on a rock and reading his, I know itís a letter, but you can hear her talking in her words, and Wyatt wrote me a letter too. And, his writing is getting better. I miss my wife, I love her to death, she changed my life, she saved my life. When you go thru combat and you come back, alot of people have a hard time doing it, and I told her, my wife just gave me the gas and fuel I need to play this game.

As Ben walks back from his rock on top of the hill position he sees the clue on a rock....OMG! Here music playing...Out of nowhere I see this rock that says dig, at first I think there is an idol hidden underneath of that rock...pulls out a clue, look underneath a clay pot...but it was a map of our island and itís a clue to where the HI is . It said look for a cay pot, oh man, Iíve been looking since day one to find these darn, I lost it! No way! kisses the the marine in me, when there is a mission or a task to get done, itís go time. Right now I have a map, I have an objective and Iím gonna go get the job done. My mmission now is to get to the idol, you know Iím sweeping the area like I would clearing a room, you have to keep a keen eye out for something that looks out of place. think quickly, clearly, looks up and finds it, clay pot in middle of the's up in a tree...and he's got idol, he kisses, it, thank you family.....I have never been more happy to wear a darn necklace...I need the idol and I ain't telling no one about it cause no one can keep a secret, thank you honey!

Cut to the IC: Balance on triangular platform, feet perched on narrow footholds, get smaller& smaller as you go up, fall off and you are out. NOtes there is alot of talk about alliances, if you feel secure, I will offer you something, forego this challenge and indulge in guarenteed pleasure of feast on peanut buttere and chocolate, give you a minute to think about it, dEvon, Ben, and Lauren sitting out of the challenge, while Mike, Ashley, Chrissy, Ryan, Joe all participate. Eat till the challenge is over. Will be on the first ledge for 20 minutes
Mike, what will your kids thing? I will need to convince them that I am not crazy
Chrissy: too late for that
Mike: Coco nuts, Joe is Coco and I am nuts
If you touch the platform at all, you are out. Ben offers Jeff some peanut butter. JP....nice save, but he then is out.

Down to 5, 20 minutes is gone, move to final spot, top level, get balnce, now it gets fun. Chrissy is out, Joe is struggling and heís out. Down to 3, 3 very different positions. Mike says heís not leaving S. without winning an immunity. Ryan teeters, Ashley looks like she is surfing. Ryan out. then Mike out, Ashley wins. See Joe

Ashley: JP, Chrissy, and Ryan didnít win, I am a giddy little kid about this tonight, now itís time to pull the trigger and make it happen!
Ryan: I was surprised that Ben, Devon, and Lauren ate, but luckily Ashley won. Now, we get to decide between Mike and Joe, see them all talking in a group...I donít care.

Chrissy: I feel very comfortable with our alliance of 7. Getting rid of one of them will get rid of the coconut allliance, itís driving us all bananas.

17. Devon: I look at Chrissy and Ryan and I see the power blinding them, I see the cluelessness in how conifident they are acting, needs to be changed, and me and my alliance have to change that.

See Lauren, Devon, Ashley in the water...Lauren: Chrissy is a huge thinker, astermind. JP, good physically, Ryan: great time to flush the idol. If we donít do it now...

Then, Devon has a plan, have Ben vote with them, so Chrissy, Ryan, and JP will come running to him. We will need Joe and MIke to vote with us to keep the numbers

Ben: My mission now is to stay on the side of Chrissy Ryan and JP....we will have the numbers if we get Mike and Joe

Cut to Lauren and Ashley talking to MIke and Joe....they still think 7 strong and you two are out...

Joe: OMG, the seven has a split

Lauren: I am one step ahead of them, tribal will be a huge blindside and there will be fireworks at camp tonight!

Chrissy: 2
Mike: 3
Joe: 2
Lauren: 4
Ryan: 2
Ben: 3
Ashley: 2
Devon: 2
JP: 0
Jiffy: When is it happening? Itís happening when you donít know itís happening

Return for TC...
Chrissy: someone please explain how it happened. Joe says we look like coconuts but we are not idiots...hahaha.

Ben: It was well played coming from a guy that said heíd never be a puppet.
Joe: Me and Mike, weíve never been bitter...we are happy around camp and just be glad that you are still here, see Ryan

Chrissy: I am upset about the blindside, but I am more upset about the way that those 5 treated us when we got back to camp.

See Chrissy ask: Am I allowed to ask how long the plan was crafted?
Devon: You can ask, But Iím not going to answer.

Chrissy contís: Blindsides are a part of the game, being snarky to your friends is not. Thatís the part that is frustrating to me, but clearly, they are not friends. whatever

See Ryan telling Lauren: Thank you for saving me...

Ryan: I try to be very gracious, I said good move, way to play everybody, but I Ďm infuriated. Iím not....see Lauren tell him, youíre fine Ryan....itís new for me, being on the bottom. I really need to think how I am going to recover from this.

Ben: telling Joe, you didnít make the move, you got drugged along by your little puppet strings. The great puppet guy that would never be a puppet.

Ben: Mike and Joe are pretty much in the dark of me working with Ashley, Devon, and Lauren, but Joeís walking around like it was his damn idea, you know? To blindside JP.

See Joe and Mike, buy one get one free!

....ben: He did what a good little puppet would do, you pulled his strings, he made sure he wrote down JP, and he did

Back to camp, ben to Joe: what was the reason for JP?
Devon: You guys are asking confidential information

....ben contís: I should get an award for the performance I put on when we got back from camp. Iím doing my best double agent, whatever you want to call it. Iím playing a role of being on the outs with Chrissy and Ryan to gather intel but really I have my alliance of four with Lauren, Devon, and Ashley.
This gave us the upper hand, now Ryan and Chrissy are at the bottom...

Ryan approaches Devon: You know IĒm not mad at you...
Devon: I had to do it, I know, I know

Ryan: I never thought Iíd have to repair my trust with Ryan...Devon and I have been together since day 1, I have given him every single ounce of information that I have had in this game and he blindsided me. He could have sent me home.

Devon: the reason that you didnít know about this vote was because....
Ryan: the idol?
Devon: YOu told me that I was the only one that and me.
Ryan: No, you were the only one that I told

Devon: ever since Ryan lied to me about him and I being the only ones that knew about the idol ...that lie caused me to no longer trust him anymore.

Ryan to devon: Iíve never waivered from you me and Lauren going to the F3 together. (lie) and Iíve voted the way we said we were going to vote.

....I trust Ashley, I trust Lauren, and I want to trust you, but you scared me, youíve really scared me.

Devon continues: Weíve had an alliance since day 1, but it is a selfish game to get to the end, and I have a plan to get me to the end, and heís no longer a part of it.

Day 28...they are eating rice

Devon: I grew up watching survivor but you donít realize how mentally draining it is. My whole game up until this point has been very cloudy but now everything is becoming much more clear. See smoke at the fire, then see the sun shining clearly.

To Ben sitting on the beach:

Devon: is it just me, dude, or are you feeling really good?
Ben: Iím feeling really good.
Devon: but you realize, we vote off one more person and we are guarenteed.
Ben: Yeah
Devon: final 4 because then weíd have the majority and then we can be open with you and we donít even have to hide
Ben: yeah, alright,
Devon: that you are with us at that point
Ben: even right now cause we have Laurenís extra vote
Devon: Oh, thatís true, It really doesnít matter cause once we have us four on majority, then we are set.

Devon: I mean Ben, being our secret agent, I know where the idol is, I know where the advantages are and I know what every single player is thinking. Itís between Chrissy and Joe, for sure.
Devon to ben: The only reason I want to keep Chrissy over Joe is that I think Chrissy is more of a challenge. A bigger threat than Joe...
Ben: right

Devon continues: for the first time in this game, I am calling the shots. And, I donít think anyone knows that I am as good at this game than I am. So, I am sitting in the best possible seat in this game.

Cut to RC, water and land parts....come on in...randomly divide 2 teams of four, swim to boat, collect 3 bags of logs, use them to push puzzle peies thru puzzle, then use them to complete puzzle. winning 4, survivor spa, shower, massage, eat, chicken veggie wraps, pecan and keylime pie.

teams: Lauren, ryan, mike chrissy vs ben ashley, joe, and devon

first get everyone in boat, mike is in...start paddling, red finally in, blue in early lead...devon has first bag, heavy logs, ryan canít get bag into platform, needs help...Ben has second boat got away from made up alot of heads for third and final bag...MIke has it for red...paddle to shore, dead even....both teams trying to clip in, good, now get all pieces up the beach, untie when all 3 bags, blues strength coming into play, all up quickly, red struggling...shove logs thru. as push logs push puzzle pieces out the other side...Ben does it, alternates with Ben...Blue has all pieces through, get all pieces up on puzzle table, Lauren using whole body to push them thru...Lauren is work horse using her body to shove logs thru...
Ben and Ashley has alot of time....

Mike and Chrissy working for red...gigantic comeback for MIke and chrissy if they can pull it making progress, Ashley and ben slowing down...hoping ofr a mistake...Blue wins, Joe devon ben and ashley...Chrissy says they could have gotten it...

7. Joe: I felt confident that we were going to win and we did. And, now I have a complete alliance, the tables have completely turned, itís time to eat and get a massage.

Cut to reward

Devon: the reward is amazing, I mean to have a spa day, shower, and get massages. Eat wraps, itís like hitting a restart button on your body. But, there is still strategy in mind so Ben is still playing the role of the dethroned king and JOe is still eating it up.

Devon says he feels like a king, Ashley pats Ben on the back: you should feel right at home then, King Arthur.
Ben: jerk
Devon: Cheers to King Arthur
Ben: to them, hereís to my disloyal knights

Ben: Itíd be nice to kick back with Devon and Ashley but, Iím still playing my part of being on the outs but that is kind of fun for me right now just cause Iím kind of messing with Joe and he donít even know it. Any time I can mess with Joe, Iíll take it.

Ashley and devon note when your winning in this game life is fun!
Ben: When your all. turns on you, itís not so fun. See Ashley
Ben: Did you guys have plans from the git go, like when? YOu guys donít have to answer
Devon: yeah,
Joe: My lips are sealed
Devon: Iíd rather not talk about it...
Ben: alright, thatís fair
Devon: I mean it was a move we made...the game moves on.

Joe: Ben has been the leader of his pack since the beginning and now heís at the bottom and he doesnít know how to play this game without power and control. He wants to talk about the game, obviously, and we are like dude, we are not going to talk about it. Now he kniows how I felt.
Ben: Well, I just hope I am not next, that is all Iím gonna say...
Joe: there are alot of dangerous people out here...

Ashley: Benís still putting on his performance as a very disappointed king Arthur and he sells it like iíve never seen a story sold. Itís awesome. But, heís playing a really good game and that is pretty scary.

See Devon take Benís hat and try it on...
Ben laughs, OMG
Devon: Howdy partner
Ben: Youíre lucky we got to know each other that well!

Devon to Ashley: We have the exact same game togheter, and we are getting to the end together.
Ashley to Devon: Last night was like the turning point for me
Devon: Yeah, cause we finally made a move.
Ashley: We made a big move and now everyone is scrambling.

Ashley continues: I feel like this game just upped to a whole nother level for me and up to the merge I definitely took a back seat to my game but now itís really evolved and I feel like I am finally playing S.
Ashley to Devon: And, itís a really good feeling!
Devon: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Ashley: Making that big move set the pace for some really big moves ahead. (see Ben getting out of the shower. ) It makes me feel like this is my game to lose.

Solewa, Day 28. Cut to the others roasting coconuts at camp.

Ryan: I feel like nothing is going my way, I canít win a veggie wrap! Thatís how bad things are going right now and I have an idol in my pocket. I donít want to play it once and then just go home thenext time, so I need to work with mike, if we could show that we could work together, weíve both been left out of votes, both been on the bottom, I think it would endear us to each other. Maybe, just maybe I could swing him over and have the numbers back on our side.

MIke to Ryan: s is very situational, ya know?
Ryan: Extremely, now itís you 5, you, lauren, devon, joe and yourself, and then again, you donít have to...
Mike: I canít say

Mike: When you look at where I was 3 tribals ago and where I am today from the bottom to the top and now I have a nice alliance of 5 and we have a plan to work together and, Iím sticking to that paln.

Ryan to MIke: Iíve always wanted to work with you, Mike
Mike: YOu never wanted to work with many opportunities to work with me...
Ryan: Oh, no question
Mike: the whole week I gave you opportunities to work with me
Ryan: the game changes, you know that
MIke: the game does change

Mike continues: I went up to Ryan at least everyday for a week and siad, Letís work together. And, he said no.

MIke to Ryan: I think I am pretty good right now Ryan, unfortunately for you.

He said right before TC, he wasnít voting for me. He voted for me, and then he has the nerve to come up the next day and say to me: Mike, Iíve always wanted to work with you. And, Iím like well, isnít it a buck late and a dollar short?

Chrissy to Lauren at camp:
Chrissy: this might sound totally bizarre because you and I have really not talked strategy.
Lauren: Um hmmmm
Chrissy: But, Ryan and I have talked strategy and prior to yesterday...

Lauren: I expected Chrissy to try and come and talk strategy with me, but thatís as far as it goes. Sheís very annoying.

see Chrissy tell Lauren: We have talked about going final 3 with you. I donít know if heís mentioned it to you?
Lauren: No, but ummm
Chrissy: I donít know what your plans are for a path to the ending?

Lauren confl contís: I mean I will listen to you all day long but that doesnít mean I will go with you...

Chrissy to Lauren: Letís start having conversations and keep them moving...

Lauren: But, who else are you have conversations with then?

Lauren in confíl: If you wanted to talk to me, then you would have talked to me several weeks ago and not just today. Iíve jumped ship once, see Ryan and mike return, and Iím not gonna jump ship again. Iím staying in the same boat.

Chrissy: I believe that Ben, Ryan, and I are the next ones to be voted off. So, Lauren does somewhat have my fate in her hands. I opened the topic but she just didnít want to talk strategy with me. Lauren made a swing for them, and Chrissy says it is so wonderful
Chrissy contís: I donít want to be seen as desperate, but that is how I am feeling today. This game is kicking my butt. And, it is a new feeling for me and right now I am definitely in trouble because I donít want to be voted off.

Rain: Day 29, making rice. MIke says are you okay to Chrissy, NO Iím just getting hungry and tired of sleeping on bamboo, wet cold.

Iím just having a day, day 29....need a hug or anything....MIke sits down next to her

Chrissy: Itís just hard for me because in my world, Iím in control of everything. itís hard not being in control of my own fate, that is why this game kicks your #####, I really donít want it to be the end of the line, this has been my dream for 16 years. But, what I do as an actuary is come up with all the possible outcomes so I am alwayS tinking of different ways and different outcomes that I can get myself back on track. I hope that I can have the last laugh. (crying)

IC Challenge...

compete over a see saw challenge course ends with a vertical puzzle.

use S driving wheel to transport key thru series of obstacles, key unlocks things then get pieces of puzzle, get to end and build a vertical puzzle.

See Joe when he says someone will be the 11 th person voted out.

go...first transport key through these obstacles...Ashley drops, Ben is good, Devon good, ryan drops, Lauren drops, Joe is good, MIke drops Chrissy is good....go acrosse the balance beam...Ben is good, unlock puzzle pieces, devon across, then Joe across, Ben releases his pieces...Ashley is good...stack and get them to the finish...MIke drops...Lauren is good, Ben has pieces free, Devon they both have 4 pieces....get them all in the bin before go back...Joe drops, ashley has 4...chrissy has 4, devon with 4 more...mike thru first section, and so is Ryan...Devon in lead then ben, devon with last 4 puzzle blocks, ashley has 8 blocks at once. Devon is working on puzzle...Chrissy taking long time to try to get back in word...Devon shakes his head and says, no idea...
One word, what could it be...see the wear and tear of 30 days... invulnerable...Iíve been waiting for this for 16 years. I really needed it tonight, itís absolutely an incredible feeling knowing that I will be herre tomorrow night, on day 31. (See Joe)

Chrissy: I am invulnerable, I finally won a individual immunity challenge....I really needed it for tonight, I really believed that I was gonna go home. So, coming home with this necklace is just beautiful in so many ways.

Ben: After the challenge with Chrissy winning there are 3 other people to pick to send home. No harm no foul. Now we just need to get to gettin and figure out who to vote off next.

See a snake and then see the F4, Ash, Lauren, Ben, Devon:
Devon: the number one thing is to figure out who we are voting out next.
Ben: Yíall, we donít need Joe anymore. We donít need Joe.
Devon: We really donít. Letís do Joe. Easy, simple, JOe. Done deal

Devon: My alliance of 4 is going to vote Joe, now we have to come up with this whole new pitch to tell Mike.

See devon telling AShley and Lauren: Why donít we just tell Joe and MIke that we are using your extra vote tonight. We will say that Joe, Mike, and Me will vote for Ryan, and Ashley, you and your extra vote will vote Ben, that way we are safe, and we all just vote Joe out.

Devon continues: I come up with this idea to split the votes between Ryan and Ben, but the reality is myself, Lauren, Ashley, and Ben will vote for Joe, and Joe will go home.

Joe and Mike approach the three. Whatís going on tonight. Devon explains that we have a plan, Lauren has an extra vote,
Joe: for when?
Lauren: for whenever I want to use it.
Devon explains it to them, then when the revote, we all vote for Ben.
Nobody knows about her extra vote.

Joe: This is absolutely amazing, Lauren has an advantage which gives her the ability to actually vote twice. So, right now I am ecstatic, just knowing that that extra vote is going to be used.

Mike adds: I canít wait to see Ben go, heís the biggest threat in this game.

MIke: I am excited to see Ben go home because honestly he is the biggest threat out here now. He will do anything to win this game. And, Ben has betrayed me multiple times. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Iím not going to let Ben fool me.

Chrissy talking to Ben and Ryan: to ben: looking at it I think any way they split the votes itís gonna be you...Chrissy wants to get Devon and Ashley, Ashley screwed us both, Ryan: what ashley did to you, Devon did to me...Ryan: How did we let 2 25 year old surfers...
Ben: Gosh dang it. This stinks yíall.

Ben: This acting is a little exhausting but itís for a good cause at this point. I just need to get through one more tribal. Just play the poor me, why me card. And, then everybody knows.

See Ryan and Ben talking, Ben tells him to play his idol. If I had one, Iíd play it. It gets you to day 31. They shake hands. What every happens itís been a pleasure.
Ben continues: I still have an idol but I donít feel the need to play it. For tonight to actually happen the way itís supposed to happen

See an inch worm....
Lauren to Ashley: I was just thinking, it would be crazy to take ben to the final 4.
Ashley: yes. 100%. Sitting next to him...we would all look like chumps. Everyone would vote Ben. Strong, leader....shoot, I would vote Ben.

Lauren: Timing is everything in this game and it could be the time to vote Ben out, because he has made big decisions and heís been the king in his round table and all that stuff.

Lauren to Ashley: So, why donít Joe and MIke right their second, and we can use them how we need to use them? You and devon need to talk about us three voting Ben out

Ashley: Right now itís me, Ben, Lauren and Devon and right now we are voting out Joe, but it seems like Ben would be a huge threat at the end and in this game you have to be aggressive and I am starting to do that.

Lauren to Ashley: Itís nothing against Ben, but heíll win
Ashley: I get it, heíll win.

Ashley continues, All of the stronger players, is that they make moves. Ben could go home tonight, this could be our chance to make that happen.

See Ashley and Devon walking and then see a snake.

Ashley to Devon: Iím considering alternate plans, about getting Ben out.
Devon: Are you serious?
Ashley: Yes
Devon: OMG! Wow!
Ashley: Thatís a move right there for both of us.
Devon: Yes, Benís thinking of big moves....Benís dangerous
Ashley: Yes. It has to be 100% a blindside.
Devon: Itís between Ben and Joe....this is hard

Devon: This vote is not an easy one. But, I realize Ben is a big threat and I need to make big moves in this game and be ruthless. But, I have to be smart, and make the right decision. OMG!

The first episode was a blindside of JP. How the mighty and arrogant Chrissy, Ryan felt on top, controlling the game. Then, we see the blindside. Ryan never saw his mistakes. With the power switch, both Lauren and Devon emerge as strategists, painting targets on their backs. We start to see the secondary alliance emerge with power and follow the same path as Chrissy and Ryan. They use the healers to serve their purposes and vote out Joe, blindsiding Mike. Clearly, Mike will flip to Ryan and Chrissy.

But, the story that seems to be emerging is what would Ben do? Ties to both sides. And, with SO many idols in the game, it serves to create doubt, make it perhaps anyone's game.

Seven are left, who will be voted out next?

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