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11-08-17, 08:07 AM (EST)
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19. "RE: Episode 5"
That would be amazing, Michel!

Here is the transcript for the episode...

At the Levo tribe there was a clear divide...Devon: Iím stickin with you (to Ashley), At the Yawa tribe, Cole couldnít hide his hunger...Lauren: He licks everything, heís like a pig...At the Soko tribe Ryan found himself caught between a hero, See Chrissy tell him, ďVote for RoarkĒ, and a hustler, see Ali...ĒWe get rid of ChrissyĒ...Ryan in conf: there is going to be one person that is going to hate me.
At TC: Ryan voted with Chrissy and betrayed Ali...13 left, whoís next?

The people that were mentioned in the intro: Devon, Cole, Ryan, Chrissy, and Ali. Ali went home. Will one of the others be next?

Chrissy with the fist confessional of the episode: TC went exactly as planned. Ryan did follow through on his word which is amazing. It showed me that Ryan believes he can get further in this game than he can get with Ali.
Ali: TC was a shock, I mean I was betrayed by my closest ally in this game, in this whole entire thing, and it hurts. I said 100 times I wasnít going to come out here and cry but, you know itís rough. and I just want to do my best. Having this kick in the butt, being pushed down to the bottom, itís a wake up call because moving forward I have to understand, itís just me. Because I donít think I will ever trust Ryan again in this game.

Ryan: So, Ali rails into me and um, it was a really bad look for her. I was hoping that I could still work with Ali at this point, unfortunately Ali is infuriated with me because I didnít tell her and it stinks, because I cnaít have enemies in this game. So, she may have to go.

Tense music playing throughout.

Then Ali pulls the buff over her face by the fire, symbolic of her torch being snuffed....cut to Yawa...See them swimming at Yawa, and see Mike catching fish

Mike: I mean the first time catching fish with a spear gun, itís amazing! Itís like I can do this! I can do anything that I put my heart and mind to (see him cleaning the little fish)
I am providing for my tribe, I am so excited to say, like yeah, dude, I caught a fish too! Shows Jessica...The simple things in life can be so rewarding!

He starts cooking it over the fire hear Ben say, ďFlame broiled, fish filetĒ, then he drops it into the fire, and Ben looks at the camera and rolls his eyes....funny....Jessica is laughing, ben tells him itís fish is not gone, heís just cooked a little faster...Ben tells him, I Ďm so glad we are on a tribe together, Mike!

Ben in conf: laughs, Mike, that fish was terminal, that man never gave up, laughs...through hell or high water Mike was cooking that fish, and eating it. Iím proud of him, heís out of his element and heís doing good.
Ben tells him thanks for sharing, and he replied, always!

Ben continues: You know Mike, caught a small fish and he shared that. Cole caught a decent size fish and he ate it for himself. A couple times. I mean that shows right there who you should work with in this game. Someone who is gonna share and think about others or someone that is gonna think just about himself. Cole is showing his true colors. And,they ainít good!

Cole cuts Lauren off and accuses her of dominating the conversations...Cole walks off pissed.

Cole: Iím not getting enough food at all and itís stupid. Iím not going to be strong enough like at any challenge to guarantee we come away winning and I really need a bigger serving because without me there wouldnít be an victory for the Yawa tribe.

Cole and Jessica get up and leave....Mike, Ben, Lauren remain....Ben to the others: I am sick of him, I am so sick of him....Lauren: Heís tripping out and he needs to chill out...
Mike says: Iíd like to say because heís 24, but when we were 24, we werenít like that. Ben: Weíre going to let him seal his own fate.
Lauren: the two of them, they are trying to be a power couple, see Mike...Ben, they are together. Sheís a smart girl, I canít imagine her going to live in a van with him...
Ben smiling. And, the way he throws fits when he doesnít get his way...

Lauren: I think Mikeís starting to see what Coleís true colors are which is great for me, because Ben and I are at the bottom of this group. So, we need Dr. Mike. You know the more Cole screws up and acts like an idiot the better off I am...Coleís digging his own grave.

Cut to intro...So, two prime boot candidates served up before the intro.

Then Come on in guys...

RC challenge...everybody good out of the gate...JP and Ali making it look easy...Chrissy and ben going over the beam, alot easier with no buoy to transfer...still see Chrissy doing poorly...then see Chrissy not able to un tie......a huge set back...Jessica whipped through the knots, Chrissy finally has the knots untied...Joe struggling to get over has to pick it up...Ben is to platform, JT to platform...Ben for Yawa, JP for Soku...they are short, Joe is going to shoot....Ben really leaning back...Nothing is easy on Survivor, as JP shoots and connects, then Ben knocks a target

Devon in now....JP waiting for the swell. JP, has waited patiently and he does it...then Ben gets the other part of the reward...

Soko 10 pizzas: See zoom in of Chrissyís face...
JP: I donít like to be in the limelight that much but in this case itís good for my game because the bottom line is that they need me 100% cause without me there is no way that they would be able to get through any challenge. No way. (arrogance....canít help but wonder if Mr. confident in challenges loses next week and is voted

Ryan: JP is a tank in these challenges, I guess being a fire fighter he has that strength, but he is very athletic..and, the merge is going to happen very soon, and the physical part of the challenges, see JP tending to the fire, is a very big part of it and that raises the threat level of JP. And, heís also somebody who is tough to read becasue he doesnít talk much strategy at all. JP likes talking about chicks and bars and things that I donít know anything about. And, he just has no clue about anything that is going on in this game. JP doesnít understand that this is a social game. Itís amazing that heís still here and if we go to TC we maybe should consider taking out a big physical threat right before the merge, priority number one.? See JP in the smoke...another ominous sign for JP?

Levu Day 15.

See Joe and Desi, Desi asks him where the idol was at the other camp...

See Devon and Ashley discussing whether ďtheyĒ would go to rocks?

Ashley: If there is an immunity challenge in a short while I am a little bit nervous. There is only 4 of us, 2 yellows, Joe and Desi...and then me and Devon who are pretty much like this, fingers crossed. Weíre kind of an unbreakable alliance.
Devon telling her, I want you at the merge.
Ashley: Just donít flip on me
Devon: I am not gonna flip on you

So at the next TC, itís looking like it will be 2 vs 2 and the plan would be to try and get Desi to flip on Joe.

See a hawk soaring...

See Joe going to look for coconuts, and Devon goes with him.

Devon: The energy is very tense around here, I feel like there is an II still out there and Joeís good at finding idols, heís already found one. Itís better than my record. So everything that Joe does is suspicious. Iím always looking out for him and watching where he goes. I got to keep eagle eyes on Joe. Heís got me nervous. (A terrible sign for Devon, while he's keeping eagle eyes on Joe, Joe finds the clue.)

Cut to Ashley talking to Desi about flipping, she says that she would do it. See a very large tree spider. Desi thinks heíll stick with him to a point.

Desi: Ashley brought up the idea of getting rid of Joe, I trust him to the point of that heíll use me to advance himself in this game. Beyond that Joe is arguably the most strategic person out here. Heís going to do whatever it takes to make himself move further in this game. (As we see him doing just that and looking for the idol) And, thatís not always going to benefit me. So, if the Levu tribe has to go back to TC, I am actually considering getting rid of Joe at this point in time.

Joe: I ainít stupid, I know that Desi is watching me because I am dangerous. Like I am always searching for idols and looking for idols. My game is to have power, control, and to manipulate. And, Iíve been trying to find the clue, just need some time to find it It took four days to find it, but I finally found it, very similar to the healer camp. I knew it was at the well but it just happened to be 4 ft instead of 5 ft. I didnít really give Devon any reaction. I definitely want to get rid of the clue later, this time no one is going to know that I have it. Thatís what I wanted initially, with Cole. This time around if I get it, no ones going to know that I have it. And, that right there is true power. I will be getting that Idol tonight.

Cut to night time see Joe at the well.

Joe: This is not a vacation for me, itís work. Nice sympathetic music. see him find it. Finding another idol represents moving forward in the game. The further I get the closer to that million dollars I get and the closer I get that I could provide that much more for my children. You know, I tell my kids all the time, things just donít come easy. SEE A SNAKE CREEP OUT. You have to put in the work and you know like my kids are my motivation. Everything I do is for them, you know? If I had to dig a hole that was 10 ft, I would do it. Finds it, and he says, ďThis is why you play Survivor!Ē Iíve been at 2 camps, this is the second idol that I have found. Nice upbeat music begins to play. And, if I move onto the merge, guess what? Iím gonna find a third idol.

Yawa: They are all in the shelter, see Cole on the ground...shaking a bit...Mike says a worm just fell on him, do you want it to eat? Cole gets up...then he falls, he says what happened? Dr Mike tells him to keep his head down, and put your feet up, get water. Jessica; he needs to eat, he can have my portion.

Jessica: Cole fainted. My initial reaction is just pure fear, like all of us were scared. but, Dr. Mike and I were in control. We knew to get fluid in him, we knew to get food. Heís here with 2 healers in the health care world. Itís a food related condition, I felt bad for him, I just literally wanted to hold him. In that moment I realized that I really do care. for him alot more than I thought I did. Iím not ready to play this game without Cole. Cole says he feels like a burden. Then we see Laurenís sour face.
Mike: Coleís gonna be fine, we just gotta make sure that heís fine. But, Cole has become a liability. If you donít feel well enough on day 16, how are you gonna feel on day 17, and 18, or 23. Weíre just gonna have to keep pulling and pulling him along. And, at some point the scales are like....we need to get rid of Cole.

Ben returns...

Cut to Ben and Mike sitting on a rock
Ben: I donít know, Doc. He knew coming on S, he should have worried about his appetite more than his 6 pack. Weíre packing on a few pounds, you know? Heís a liability
Mike: yeah
Ben: itís good heís not hurt but we canít pander and cater to him and baby him any longer....out!
Mike: I agree.

Ben: Itís funny how things work out in this game! When Cole fell over he sealed his fate. I feel bad saying that, but itís true. I think Lauren and Doc have the same agenda as I do. So, if we do lose an immunity challenge, Jessís boyfriend is gone.
See cole and Jess on the beach he tells her: Just know that as long as I am not passed out onthe beach, I am here for you and I care about you!

Cut to the IC. Sending Soku and the 6th person out of this game, See ALI, then Chrissy.

Confessional of death post IC
Ali: After Tribal I had a blow up so I know that my name has been on the line, and I am more nervous than I have ever been.

Soko Day 16

JP says that Jeff likes them

19. JP: Well todays IC didnít go too well for us, but itís just not a big deal. (see Ali). Ali is next and she has nothing that she can do about it. Itís as simple as that. Dramatic fast beat music plays.

See Ryan and JP to lose, but JP tells him, it donít matter, it all works out for the better anyway...

20. Ryan: Ali is the next target, but JP is a huge physical threat. He has literally carried us, heís carried me through a challenge, literally...taking that guy into a merge, thatís dangerous.

See JP lying down tell long as itís not me, I donít care. My vote is Ali. Ryan: e too, and so is Chrissy.

Ryan contís: But in order to vote out JP, I need to makee up with Ali. I mean she trusted me alot and I did back stab her. I need her to get rid of JP for this vote.

See them sitting in the shelter and Ryan apologizes, that was a huge mistake, I was petrified of Roarke. Ali asks him, Iím going home? Ryan: I donít think so

Ali: After the last TC Iwas definitely on the outs, but I think I found my crack. I just have to make it one more vote, until we merge. 1 or 2 at the most.

Hear Ryan and Ali say, maybe we should do JP, as we see JP carrying a huge log.

....I canít trust Ryan, but JP is definitely a threat moving forward. I need to get with Chrissy....I know that I voted for Chrissy, but the thing is I know that Chrissy is a very smart person. I mean it just doesnít make sense to keep JP.

See Ali talking to Chrissy telling her her downfall in this game has been her loyalty. She tells her that she has Lauren 100% and that she has Devon. And, going forward I am loyal and I want to prove it to you.
Chrissy tells her this is the last vote out before the merge...what matters to her is who can I beat once we get to the merge. ...She tells her that she can put the loyalty she had in Ryan, in you...

Chrissy: Aliís told me that she really wants to work together going forward and get rid of JP. I think that JP is a threat but last TC Ali voted for me, so I donít know if I can even trust Ali. Moving forward the one person that I am most closely aligned with is Ryan. And, together we need to make the decision on which of the two goes home tonight.

See Chrissy and Ryan on the beach talking together, I wanted to play the game with people that loved the game, yeah...Chrissy: either way we are good, Ryan hugs her, Iím so happy! I told you I waNted to play the game with you...

Ryan: JP and Ali are polar opposites, but concurrently they both want to work with me. I donít know why everyone wants to work with me, I think I am a frigginí weasel. But, the closer you are to somebody, the more they canít see you and you can go behind their back and back stab them. Off to TC...

They talk about JP being the most quiet one there, but the most prominent physical threat...Jiff tells him he is the peice of granite he appears to be carved from, JP tells them that he should have been a little more social, this could be a wake up call. A storm is brewing...Ali is nervous, she wasnít included on the last vote, she hopes she can count on mended relationships....Chrissy says this is hard because they are all 4 strong, and every single person here benefits her game and hurts her game. Vote time.

Ali says has to get rid of the strong: JP
JP: you got your game and I got my game: Ali

Vote tally, hear tribe chants...Ali: Youre kidding me...See JP, then Chrissy, Good luck beating him...

Jiffy: Well, you are almost out of tribe members and you are clearly counting on a merge, good luck.

With this episode we have the following, but this does not denote next out or long term players. It may help to identify those in trouble for next week.

Stock rising: Dr Mike. Joe, Lauren, Ben

Stock falling: Cole(everyone speaking ill of him, and arrogance), Devon(while keeping eagle eyes on Joe, Joe finds clue), Jessica(was starting to develop alliances with others last week, but this week she's right back with Cole), JP(arrogance), Ryan(calls himself a friggin' weasel and notes the closer you are to them the less they can see you blindside them ~ villain)

Who do I see as the most long term of players...

1. Chrissy: She's the puppet master. Got no blood on her hands, manipulated Ryan to ditch a close ally, while she gets to keep her meat shield, JP.

2. Ryan: Sure, he back stabbed his ally, but the only two to see it are Chrissy and the closed mouth, JP. He can spin it anyway he wants to. With the merge, the physical threats will be more of a target, and he's positioned himself with two strong allies, Chrissy, Devon, (and, of course their associates).

Maybe: Ben, Lauren, Dr. Mike( journey player?)...I think Ashley's chances go up with the merge as well.

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