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12. "Ep 3...."
LAST EDITED ON 10-17-17 AT 09:11 PM (EST)

Here is the transcript....I will be back later for my 2 cents....

At the hero tribe, Alan was aiming to take out a power couple....Alan: whatever JP and Ashley are trying to do, Iím blowing it up...
At the Healer tribe Joe and Cole went on a hunt for the idol...Joe: the fact that Cole knows I have the idol could absolutely backfire
At the Hustler tribe, Simone and Patrick were the clear targets....Lauren: Simone is not that great at challenges but even though Patrick is strong, I donít trust him.
At TC, Patrick made a questionable remark, ďI feel like I can trust most of the people hereĒ...but in the end Simone was sent home. 16 left, who will be voted out tonight?

At Hustlers day 7

They talk about Simoneís clothes, try them on

Ryan: Simoneís clothing was up for grabs, she left alot of clothes, it was like a yard sale (NARRATIONAL), alot of clothing here, like a nice pair of boots, a nice pair of pants, a nice blazer....Patrick tries on suit, Ryan gets the boots...
....the practicality of the boots, itís goes on and on, i mean you could avoid crabs when you are idol searching, itís up high....finally Simone is showing her worth in some capacity.

See Lauren and Ali go off to the beach, leaving the boys back at camp. Ryan asks Patrick: Do you have a preference between the two? Patrick: Ali, to stay.
Patrick: You?
Ryan: I like Ali

Ryan: Ali is the most relatable female that is on our tribe. You know, sheís in the same age range as us, so thatís a knock on Lauren. I donít think anybody really has anything going on with Lauren, so thatís why sheís probably the next one to go. See Patrick waving the machete, then chopping, and Ryan seeing it.

See the waves and crabs and Lauren in the ocean with Ali...
Ali: Were you nervous last night?
Lauren: Of course, Iím always nervous. How about me and you? Cause, itís getting down to, if we go to another TC, then what?
Ali: I think if we just keep the way we are, whatever happens in the next few days...

Lauren: Even though I didnít get any votes at TC, I still feel that I am on the outs Cause I am having a hard time making sure that I am included.

See Devon walk up to the bathing girls, Girls: come join us
Devon: Oh yeah? Am I invited?

Lauren continues: Being a single mother, I am the only one on my tribe that has a kid and my tribe members they are like high school buddies. And, Iím like the damn teacher.

Lauren, Ali, Devon bathing in the water...
Lauren: Poor Pat he got all befuddled...Pat....blah blha fast is your heart beating?
Devon: I didnít liek what he said, that made me nervous

Lauren continues: Patrick, at Tribal, he said I trust almost everyone here. Well, I donít know if that was really directed toward Simone or directed toward all of us? Now itís given me the opportunity to put the target on Patrick. See Lauren talking to Ali and Devon in the water...

Cut to Ryan and Patrick walking on the beach.

Lauren to them: when you say that in front of all of us it does put us un at ease because ....all of them or most of them?

Ali: I have no idea whatís going on with Patrick. At TC heís just blurting out words.

See Lauren: we are more calmer than he is...

....but if Patrick goes we are not going to be as strong in challenges....see Patrick and Ryan come up to them on the beach. He brings a lot to competitions and he works extremely hard, I think thatís easier to tolerate than someone that really doesnít bring much at all. (see Lauren)
Patrick doesnít understand that the social game is so huge for S, but at this point I sort of need him, so I need him to not say things that rub people the wrong way.

Cut to intro....

See the whale, and we are at Heroes day 7

See Alan and JP bringing wood...Alan says to him, weíre all good? JP: Yeah
See Chrissy and Ben talking at the shelter...
Chrissy: I think you and me are in the best place in this tribe (whispering)...right now, they all need to work with us. Weíre in the prime position...see Ben smiling...
Ben: options!

Ben: So, 7 days into the heroes tribe you could say that Chrissy and I are driving the train. But, moving forward, Chrissy and I need to figure out who is going to be the next target.
Ashley is a good hard worker and sheís fun (see Ashley collecting wood on the beach), so the better choice is for JP or Alan. (See Alan with a machete dragging palm fronds toward the shelter). Alan and I were aligned from day one, but Alanís a hot head and loose canon and JP, heís walking around here like he donít know whatís going on(see JP heading to the water with the scuba gear and spear). But, JP would be good to have around camp because he does fish and everything, so right now Chrissy and I have not made any decision... (narrational?)

See JP diving under the water...then cut to Alan chopping or trying to chop a coconut.
Alan: Ehhhhh, Iíve been having trouble with these coconuts. Everybody else has figured out how to get those coconuts open and I am struggling with them and I donít know why.
(I think his inability to get the coconuts open is in comparison to his inability to connect with this tribemates...?

See alan: Gosh dang it....Ashley: it is a workout...

...Alan: it frustrates me that it takes me 30 minutes to get a coconut open - see Alan hacking away at the coconut...
Ben: take a break

...this is not my element at all. At the end of the day I play in the NFL and I canít even get a coconut open. And, Iím trying to laugh about it so people donít think ďOh this guy canít even get a coconut open...Ē but, itís tough out here!

JP arrives: I caught a fish, see Ashley staring at him...

Ashley: JP is becoming like dreamier and dreamier as the days go on, giggle. Everytime he walks out of the ocean with a different animal in his spear something happens inside me, laughs.
Ashley: thatís a good size, JP...Alan: itís a good catch, bro!

...heís becoming a provider and making himself alot more useful lately, and less and less like Alan as the days go by, see Alan looking at JP with the fish, Chrissy: thatís beautiful...but JP and I, well, we canít talk to each other because on day 2 Alan decided to go absolutely nuts, calling out JP and I to be some kind of power couple...see Alan sitting now, if Alan sees anything between JP and I heís gonna point it out and heís going to blow it up. See Alan just sitting there looking at JP with the fish.
....So, Iím ready for him to go, cause I donít know when heís going to go off again. I donít know if that was some sort of master plan that he had, but either way I definitely donít like it, and I can definitely do without him here anymore. See him sitting there just watching...

Cut to Ashley and Ben carrying water back...

Ashley: Jp beens doing more fishing lately, Alanís been cutting more coconuts lately...I feel like they both are trying to be more valuable lately, which is good...I guess
Ben: Right...
Ashley: But, you have to think about your own personal game...Alan, he makes his moves out loud, (See Alan bring the palms to the shelter with the machete in hand), it just doesnít seem like a safe bet.
Ben: Right, but neither does JP. (See JP fishing in the ocean). He is just a puppy waiting to be led somewhere.
Ashley: But, he could be our puppy.
Ben: yeah, but
Ashley: We could train him, smiles
Ben: yeah, but anyone else with a piece of meat dangling in front of his face
Ashley: right
Ben: ....heís gonna go towards them.
Ashley: Yeah, but I feel like Alan would do the same....all my tribe thinks I am crazy

Ben conf: Ashley is grouped into a power couple, thatís the whole Alan thing, now whether or not thatís true, I cannot fully trust Ashley at this point because she keeps pulling for JP to stay in the game which makes me think that JP and Ashley are still working together, (See JP return from fishing with his fins). And, normally as a power couple on S, it donít work out good. Cut from Ashley staring to Ben.

Then, cut to vibrant happy, upbeat music and zooming into the Healer beach. ....why? Cause they are happy to be winning, because there are young lovers there, or is someone else there?

Healers, Day 7

Cole to Joe: Joe, want to help us get the boat out?
Jess: Are we bringing this bag?
Cole: We can bring both bags in case we catch that big fish

Joe: Iím feeling good! Weíve won every challenge, we are a dominant tribe. Life at camp is great. Everyone is still on the same page with (see Mike walking off into the woods), Mike being the number one vote out because I got everyone believing that Mike has the idol. So, Iím cool and collected right now things really couldnít go better at this point. The only thing is Cole knows I have the idol so I just, I mean that is a concern of mine. (watches Jess and Cole pushing the boat out to sea...) I donít think Cole has told anybody but I am definitely concerned about his relationship with Jessica. Theyíve been spending alot of time together fishing and things like that. You know Cole is like a love bird and that love bird disease is dangerous, itís worse than the flu...

Music picks up, then cut to Jessica underwater fishing...See Cole sunbathing on the raft....

Jessica; the fishing experience is 100% a bonding for Cole and I because itís really the only time we get to be alone together and we are really forming a connection. (See Cole coming back to the raft where Jessica is, ďI got oneĒ, she says, ďohhhhh, exciting!Ē)
...then, in life outside of S I move like a slug when it comes to romance. Like, I donít even know if I know what romance means? To be honest, I come from a super religious background and I am a virgin....(see Cole in the raft, and Jessica, this is awesome I could stay out here for a really long time!), my face feels red thinking about him thinking about me! Laughs. Being a couple in S is hard and itís dangerous. So, weíll just have to wait and see. We have a long time left together, I hope. Laughs

Cut to them lying in the sun on the beach together.
Cole: Well, are you enjoying yourself?
Jessica: Yeah, Iím having a blast. Like, I like to be out here, away from the game.
Cole: um hum...
Jessica: You know like I can let my head breathe
Cole: Well, Iíll shut up about the game then...
Jessica: Nooooo, I want to talk about the game.
Cole: I can guarantee you that you are safe...
Jessica: Yeah......I better be. She looks at him....You canít get to the end without me! Laughs...
Cole: I donít know about that...
But, I 100% know that Mike doesnít have the idol
Jessica: Yeah
Cole: Because of some other information...
Jessica: what other information?

Cole, conf: I feel like I have a shot with Jessica. After our outing today, she kept showing me more of herself and I kept liking it, thereís just not anything that I can find wrong with her, honestly. So Iím just defining her as my dream girl, I, I decided I wanted to share with her some information...

to Jessica on the beach...
Cole: So, Joe has the idol...we found it together.
Jessica: OMG, I am so happy, hugs him, kisses his cheek, That gets a kiss on the cheek...

Jessica; having the knowledge that Joe has the idol, brings me so much happiness!

Cole: Iím going to go rinse off...

....secrets are really powerful in this game of Survivor, so itís to my benefit that I know Joeís secret. (see Joe). Thatís power. So, Iím elated, I gave him a kiss on the kisses are very private, like my lips donít go near other peopleís cheeks very often, so this is big!

Cut to Hustlers tribe, see Ryan drinking out of the canteen and see Andrew walk past him and hear the snake rattles! Foreshadowing! Patrick continues to walk alone into the jungle...As they all watch him go off...Ryan sees him searching for the idol.

Ryan: I think Patrick is searching for the idol, and the thing about the idol, this is like S 101 kinda, You donít really search for the idol in front of everybody because itís not good relationship building and it makes every body paranoid.

See the tribe talk about Patrick going to search for the idol.

Patrick: I do kinda have idol fever, I want the idol. Now Iím not really hiding looking for the idol and maybe that will turn around and bite me but being a hustler we are always moving along. Pun intended. I have a moving company in Auburn, Alabama and the moving industry does not stop. Wheels always on the road, feet always on the ground, always in motion. Thatís why I work harder than all my tribe members looking for an idol.
Ali: Me and Patrick have a pretty good relationship but he doesnít really have a social game, and I want to look out for him. So, I think for my game I need to help Patrick mesh better with the group.

See Ali talking to Patrick on the beach warning him quit looking for the idol in front of everyone, going to make people think, ďwhy is he so worried?Ē

Patrick in conf: Sheís looking out for my best interests and I am looking out for hers as well.

Ali: I donít want your name to be next, and my name to be next

....Ali tells me to cool it is difficult because that takes away from my personality ...I may not be able to create relationships if I am not able to be me.

Ali continues, donít dwell on it, canít change the past...look to the future, you learn though, as she turns around and looks at him. Learn from it!
Patrick: I will

Cut to Healers day 8 AT the campfire
They have cooked something, and someone says that itís pretty good, Joe complains, mine is raw...Shows Desi....Desi says, I just donít think we can be picky. See Jessica observing.
Joe: I mean itís not being picky itís .....totally raw.
Desi: Iíll eat it, I donít care.
Joe: If youíll eat the raw ones, go for it, as he tosses the piece of vegetable away.

Desi: Joe had an issue with the way we cooked the potatoes...they are not how he wanted them at home. And, if itís not cooked to his liking he will chuck it in the woods. He couldvíe offered it to somebody else to eat. in S you canít be so off putting, truly food is scarce.

Joe complaining to group: I canít eat raw food, donít know how you all do it
Roark: Joe, you are welcome to cook next time.
Joe: it will be alot more edible if we just let it rock out for a little bit

Cole: Joe complains a lot around camp so heís already rubbed some people the wrong way, see Roark and Desi. And then, on top of that, Joe has the idol. And, the more I thought about Joe having the idol, the more I realize that Joe has all the power, and I donít like that at all.

See Jessica and Cole speaking on the beach, Cole wearing shirt: Cole: So, hereís one idea. Joe has the idol and if we were to lose the tonight, Joe would be super confident that Mike would go home. See Joe through the smoke of the fire....then see Mike.
Jessica: So, blindside? I totally thought that last night.
Cole: Blindside him and send him home with the idol in his pocket.

Cole....The idol is unpredictable especially in an unpredictable players hands and it has a lot of power and I donít want that power being thrown around without my say in it.

Cole and Jessica sit down at the fire, with Roark...
Cole: So, I Ďm going to tell you something real quick...Joe has the idol. Jessica stares at Cole...

Jessica, conf: Cole just word vomits that Joe has the idol. And, I was like, ĎWhat are you doing? Ď like itís too soon, like why are you sharing that information

Cole: like we found it together so we could potentially, if we lose tonight we could split the votes between Joe and Mike

Jessica; I think that he needed to wait and see what happens after the challenge then talk to me again, and then we decide is this what WE want to do

Cole to Roark: If we get rid of Mike this time and Joe is still left with the idol ...heís gonna be alot more suspicious that heís on the chopping block..
Roark: shakes her head yes, thatís a good point

Roark: Joe is an amazing blindside candidate because he is locked in on Mike. So, I am in full buy in with the Joe blindside and enjoy your idol as a souvenier plan.

Desi arrives and sits down...
Cole: So, I was thinking Joe over Mike...(see Joe walking in the woods) tonight, potentionally...see Desi shaking her head, YES.
Cole: Heís not a strong swimmer, heís not super strong at puzzles, heís a bigger guy to feed
Desi: And, he complains a lot.
See Jessica watching them.
Cole: Right now would be the best time to take him out because Mike thinks that he is on the bottom ...he will go where ever I want him to go (talking about Mike?)
Roark: I like the thought process, Cole
Desi: Yeah

Jessica: Iím pissed off at Cole for running his mouth. He lost a lot of power with me by telling Roark and Desi. And, the last thing that we want is for Joe to find out that we know because he could play his idol and any of our heads would be on the chopping block. See that Joe and Mike have returned to the shelter.
Jessica continues: And, Coles first. So right now, him wanting to blindside Joe....I am not sure that is the best strategy at this point. Cut to a frame of Jessica looking on after Cole opened his mouth at camp...not too happy.

Cut to IC

They all see that Simone was voted out. Jiffy explains the challenge...over, under bars, then climb up and then go down the netting, then throw sand bags to knock off different sized blocks, then stack blocks, get back on the mat, winner wins chickens, 2nd place wins a dozen eggs. Loser gets nuttin but a date with Jiffy where someone will be voted out and the 3rd player out of the game.


Jiffy commentary :Under and over...thatís it, everybody doing great outta the gate, everyone to the mat, now every body over, Ashley over, Cole over, Pushing up Lauren, Heroes up and over quickly, Roark is last healer and Devon the last hustler, go....Ben tossing for heroes, Cole for healers, Patrick for Hustlers, Ben with nice hit, JP comes in for Ben, Joe switches with Cole, hear Lauren ask to take a turn...he refuses, JP down to one block left, Joe has another hit, down to 2, Joe has one more, and there it is....grapb the blocks, JP hits last one, gathering blocks, still asking Pat to switch, he refuses...Patrick the only one to hit for the hustlers, go....

Jessica is stacking, Chrissy is stacking Healers think they have it, no....they are missing a block....Joe sees the block, huge mistake by the healers....Chrissy has it, they win.....Jessica back up for the healers, and they go...and win immunity and reward, sending hustlers to TC again, see Patrick, Ali then Lauren.

See Patrick...see Lauren...Cole gets the eggs....Patrick whatís the feeling going back to Tribal...Yes, Jeff we all like each other and we all get along well, depressing, Lauren, yet we are going

Lauren in conf.: We just lost the challenge but Patrick didnít want to stop, heís like a one man show ...Iíve been playing center field for 25 years, I can hit a catcher in the forehead. And, I think everybody is pretty much over Patrick for they way he performed today and I want to make sure that Patrick is going home.

Back to the whale and whale sounds....Hustlers day 8 returning....Patrick apologizes...

Patrick in conf.: So, at the challenge I wasnít hitting all of the targets like I shouldíve been, I should have let somebody sub in for me

See Lauren tell Patrick when he apologizes...You canít justify it...

...Laurenís not happy with me but by looking at her, I donít think her coming in for me wouldíve changed much.

See them all in the shelter, Patrick says: Iím sorry guys
Ryan and all of them tell him, donít be sorry...
Devon: I know you tried your hardest and that is all that matters
Lauren gets up to leave...sheís going to rinse off...
Patrick asks, well, guys??
Devon: We are good, she wants you out, we are getting her out. Thatís all there is to it.
Ali: I mean, I think she assumes
Patrick says thatís great
Ali: why?
Patrick, I am being very sarcastic
Ryan: Donít even worry

Patrick: So tonight, Iíve got the guys on my side, Iíve got Ali on my side, and I am comfortable knowing that Lauren is going home, but I donít want her going around worrying, so Iíve tried to continue to have her as part of my conversation and making her enjoy herself here.

See Patrick go to Lauren who is out in the ocean rinsing off....Patrick: You good?
Lauren: About as good as I can about you?
Patrick: I feel terrible, complains about not knocking the blocks down
Lauren: we kept telling you we would switch out with you, could tell you were tired...and, I played outfield for 25 and Ali kept saying that. But, you act like we werenít even there. Itís like a one man team there.

Lauren: To lose today, I mean I am bummed out about it. But, Patrick wouldnít quit, he really did cost us ....I would much rather lose as a team than one person lose for everybody

Lauren to Patrick: I am assuming you all are going to try to vote me out tonight...
Patrick: I donít know if thatís right?
Lauren: So, if itís not me, who else is it if you got someone else in mind? Cause I can look at you and tell you got me in mind.
Patrick: Yeah, but...
Lauren: Yeah, but what?
Patrick: Yeah, but I donít want to go home.

Lauren continues....Redheads donít do very well at lying, so

Lauren: So, you costing me the win is voting me out tonight? That makes no sense whatsoever.

....all he could do is grin. So, I know for a fact that Patrick will write my name down. You know to be a good fisherman, do I sit here and wait for the same fish to come by? No, I try numerous different things and I never throw my hands up with out trying my hardest.

Hear a screaming hawk.

Then cut to Ali and Lauren going off to talk about Patrick....Lauren complains that the worst part was him just grinning at me, like itís funny...Ali complains about how he was at the challenge...

Ali: Patrick being the strong guy that he is was supposed to be the strong one in the challenge but again, when it came down to it, we didnít win (see Patrick bashing as tick against the tree and he hurts his finger). Just is kind of like a repetition for us, so I have to figure out if Patrick being around is really an advantage any more.

Cut to Patrick and you hear a snake percussion sound....

Lauren talks to Ryan....
Lauren: donít take this offensively, youíre the oddball and I am the old woman...
Ryan: Yeah
Lauren: Now that Simoneís gone, itís them three, and I trust Ali, and I trust Devon, but I doní t trust Patrick. Heís a wild card.
Ryan: Yeah

Cut to Ryan walking with Devon....Ryan: Lauren just came up to me and said, itís going to be Patrick...she said to me, youríe the odd ball and Iím the old lady, so....
Devon: What matters is that we have everyone coming to us...
Ryan: Exactly

Ryan: Devon and I we are in position where we can kind of dictate the vote. The options now are vote off Lauren, or vote off Pat.

Hear Devon ask: what do you think?

Ryan continues: This is obviously a big decision and I donít exactly know what to do yet

See Devon and Ryan at the water hole...
Devon starts to say: I mean Patís just....and heís shaking his head like he wants it to be Pat out....Ryan interrupts him...
Ryan: I want to save Pat, and then get rid of Lauren tonight, and then itís just boys to the merge. So what do you want to do? Pat and Lauren hate each other...Devon: Yeah, but I think I would rather go to the merge with Lauren than with Pat...
Ryan: We donít know if weíll get to the merge...Iím going back and forth...

Devon: Pat stepped up at the challenge but, If you step up, you better be able to deliver (See Pat trying to break the tree limb unsuccessfully...) It was just Pat choking, and I do believe we lost because of that....Lauren, see Lauren walking on the beach, on the other hand, sheís very steady, I trust her, but she doesnít really fit in with the other tribe members. And, if we keep Lauren around we are more likely to lose the next immunity challenge and weíve already lost 2 in a row

Lauren in conf.: I can be a hot head but at the same time, I know when to turn it on and I know when to turn it off. I feel like iíve done every thing that I can do, but obviously Iím a hustler for a reason. See them leaving for TC. So, if it is me going home tonight, I can promise you I am not going to go home without a fight...

Jealously rears itís head. ....Jessica is mad at Cole, and did Devon get jealous of the relationship that Ryan had with Patrick?


To Lauren: 8 days in you have lost 2 out of 3 immunity challenges. At what point to you guys stop talking about how well you get along and start owning the fact that it just isnít working now with this group? Today, that challenge should have been a win for us but one of us kind of took it to his own level and tried to complete it by themselves.
To Patrick: Patrick, she can only be talking about you...and the sand bags, right? yes...Patrick says he shouldnít have taken the entire time for himself
Lauren: I agree, he shouldnít have taken all the time himself, I played outfield for 25 years, we have to lose together and we have to win together. Today, we didnít lose together.
Patrick: itís an adrenaline rush
Lauren: I understand that
Patrick says he understands
To Ali: what was your take, Ali: He did call an executive decision, he stayed in, who knows if that is why they lost, donít know if anyone would have done better, see Lauren. For me, I donít like to dwell on things in the past, we need to look forward.
To Patrick: does that give you a little bit of comfort, not to be judged on one little aspect
Patrick: Yes, he wanted those chickens
To Lauren: we still have to play as a team and he showed today that Patrick is not exactly a team player. Heís a good idol hunter, thatís all he does. He admitted Iím constantly looking. Says that he is showing the strategy that heís uncomfortable and needs to look for the idol. I havenít looked for it yet...if heís hunting, maybe we should all go hunting.
To Patrick: You had a big reaction that she is not even looked yet...
Patrick: She could have the idol, so when she says she hasnít looked itís a big sigh of relief. On the beach today she said she didnít want to hear my b*llsh!t, who are you voting for
Lauren interrupts: Letís say what really happened, you approached me with a grin, who are you voting for tonight...Iíve never believed a redhead a day in my life...they all laugh...Jeff, I will say one of us is going to be blindsided...
Patrick agrees, somebody will be blindsided, for sure, see Aliís face
to Ryan: itís kind of like you are in a relationship...
Ryan: Iíve never been in a relationship, girls smile, Jiffy says, ďokayĒ, Ryan asks: Do you know somebody...
Jiffy says itís kind of like you are in a relationship and you go to therapy, and you get there and they say, letís just talk. Get it out and things will get better.
Do you think the tribe airing is to get movement going?
Ryan: yeah, we all think we are happy, but itís not, somebody is influencing the group in a negative way
to Devon: is it possible itís just the chemistry of the group?
Devon: yes, my vote tonight is headed in that direction....what is going to get that chemistry going again so that we can win the next challenge.
Lauren: I think my vote is going to be for the same reason. Chemistry to keep us rolling. Not necessarily what was done but how to make it better.
Ryan: but also we need to think about the merge and socially which group is going ....strategically, what the heck are we going to present strategically to them. Are we going to show them how to do challenges after that? Thatís just not going to happen. Ali laughs.
To Patrick: do you feel that pressure too? If there is a merge coming, Man what are we going to do?
Patrick: For sure, we are already lower numbers than the other tribes can we work together to gain numbers. Who can talk the best, who can make friends the easiest...that is something that I can offer, I can make people feel loved and comforted and thatís part of making friends and getting an alliance.
To Ali: that was an honest answer from Patrick
Ali: I guess thatís his opinion, right? He doesnít get along with Lauren and weíve been together already for 8 how easy is it going to be for him when theyíve already been with each other for 8 - 10 days and clicked? And, we have to try and squeeze ourselves in there.
Jiffy notes Patrick is smiling
Patrick: I always welcome criticism because I know I am not a perfect person, I know I have difficulties and growing like everyone else and hearing Ali tell me that Iím not necessarily a good social player and hearing Lauren tell me that I am not listening to the team during challenges, you know, it is a wake up call to me.
To Patrick: you just took two lethal criticisms from 2 people and you say you welcome it, Iím learning?
Patrick: Right, and I want to grow through all of this.
To Ryan: is it too big of a stretch to watch the talk between Patrick and Ali and Lauren to possibly flip a tribe?
Ryan: TC has so much momentum and you can learn so much, see Devon, that you just come together and say, Ďthis is the groupí, this is the moment that we are going to shine up this crappy little tricycle and try to sell it to these other tribes that have actually had success. Now, we are not going to be used as pawns. That is not what we are saying at all, but we are not going to be coming in as CEOís, maybe mopping th e floor at first but, Iím not giving up. I know nobody here is giving up and I know that we are the only tribe that is going to have real unity. That is something unique about us and they donít have that.
Devon nods his head in agreement.

Time to vote...

Insignificant players at this time:

Desi: Her only confessional was to complain about Joe.

Roark: She's up for blindsiding Joe.

JP: Seen but not heard. Go ask Ozzy how being the provider pays off.

Ashley: On the others radar as part of a power player.

Alan: We have heard his entire tribe come together and talk about getting him out, but let's face it, he was a professional athlete and he could be a winning force on anyone's team.

Players on the brink:

Cole: He's in a romance. He has a big mouth. He's a young buck. Could possibly find an idol of his own.

Jessica: Goes on and on about having the hots for Cole, despite being a virgin. Mad that he told others their secret...Is she really there to play the game?

Mike: Jiffy gave him a big preface....since then he's flown under the radar and could emerge later. He is making headway with Joe.

Joe: Has an idol, but needed Cole to help him get it. No one likes him, he eats a lot, bad at challenges. I think he is not long for this game.

Lauren: She's on the brink all right....but, she is not afraid to go to bat for herself and that could be worth a lot in this game.

Contenders for the win....or at least for end game...

Ryan: We saw how the alliances shook out according to Ryan. He has his partner, someone that he "thinks" lacks strategy. He's cemented to Devon, and apparently with Ali as well. He has to look forward to hooking up with Chrissy at some point.

Ben: He's rock steady, he was the voice of reason in the first episode. But, he's sounding a bit confident lately...perhaps a bit too confident?

Ali: We have heard how everyone goes to Ali. She weighs heavily on the social game. She admitted it was her strength, and the actions of others validate that. She also wasn't going to let Patrick weight her down. She's now shown she's not afraid to make the difficult moves.

Devon: We have seen how Devon has hooked up with Ryan as per Ryan's request. But, this episode we saw that Ryan wanted the guys to stay strong to the merge, but Devon wanted Lauren to stay. Lauren stayed. Interesting.

Chrissy: She was almost booted the first episode, but now has a fake idol to use as she sees fit. She's enlisted Ben. She has yet to hook up with Ryan and company. She's not the physical threat, but we have seen her assessments and her conclusions. Smart lady.

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