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"S35 | The Editing ~ Characters and ..."
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9. "Episode 2"
I always agreed that you could get a lot from the producers by listening closely to the intro that Jiffy gives at the start of each episode....whether he dismisses some, while focusing on others can lead us in the right direction...

Jiffy: At the Healer tribe, Joe interrogated Mike. ďI personally think you have the idolĒ.
Mike: "I wish I did!"
Joe in conf: Mike is public enemy number one.

At the Hustler tribe, Patrick found his partner in crime....Patrick to Ali: I got your back, Ali: I got your back if you got mine...

See Ryan and Devon... And, Ryan confessed to having the super idol.
Ryan: If we donít go to tribal, I have to give it to somebody else.

The hero tribe was facing TC...And a core 4 came together.
Ashley to the others: "I wanted us four from the beginning'...which put the 2 moms on the outs. Chrissy to Katrina, "you think itís you? Because, I think itís me...."
But Chrissy received Ryanís super idol. See Chrissy read: "It can only be used at tonights TC, WOW", as she puts it on....

At TC, Alan accused JP and Ashley of being a power couple...hear Ashley: to have the term power couple be thrown around is ridiculous to me.
Alan: I know what I know and Iím not crazy, Iím confident.

In the end, the alliance of 4 stuck together. And, Chrissy decided not to use her now powerless super idol. 17 left, who will be voted out tonight?

This intro he called out Joe, Patrick, Ryan, Chrissy, Alan, and Chrissy again. Something to keep in mind.

What this tells me: Conflict between Mike and or the other when they go to TC? Patrick and Ali....not that strong a bond whereas Ryan and Devon working on a strong bond. At heroes, Chrissy perseveres, holds on to idol to be used to help her in the future...

At night 3, Heroes, see snake...

They never want to go to TC again...

Chrissy: TC was really heated and angry. Great for me, right? I started out on the bottom. And now I think I am no longer on the bottom because all these little cracks come up among themselves. I was also glad I did not use the immunity super idol because in the future if I feel my name is on the chopping block, I can use it as a decoy idol. FORESHADOWING ~ It has no power but it still has power.

Chrissy is smart! See Chrissy standing looking at the fire, and we all know that fire is life!

Hear Alan comment he doesnít want to go back to that....

Alan:"TC was intense, I mean I was not expecting this to start flying like that. But, at the end of the day, I think I got what I wanted in terms of people really thinking of Ashley and JP as a power couple. Like, so my plan worked essentially, Like whether I am right or whether I am wrong, I think I created some kind of suspicion. A lot of times suspicion gets you the kind of results that you want."

See Alan illuminated by the fire, then cut to a spider. Is Alan the villainous spider?

Alan appeared as a bully and he thinks by bullying his way forward he can get the results that he wants. Setting himself up for a big fall, later, perhaps?

After the spider, see Ashley talking to Chrissy and Ben about how do I convince others without any proof...Ēas soon as the words Ďpower coupleí got thrown into it....OMG!

Ashley: "The whole spectacle that Alan created tonight at TC sort of shows how off the hinges he really is. Iím not going to sit back and tell my whole tribe that I am in a power duo with JP, and we are hiding idols. I think he went from a really safe place with the core 4 and now, heís put a huge target on his back."

Hear Ben tell Ashley, Iím starting to believe you more, Ashley: THANK YOU!....Hear Ben say, Alan has to keep it under wraps, period.

So, while Alan believes he succeeded in placing doubt on Ashley and JP, it appears from this that he only served to create doubt on himself. He "thinks" he got what he wanted, but did he?

Ben, the voice of reason even agrees...

Ben confessional the next morning: "Man, this group is like old paint. Itís cracked and fractured everywhere. I am not sure who I can trust. The core 4 is gone. The perception might still be there in some peopleís heads, actually, no itís not. Itís done, the whole thing is shot. Now, itís every man for himself. Cuts away with him seen shaking his head."

Cut to the Intro ~

Hustlers: upbeat guitar music, see Devon run to surf and do a flip into it, then cut to see Patrick running ~ see them all working and getting things done, wood collecting, fish, etc. Cut to see Simone sitting in the shelter when everyone else is up and busy, sheís swatting bugs...

Ryan: "We have definitely, as the days go by, owned the hustler mantra. I, like, yeah, I really do bust my bum ....the hustler tribe is feeling really good about itself. We have some momentum now and I think I am in a pretty good spot socially...."

~I canít help but think this is misdirection....Ryan starting to feel overly comfortable and good, hints that they will be the ones losing and going to TC~

cut to he and Devon, Ryan says to Devon: "I feel like me and you, we are doing okay!"
Devon: I think we are the best players in our tribe
Ryan: yeah, for sure
Devon: everyone else, when I talk to them, Iím not smiling...I get all serious, but with you Iím able to talk my strategy and have a smile on my face
Ryan: exactly...

Ryan continues: "I think me and Devon are really tight, we are locked tight (?) Weíve gotten along so well! Honestly, I feel like I have connected with everybody on my tribe. Maybe not Simone, but I donít think anybody has a connection with Simone. Itís.....sheís wierd. And, want to blend in, in these first couple days and the people that blend in are ones that escape..."

See Simone walk up to camp from the beach, ďI did it!Ē

I notice that she is wearing tight high boots! She did it with her boots on? In the surf, she is a fish out of water...

Someone says, what? Aqua dump? Yes!

Simone: I am not an outdoors person! "The fact that I was relieving myself in the water was the biggest milestone"

To the others at camp....I am so proud, I feel like a super hero...they all agree, she has super powers now...

Simone continues: "I know people think that this is paradise but itís tough out here and itís hot all the time and there is no air conditioning"... (WHAT???? Is this the type of person that now gets picked to play Survivor???? We are in big trouble ~ ugh!)

See her complaining, ďI hate the outside ....Iím challenging myself, I am having an adventure...."(she is so TOAST)

Simone continues: "I think people look at me, she has no experience in the outdoors but, I am a hustler because I am good under pressure."

Lauren at camp asks, who is going to gut the fish, as we see Patrick on screen....(editing telling us, foreshadowing the demise of Patrick by Lauren, perhaps?)...then we see Ryan...then Simone says that she has never done it before but sheís read up on how to do it....volunteers,

Simone continues: "Survivor might push me to my limits but I have been playing S my entire life...I live on a tribe, I have 10 brothers and sisters so I was fighting to constantly out do everybody....I plan on getting everybody's respect by just working hard" (she finishes cleaning the fish)..."cause this is the hustler tribe, this is the work ethic tribe."

Cut to Ali and Simone walking to get water....Ali asks how sheís doing, sheís been just adjusting...
Ali: I can tell, gutting that fish is a pretty big deal...I can tell that you are putting yourself out do things that you normally wouldnít do...

7. Ali in confess: "This game is all about handling different personalities and I think that is something that I am good at, and I donít know if every one is thinking that, Oh, Simoneís just dizzy and I donít want to deal with that, but I see Simoneís value at this time ....I mean being here with a whole bunch of random people, itís a big step for her. Um, I could definitely use that for my advantage, kind of pull Simone onto my side...."

See Ali give Simone advice: You keep doubting yourself, so I think you need to be more you feel about yourself, if you think less of you, other people around you will think less of have to hype yourself up because if you donít, who else will?

Ali continues: "I could see her being really loyal for a long time, you know I could definitely mold her, you know, I am here to win! ($$$ Quote?) So, I feel like Simone, I could use as putty in my hands."

See Simone smiling...

Ali is a very sharp cookie, imo. She's great at sizing up the situation, she's got a real social skill that is going to serve her well in this game!

Cut to underwater fish shots, Healers Day 4

A cheerful flute playing and we see Jessica with the spear and underwater fishing....While Cole sunbathes on the raft....

Jessica: Ugh, this is the worst game of cat and mouse ever! itís really frustrating....Cole tells her that it will happen, sheís disappointed....

Cole confessional: "I think Jessica is super cute! Although she just turned 30 so she probably just sees me as some little kid....that like even wouldnít give me a sideways look...sheís a great person to be around, Iím diggin the energy alot! We do flirt alot, maybe if I keep catching her fish, sheíll come over. Sheís a cool girl, itís like I could see myself with her." See Cole come up with a fish, while she had come up empty handed....

Cole succeeding where Jessica for thought.

Cut to Desi and Mike and Joe at the shelter....
Mike: You were Miss Virginia twice....what year?
Demi: 2013 and then 2016....see Joe interested....
Joe: Yo, Mike, I think we are on the wrong tribe, I think this is the beauty tribe...and we the ugly ones, brah....
Mike: everyone on this tribe is hot and smart except me....(I love self deprication

Joe tells him he definitely got the smarts but the beauty, no!
See Roark looking on...
Joe: You are still smart
Dr. MIke: Thanks, Iím okay with that
Joe: we are definitely in the wrong tribe, Mike!

Joe in confessional: "My relationship with Mike is, heís still my public enemy number one but, heís definitely grown on me (see Joe start to handle the machete, as if to get ready to cut Mike), I kinda like him, but, not enough to keep him around. Iím still feeding everyone that he has the idol, I donít know if he has the idol or not, but now itís kind of almost back fired on me a bit because (see the tribe pick up things like they are about to go somewhere), I canít look for the idol as much as I want to look for the idol. So, I am trying to find ways to leave camp"....See Roark, Desi, and Mike go to the well.....see you in 10, Joe.

Joe continues: "So, the window is a very small window, but I can accomplish a lot of things in a small amount of time." See him take off to find the idol....

watch him searching, finds the clue....see Jessica and Cole return with the raft, wonder how long we have been gone? Cole: a couple hours...
See Mike and girls at well
See Joe searching low then high...finds the clue on the tree....Ocean, looks like a raft, 5 feet...

Joe continues: "I found the clue. And, it looks like a map to the clue. It looks like a raft, when I see it automatically I think of Cole. Cole has been out there fishing and stuff so I am gonna talk about it ...hopefully he opens up to me, if not heíll definitely trust me cause I am giving him some information "....see a hermit crab dragging he and his shell toward the ocean...

See Joe talking to Cole....I havenít really explored and looked for the idol, but I found an idol clue today...
Cole: Really
Joe: Itís marked on a tree so itís not like a physical clue, itís a square, like a raft and it said ocean, 5 ft. Youíve been out there swimming all day....I just assumed that you had it and didnít tell nobody...see Cole size Joe up....Joe: which is cool...
Cole: I havenít gotten it yet....
Joe: itís there...
Cole: where is the clue?
Joe: way in the back where the rocks are

10. Cole confessional: "Joe brought me in on the fact that thereís a clue in the back of the woods that I havenít seen. I canít believe it! I am beside myself like this is the greatest day so far and this is why I am here to play survivor, itís to find the idol and have the power, but I am kind of suspicious that the idol is on the raft, itís just been out fishing all day, so I am like, dude, I need to see this clue."

Joe shows him the clue, Cole says: no, no, no, no....thatís the symbol for the well! On the map, thatís the symbol for the well!

Cole continues: "Dude, through wilderness therapy and rock climbing, itís just second nature for me to help people and help them accomplish their goals and that skill set is giving me power in this game. Since Joe would have probably never found that by himself, he probably sees me as a really good resource now...."

Helping others is natural to Cole, but he helped Joe with that idol, and it could have easily been his...I don't think that is getting power in this game. Cole, does he have the wrong perception, as Alan does in the Hero tribe?

see Joe and Cole start to go to the well to look with out alerting the others.

Joe: "Showing Cole the clue was like a major risk, but I needed help, like I donít, honestly think I would have figured it out on my own."

See them at the well, Joe and Cole dig.....

Joe: "in my mind, if anything pops out of that ground, I am grabbing it! I want it and I Ďm going to find it today.....ĒGot it!Ē They cover their tracks and run off....

Here music play...

Joe continues: "I have the idol, I feel good! I feel good! Now I know no one else has it, but I Ďm concerned because the fact that Cole knows I have the idl could backfire. Itís all about power and knowledge and he (see Coleís back as he walks away), He has too much knowledge. I donít think heís going to use it against me but at the same time, if he does, I might have to put a target on his back."

Joe....does he think the best way to defer a target on your back is by throwing shade at everyone else? He's got one thing right, he's not the brightest bulb on the Survivor tree....

See Cole chopping away at the clue on the tree...

See a flock of birds take off in flight, island music, see the heroes tribe, see JP swimming with the fins on and spear....

Heroes day 5...

JP confessional: "In the firehouse itís all about getting things done, taking care of business, so I am out fishing, trying to get some food on the table, or, go one step at a time and go from there....Ben notices his know Iíve never been super into drama, iím not the confrontational type or anything like that so If I can get some fish, some lobster and make sure everyoneís got a full belly, everyone will be happy and taken care of...."

Cut to him feeding Chrissy some lobster....OMG...nicely done says Ben.

"The other night at TC, Ashley and I got called out as the power couple, that label sucks. I donít see us as a power couple at all! We are not dating, we are not hooking up, we are not doing any of that kind of stuff....I mean if you are a power couple you might as well be hooking up and being a power couple, know what I mean? Might as well take advantage of everything! So, Ash and Iís connection, I think itís more on the back burner right now, see Ashley with Chrissy cleaning their teeth....but, at the fire house, thatís kind of my position, stay calm, stay patient. I may not be the guy that is out there talking strategy with everybody but I know that I need to clean my rep up and with time that will straighten things out." See he and Chrissy go to the water he says to her, ďobviously Ash and I are not a couple and obviously Ash and I do not have an idolĒ....Ēhows everything else going?Ē

**JP explains his lack of defense regarding the TC the night before, he thinks he can get through this game simply by providing and avoiding the drama....we'll see?

Chrissy is good feeling good....

Chrissy: "I needed to get through that first Tribal, and I got through it and now I really do believe that I can go far in this game. I just need to figure out who I can go with because I do believe you need a strong partner to get to the end of the game with."

See her talking to JP, Chrissy: So what about the rest of the game...
Chrissy: Letís pretend me and you, people would never say....he would go with her and she would go with him?
JP: We wouldnít get labeled as a quote, power couple....laugh

Continues: "So, what I do as an actuary is analyze data and figure out what is my next best move, given every thing that I know. And, hereís waht I know. JP can be helpful in challenges but truthfully, heís not smart."

Cut to Chrissy in the shelter with Ashley

Ashley: I think JP and Alan both kind of want each other out....and, Iím worried that Alan wants me out.

Chrissy in cons: "Ashley is a very good player but I donít entirely trust Ashley, I am not convinced there is not a power couple."

Then we see Chrissy walking with Alan....she asks: ďWeíre solid?Ē
Alan: Yes, weíre solid, absolutely...I believe that

Chrissy continues: "Then, after Alan had his blow up, Iím concerned about having a twosome with Alan....At this point the data shows that Ben is a better option for me.
Ben has a lot of social charm and I can think several steps ahead strategically so together we complement each other very well."

Cut to Chrissy and Ben walking out toward the beach...
Chrissy talking to Ben: Right now we have two me and Ashley, or you me and Alan?
Ben: Right
Chrissy: Let Alan think that heís with us, let Ashley think sheís with us. JP doesnít talk to anybody, who knows what the heck his game is ...
Ben: As long as we stay together
Chrissy: You and Me
Ben: This is crazy how this is going...
Chrissy: this is totally crazy!

Ben in conf: "Alan and I were aligned from the gitgo, but Alan, after he blew up at Tribal the other night, I just donít know if I can work with him? Chrissy is a smart woman and she has a good head on her shoulders, and thatís going to help me get further in the game."

Cut back to them aligning...
Ben: Iím in, weíre good!
Chrissy: You and me could totally ride this out the entire way!

Ben continues: "At this point, Chrissy and I are in the drivers seat and what ever we decide to do is what is going to happen."

I felt it was a great positive to have Chrissy have this confessional that she spells out, and we see her go from tribe mate to tribe mate as she assesses their value to the end, she's chosen wisely with Ben. But, Ben ended the exchange a little confidently.....a little too confidently, perhaps?

Ben and Chrissy: Letís do this, letís totally do it! Ben tells her, no more talking between you and I, she agrees, no, we are not a power couple.

Cut to soft music, aerial view of islands, Hustlers 5, see Devon meditating in the lotus position on the beach...sun salutation as the day breaks, cut to Patrick yelling, huge crab, look at that. Lauren is there. The tribe is there, Patrick screams as though itís biting him, while it is not...

Lauren asks him, what is wrong with you? Ali shakes her head, Patrick: they are so scary

Patrick: "iím scared of crabs. So, I should probably conquer my fear of crabs because I am a lot bigger than that crab."

See Lauren chase Patrick away with the dead crab....he screams and runs.

Continues: "I am a wild banshee, my strategy is to keep everyone having fun. When you do that you donít have to worry about being the bullseye." (see the tribe laughing at him. ) I love how paradoxical this episode is....

Alan thinks he got what he wanted, NOT. Cole thinking he's using his helping skill wisely, NOT. Patrick being a wild banshee not putting the bullseye on his back??? Lauren certainly disagrees...

Lauren: "Patrickís kind of getting on my nerves. He wants to be the highlight....he wants to be in the spotlight. See Patrick clowning around, Australian accent, you want to get some shrimp on the barbie with me, hear Australian music....Lauren continues: heís just all around the place, itís like, Sit STILL...see him bouncing around....and, heís just too loud for me, his volume is at a 10, and he needs to be at a volume 2. See Patrick carrying on and laughing. He is a big kid. Heís a 25 year old boy, you can look him dead in the face and say, ĎPatrick, do not touch thatí, and, he will look at you and touch it. You know when itís like, Really? I just cannot come out and say, Ďshut the hell up!í, just because I am older. I would think that they would want to stick together. Itís very tough for me, I mean, I am not a social butterfly...Being a commercial fisherman, you work alone. You know, I donít want to be excluded, so I am trying to build a relationship with Ali. Try to get on the same page with her..."

See Ali and Lauren in the water together....

Lauren: I just want to see that you and I are on the same page....
Ali shakes her head in agreement.
Lauren: You know what I mean, you know the more you think about it Patrickís going to start wearing on us...itís hard to not kinda get short with him...
Ali: Yeah, it really is

Ali in conf: "Patrickís name is starting to come up and itís so early and I am like how am I supposed to work with him if Patrick is getting on peopleís nerves? (see Patrick goofing around), and heís nuts."

Return to them in the water...
Lauren: Heís just so over bearing?

Ali continues with confessional: "With Patrick, I feel like I am babysitting a lot. I donít want that to be my job, I am here to play for me. Iím not here to play for anybody else....I think I am definitely going to have to think about where we stand and where this relationship is because if people decide to vote Patrick out, I donít think I need him in this game anymore." See Ali sitting next to Patrick in the shelter...

Challenge: Day 6

Jiffy: Healers and Hustlers see that Katrina is gone

Ryan: "Chrissy does not know that I am the one that gave her that idol, and I donít know how that first tribal went, maybe she used it, and thatís why she is still there? But, I hope she sticks around so I can get an opportunity to use that connection down the road" ~ foreshadowing.

Patrick and Mike toss the idols back to Jiffy

Immunity back up for grabs...3 members swim to ring, then dive and manuever bundle of puzzle peices through a cage, use to solve a sign post puzzle. In addition playing for reward....first: ultimate survivor fishing kit...see Cole, then second place lines and luhrís, see Ali...losers go to TC, see the hustlers.

Sit outs Joe and Lauren

Jiffy during the challenge:

go...first swim to ring, gotta dive down untie puzzle peices then manuever it through thte cage, see deven, then Ashley dive down....Ashley comes up empty handed....
Devon quickly up for the hustlers, devon going under again, they are out to an early lead. Cole is up without a bundle...Heroes have their first bundle, here comes roark with first bundle for healers. Devon back up with 2nd bundle....JP has 2nd bundle, healers stuck at one, Jessica comes up empty handed. Devon has 3rd bundle, heading back with huge lead....Healers have 2nd bundle, Roark going back down, JP has 3rd bundle, start swimming...
Hustlers with nice lead
Healers falling way behind
Heroes get all peices and everybody on the platform
Healers have 3rd start swimming in

Ali and Simone for Hustlers
Alan and Chrissy for Heroes
Healers have Mike and Desi

Names of places Survivor has visited over the years
goal spin that so doesnít hit any of the obstacles....heroes blocked have to try something else...alot of trial and error, if it were easy it would not be Survivor....heroes think they are close, hustlers with one peice left, hits, something is not right...simone and ali have had huge head start, now dead even....Healers getting momentum, they have it, they win immunity for the second time in a row, see Joe jump up.

You better be right if you are on the puzzle, Patrick yelling orders to Ali...Devon tells Simone to just observe....Heroes win immunity and reward sending hustlers to TC, see Simone, then Ali.

Cole gets the idol, then Alan gets the idol....Mike kisses the idol....Hustlers, you know the drill, someone will be the second one voted out of survivor, see Patrick.

Devon: "In my mind Simone will be the one going home. She is the least valuable, she doesnít fit in with all of us (see Ryan), I mean we saw today that she canít really do puzzles, see her swimming...Itís a bummer, but Simone has gotta go."

Once again the confessional of doom points to the boot.

Hustlers return, Simone apologizes, they had a lead, wishes she could have been more dominant....Worst thing for them now is to vote one of them off...

Simone: "As far as challenges, I am not the strongest one here so I think that I could be an easy vote, so what I think I need to do is to start shaping the narrative of this tribe. Clearly Patrick is getting on Laurenís nerves and thatís going to play to my advantage."

See the girls walking alone...."Itís very easy for people to have opinions about Patrick so itís very easy to shape the narrative around him." See Simone call Patrick out to them, I noticed that you and Pat are butting heads....Lauren: heís only energetic when itís something serving him
Simone: I feel the same way, we could probably convince Ryan or someone to vote with us?

Lauren: "Patrick is unpredictable, I donít trust him. And, he doesnít follow directions and he could hurt us. See Patrick eating or trying to eat a stick and spitting it out. You know, even though heís strong. Strong is not always what you need, you know Simone is not great at challenges, but, you know, Simone at least listens."

Cut to shelter and guys are talking
Patrick to Ryan: Itís not going to be one of us...
Ryan: Hope not!
Patrick: Itís Simone
Ryan: Yeah, exactly

Patrick: "Tonight at TC, Simone will be the one going home. I havenít seen her in any way helping us as a tribe. You know it seems as if every body else is on the same page as me, the boys are already together and Aliís on my side, so we gotta majority here so I think this tribe is definitely better without Simone."

See Patrick catch up to Ali...they talk, Simoneís the first one, Yup...Patrick: Is that alright?
Ali: Yeah, yeah...of course, got to be on the majority, right?

Ali: "Going into tonight, I definitely have options. I know Simone will listen to me and I know that she will follow me, but me and Pat have been together since day 1 and when he looks at me I can tell that he trusts me more than anyone in this game. My only concern is that people are not certain about Patrick for the long haul, I think everybody knows heís so unpredictable, I think they never know what heís going to do."

See Ali and Ryan talking...Ryan tells her that right now heís thinking Simone
Ali: yeah, but, she said Patís name.
Ryan: OMG, if we vote out Pat we are probably going to lose every single time.
Ali: Well, right now I feel like we have Simone under like, eating out of our hands.
Ryan: uh huh. What are you thinking
Ali: Right now I wonder do we keep her around because she is someone easy to control or ...
Ryan: Yeah, thatís a very good point...because Pat is...
Ali: unpredictable.
Ryan: So, if we have the three with me, you, and Devon (see Devon coming out of the ocean with a mask), we are golden!
Ali: Yup, and thatís what we want to agree on....
Ryan: Yup!
Ali: With us three, thatí s all we need....really! Cause, after this, three is the majority...

Ryan: "Initially, I kind of wanted Simone out, but, itís alot of uncertainty with Patrick. Itís like you got a newborn want to really like it, but, and take care of it, but itís really, really annoying cause you gotta watch it every single second. Heís really good around camp and heís great in challenges as well, but heís unpredictable, and predictability is one of the best things I can have in an alliance. Thatís why I like Devon so much, heís loyal..."

See Ryan and Devon talking....once you and me get out of this hellhole and make it to the swap....

**Ryan keeps talking about how loyal Devon is all of the time, I am starting to get misdirection vibes now....let's see how loyal Devon is down the road!

Ryan continues: "but, itís not like I am even dragging along a lemming, itís Simone. She scares me, sheís really smart. I want to be aligned with predictable people who are really loyal and want to listen to me. And, tonight is about who can we trust more moving forward and who is going to be the most loyal. And, itís really scary but you put your trust in people in this game but in a 6 person tribe there is no place to hide."

Go to TC...Jiffy tells them to get fire, part of the ritual, fire represents life....

Jiffy calls on Ryan; what is the vibe of your tribe: Sad we lost today, but we have been in it so many times and bonded so well together, see Devon...feels like it is the birthday party that your mom makes you go to, we donít want to go to it, but....see Lauren look at him like WTF?

Jiffy: Oh, Tribal is the birthday party for the kid you donít like
Ryan: yeah, but I want to keep everybody that Ďs going to the party but I donít think that is going to happen, see Patrick.

Jiffy calls on Lauren: that is an unusual observation....Lauren: To me itís not a birthday party at all, itís more like a funeral. Hustlers usually work alone, weíre the oddest group of people. I thought I was going to have a difficult time coming in and hanging out but we are capable of working together if there is enough communication. See Ali then Devon. So, I hope it continues to work and I hope we donít get to see you for a long time after tonight.

Jiffy asks Ali, Iím getting a sense that harmony is going to make you guys really gel, so does that make tonights vote really difficult? Ali: Yeah, not only thinking as a tribe but thinking personally, I need to know how is this person that either goes or stays going to benefit me and my tribe? This changes so rapidly and youíve got to have people that you can trust and people that are on your side that you know you can go to them when necessary.

Jiffy asks Patrick, Ali makes a point that every person you vote out not only impacts your tribe but impact your game personally...

Patrick: Yes, weíve come to this sad birthday party, smile, and it definitely is impacting the way I want to vote and who I am going to vote out and I want to keep our tribe the strongest and moving forward at itís best pace.

Jiffy asks Ryan, every vote matters not only in harmony but also in strategy, cause everybody here is already looking down the line.

Ryan: first of all there are alot of facets....can focus on physicality and short term win the challenges, see Patrick, then you could say there are some that focus on social dynamics, see Simone, and try to build trust into something strategic. There are 6 different agendas up here but every body thinks there is just one plan.

Jeff asks Simone, what will the vote be based on for you?
Simone: If we were playing old school Survivor, it would be like how did the challenge go? (See Patrick) But, I think it has more to do with building up a body of people that you trust, and understanding your relationship with them so that you can move together.

Jeff asks Ali, those are the kind of words that could be used to build an alliance with to go to the end of the game with. Ali: Yes, I think once we vote we will find out wehre we stand, see Lauren, Staying with someone like this that wants to stay tight is going to be benefitial, of course.

Jiffy: Patrick, how important is trust to you right now in this group?
Patrick: Having trust is huge and I feel that I can trust most of the people here. (Ryan tilts his head and gives a quizzical look).

Jiffy notes that you didnít say all.
Patrick says: Sorry, Jeff, I meant to say all
Jiffy: Wow, that got a big reaction, Patrick...
Patrick: It did, it was a slip of words, Iím talking too fast, it shouldnít have come out and I am going to say that I trust ALL of my group members.
Ryan: Yeah, Iím sold....nods, they all laugh

Lauren, while Patrick jokes, what comes out out here is usually alot more authentic.
Lauren: I agree with that, you know this is very real, I mean if you mean all, say all, if you mean most, say most. This is a game.

JIffy asks Patrick how fast his heart is beating, Patrick says way faster than normal, I am way nervous right now. It makes my stomach uncomfortable that anyone could want to vote out the only red head on the tribe.
Jiffy: And yet, possible
Patrick: I am one of the most trustworthy people you could know and the last thing I want is me going, I want to be here on the last day with you.

Jiffy: How many of you are thinking, Oh God, I hope itís not me tonight...?
They all nod, Jiffy: Everybody...
Jiffy: Ryan, 6 days, is that enough?
Ryan: Everybody gives so much to be here and I would honestly be gutted if I were to go home because your story is just chopped and you only have such a short time period to look back fondly upon that, you know that the game continued without you.
Jiffy: Simone, I agree with Ryan, if this is 100% real, this struggle is so difficult, I come from a city, Iíve never been camping before. I am scared 100% of the time. But, the good thing about being a hustler is that you challenge yourself all the time, so send me back to the bugs, I donít want to go home.

Time to vote, Simone first voter, votes Patrick

Patrick votes Simone

Vote tally: Patrick, Simone, Simone, Simone, 2nd person out, Simone, she hugs them all


See Patrick

Jiffy: Bad news is you lost a tribe member, the good news is you are the hustler tribe, when you get knocked down, you get back up!

Thoughts: I thought many of the DAWS brought up what they do in their everyday lives and applied it to their survivor games. JP, Chrissy, Simone, Cole, Ali. We've already seen that Simone was not able to make it happen for her, even though she's a survivor in real life and lives in a real tribe.

We heard that Alan and Cole do not have a good read on things. Cole thinks he's better'd his position with Joe, while we heard Joe say the knowledge that Cole has could make him target him. Alan thinks he got what he wanted at TC last night...but we heard from every member of his tribe how they don't want to play with him, and after last night the core 4 is no more.

On the flip side, we heard Ali tell us that she's good at handling different personalities. And, we saw that she is! Everyone on that tribe likes and trusts her....she's got Patrick in her pocket. Lauren wants to get with her, Simone was with her, Ryan seeks her out and offered her a spot with three. Well done Ali!

Regarding the animal imagery: So far the whale is at heroes tribe, I think. A spider was associated with Alan. We saw snakes at Heroes camp, and then later at Hustlers camp.

Here's how I see it so far:

Insignificant players at the time being:

JP: Using his lay low and feed everyone strategy, while we heard that Chrissy thinks he's "not smart", and not sure if he's in a power couple situation or not.

Ashley: Chrissy thinks she's smart and may be in a power couple

Alan: Thinks he was successful, but doesn't see how it hurt his own position

Desi: Won Miss Virginia twice

Roark: Under the radar this episode, not rocking the boat

Jessica: She's in love

Cole: He's in love, and he knows that Joe has the idol.

Lauren: She doesn't like Patrick, she's not good with people, used to working alone

Patrick: He's a wild banshee, too loud, wants to keep them all laughing so as not to be a bullseye, but it's making him a bullseye

Middle of the Road:

Joe: Now he has the idol

Mike: Was heard from a lot in episode one, now we heard Joe say that he really likes Mike. Laying low was a positive for Dr. Mike. We heard Joe tell Mike, he's smart. I think he is.

Players to watch:

Ben: He's the voice of reason and the diplomat of the tribe, he's now hooked up with smart Chrissy.

Chrissy: She went from the bottom to the top. We are seeing events from her eyes, she has a plan, she executes, she makes a decision, and she still has plans for the super idol, later.

Ali: She gained a lot of ground this episode. She's the go to girl, with a great social game and apparently knows how to play. She's in good with Ryan and Devon, as well as with Patrick and has Lauren too.

Ryan: He's still one to watch, he's got Devon and now he's got Ali with them as well. Seemed a bit torn with the boot decision.

Devon: He's seen but not really heard this episode. He's with Ryan and now with Ali. He was quite decisive with who to boot this episode.

I know that michel always noted how much time they spend at various tribes could point to which tribe the winner is in. At this point, I am almost ready to say the winner is not on the healer tribe. Any thoughts regarding this?

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